Random Updates about Greg

That’s a lot of sensory type symptoms you got there, the doc hasn’t come up with a root cause for all those sense mishaps being linked in some way?


I was pretty much born like that so I am used to it, but it can still get annoying as fuck.
The Hot/Cold thing is because Asthma (that wasn’t always like that), Brightness and Contrast is because my eyes dont like overall Brightness or bright spots of Light (such as Street Lanterns or the Sun), Distraction is because I can only focus on one thing at a time, Loud Sound is just because I can hear really well (though I do need to actively listen in order to pay attention to something), Cleaning Supplies, Smoke, Sprays and Deodorants (even ones on other people) are all because Asthma too (but that has always been the case), I simply cant breathe that shit, which also includes the “scentless” deodorants… and Shampoos because as soon as it gets to my eyes it just hurts a lot, not to mention that the stronger ones (that I would actually need) also have a “burning” feeling on my Hair.
And none of those are actual Allergies, they are just annoying to deal with, or annoying to explain to people all the fucking time when I get asked why I wear Tinted Glasses or why I dont use Deodorant (I do shower before going outside, but the sweat just re-appears ofcourse, because my body cant regulate temperature well, I dont sweat a lot but the smell can be noticeable at a few occasions).

You can imagine how this accumulation of some smaller Issues leads to bigger meta Issues.


Well, I found out that 4°C is close enough to my lower limit on Temperatures to make me almost faint at the bus stop this morning. I sat on the sidewalk waiting for the bus, since walking back home at that temperature was not an option. Luckily it did get warmer later like I hoped, so I didn’t break down again afterwards.

Guess I got some stuff to “organize”, since I cant leave the house without being driven in the car. Organize as in Doctors appointment and telling the Jobcenter that shit happened.


Indeed it almost appears as if all your senses have been dialed up to 11. You make sure you stay warm over the winter then.


So, was at the Dentist about an hour ago because cold sensitivity on two of my teeth. Now it turns out I need a Root Canal on at least one of them on Monday (this means I’m gonna test and release on Sunday). Right now I have a temporary filling in that tooth with some stuff that is supposed to kill the nerve down there. The right half of my mouth is still feeling numb from it (since it’s very fresh). Luckily this wasn’t a US dentist, knowing how they heavily drug patients for just fixing tiny holes. XD

As for Doctors appointment for the Lung thing, apparently because I was at that Doctor this quarter of the year already, they dont wanna give me an appointment right away for the inability to breathe cold Air. Glad this isn’t an Issue for me personally, just for literally everyone else who has to deal with me irl. XD

On other unrelated news, damn I can get a lot of shit done now, I completely forgot how well that daily Inhaler worked! I’m essentially back in the mental shape that I had 3 years ago! Before that I just wanted to stay in bed all time, but now I actually want to stay out of bed. XD


That was apparently Root Canal Part 2 of 5. Got 3 Appointments left (spread over the next 3-4 weeks). But the Dentist did seemingly good work because now that the numbness in my cheek wore off I dont feel pain. Except for my jaw unhinging due to being opened too wide, but that fixes itself after a while anyways (that was the type of unhinge that you get by yawning too hard, nothing serious). X-Ray revealed that all other teeth are “fine” and dont need any serious attention.

As for that one tooth on the opposite end that I actually went to the dentist for, a special toothpaste is supposed to fix its cold sensitivity, so I’m gonna try that. If it doesn’t work after the 3-4 weeks I’m gonna tell the Dentist that again, but first lets get that root canal completed before doing anything else.

It’s fun how special tooth paste is free (they just threw me one at the dentist), 2 pills of 800mg ibuprofen are free (I just said we dont have painkillers at home, which I think is true, and they gave me them just in case), but electrically measuring how deep the root canal is gonna have to be costs me 10 bucks, because insurance doesn’t pay that fully, because health insurers have problems with new medical practices and other concepts such as “electricity”, because what they pay and cannot pay is determined by Law, and you know how slow Law can be.

There is only 2 bad things about this whole situation for me:

  1. The provisorical filling tastes a but ugh.
  2. I can only chew on one side for yet another Month. (during late October i already avoided chewing on that side due to cold sensitivity)

Since there is no pain I wont have any concentration Issues, so that is a good thing. ^^


Back on the Asthma + Coldness Issue, I finally got a reply from the Lung Doctor, who said I should double the Daily Asthma Spray again (so that it is exactly the amount it was last year), and a week later I should check if that helped with the Issue.

If it helps then woo I can go outside when needed again, but if it doesn’t I am definitely cutting that stuff back to once a day again. I know it’s probably only because I just started using twice of it yesterday, but I ended up being awake almost 24 hours that day unable to physically calm down, while my back said “stop sitting around, go lay in bed”. And if no benefit comes from taking more of it, I am not taking more of it.

As for the Tooth Stuff, no updates there until next week.

The aforementioned “hyperactivity” has led to me catching up on the few D&D One-Off Episodes I skipped so far at least, so once I am through those there only is “Random Stream Footage I watch in the Background while working” left, and after that pretty much nothing but Music, which ofcourse is all to be listened to in the Background.

Speaking of Music, the SiIvaGunner “King for another Day Tournament” started earlier Today, meaning instead of mostly having garbage Meme Remixes and few good Remixes, the YT Channel currently has a huge batch of very decent Remixes released in quick succession!


Increasing the Spray dose did not fix my cold air sensitivity, so I guess I am going back to one dose a day. I will probably use that dose at lunch, that way I will be less hyperactive when I am supposed to sleep. The Spray has to be used before eating something, because residue of that spray in the mouth can lead to issues, and eating something obviously cleans most of that out. Glad I can actually watch stuff at 1.5x Speed with the Energy I have, wasting far less time watching Informative Videos (Let’s Plays are background fodder and dont count towards Informative).

Also just came back from part 2 of 4 of the Root Canal, yes its 4 parts, apparently my first visit to the dentist doesn’t count towards the root canal. This time without any need for local narcotics at all (yay nothing is numb). I didn’t expect them to have killed the nerves in that tooth so well that he can just drill around in it without me feeling any pain. Just what the fuck must US Dentists do to their patients, if they need full blown global narcotics to perform surgery.

The aforementioned 10 bucks were actually 9.05 bucks, which I decided to just directly pay since I did not want the whole thing to rely on bills sent via mail. For some reasons I randomly picked up enough coinage from the road in the last 3 months to have exactly 5 cents (1+2+2) in my wallet (the rest was full value euro coins).

You probably already heard about the FTC vs Youtube thing, and while I do think that Youtubers will survive that somehow, I seriously hope the Let’s Players I watch wont be screwed over, because most of them aren’t Child Friendly content, but could still accidentally end up on a List just because of being Gaming Related. Not to mention the Animation based Youtubers of which some definitely have Child Friendly Content.

I decided to download a ton of Videos from Channels I had in my “eh, gonna watch their stuff later” List, just in case shit happens (for some reason I binge watch Shadiversity and Primitive Technologies due to that). Cant wait for people to pre-roll their Videos with “This Video is only suitable for Mature Audiences - SHIT! FUCK! HELL! ASSHOLE!” with just enough swearing at the beginning to make it not Child Appealing, while also not having too many swears that the Advertisers demonetize the Video.

A few dozen Posts back near the end of September I mentioned that CPAP issue with the Health Insurance, due to me “not using it enough” (for good reasons though). That issue has been resolved yesterday. At least until they ask again next year. I bet I will have to explain everything again when it comes to that…

I btw wanted to tell the Lung Doctor today at the phone that the double dose did not have the desired Effect, well I at least told the Answering Machine about it, because nobody picked up the damn phone. Heck they even called back once, fully knowing that I was still in their waiting Loop! Seriously answer your fucking calls first before trying to call back!


Okay per-Lunchtime might’ve been not Ideal timing for the Inhaler, ended up laying in bed lazily this morning, so I need to put the timing inbetween lunch and late evening. I’m also experimenting with adjusting the Thermostat in my Room properly (to get it 1°C lower to reach about 22°C). But hey I am still as motivated during the day as I should be! Just being flooded with random things I “have” to do, that kept me away from MC.


Another Update, dont mind the contextual Grammar, I cutpasted the first 2 paragraphs from what I originally wanted to post on the GT6 Thread:

Experimented with the Thermostats on my Radiators to get the Ideal Work and Sleep Temperature going, and hope it was successful (so far it has been). And the best timing for the daily Inhaler seems to be around 17:30, so I am not failing to fall asleep, while also waking up early enough to do more Stuff before lunch.

Still need to deal with setting up my Stepdads new Smartphone, which is surprisingly hard if he doesn’t know shit and I intentionally never had a Smartphone myself because of hating the touchscreen controls and the insecurities. Sadly no good pure Linux based Phone out yet, only Android Garbage. And yes I know there is a Debian based Phone out, but that thing still has problems. Gonna stay with my Normal Phone + GPD WIN 2 Combo until then.

Speaking of portable Tech, Shovel Knight King of Cards is gonna release next Tuesday the 10th of December! I cant wait for the best Character in that Series to be playable!

As for my earlier comment on Youtubers having to put swearwords in their Videos, seems like MatPat found a good way to implement that without swearing. Just put a bunch of “difficult” Words children dont understand instead! Clearly those Kids dont know words like Defenestration (throwing someone out of the Window). XD


Hurray for more bullshit. Was at the Lung Doctor and pretty much was told that there apparently is nothing that can help against my Cold Air sensitivity except an Asthma Spray, but guess what, I am taking that stuff already and it doesn’t fucking help with the problem, and he knows that… Well, he said that “we will see in February”, which is very fucking helpful for something I would rather have fixed now than later…

Now I don’t fucking know what to do, and I am kinda about to just stay home unexcused (but not unannounced) for almost 3 months, simply because I dont wanna deal with this bullshit anymore.
Anytime I go outside for even a short moment, I just sneeze often very loudly for hours after coming back in, and ofcourse I had to be outside a lot recently (moving from wherever car is parked to inside and vice versa).

Also found out why there is 4 appointments for the whole root canal thing. The second and third one are for putting a cleaning/sterilizing solution into the tooth to make sure its clean once the real filling comes next week.

I really hate having to deal with real life so often, especially if absolutely nothing comes out of it…


Sounds like you need some sort of environment suit providing a native atmosphere. I’m thinking something with big goggles and a tank.


Yeah apparently, because seriously, even the short time i was outside today resulted in me now STILL having snot run out of my nose right now due to that… I probably had that Issue for 2 or 3 years but I always avoided going outside during winter at those times, so I did not notice much.

Anyways gonna go to the normal doctor tomorrow, because I would rather not be on unexcused leave if possible. But if I am told to be sent around again I will just nope out and take the potential 30% cut, because of all this social garbage and incompetent communication going on, causing everything to be a waste of time for everyone…


Okay, everything went well. Good that my Doctor talked to the Lung Doctor inbetween yesterday and today, so I did not have to explain shit. Well then, I “officially” cant be outside for more than 5 minutes until February now, so that’s barely enough time to enter and leave the car.

Also apparently I did catch a cold while outside the last few days, so that is probably the reason for the Snot explosion in my Nose. XD


Ugh, it turned into not only a Fever but also lack of Oxygen thanks to all the snot combined with Asthma…

I can barely read shit at all because my brain cant process anything properly…

If this continues the whole weekend then I will skip a Release.


Well it didnt go as far as to skip the Release but the Release is a LOT smaller and only contains 3 or 4 bugfixes. Guess this will end up in a lot of crunchtime, but the important Features I mentioned will be done by the end of the year.

I’m feeling better by now, but still caughy enough that I wont finalize the Root Canal at the Dentist today (appointment postponed by a few days, to make sure I dont sneeze while he is inserting the filling).


Well I got a call in the morning from the Jobcenter. Seems like they need to re-evaluate my health situation again (to see if they are still responsible for me, or if I end up in early retirement). Luckily that’s gonna be in January or later, so I wont have to deal with it this year.

Also 4-6 hours until King of Cards Releases, so I guess I get to potentially cough at my GPD WIN 2. XD

But feeling better now. Gonna start working properly again tomorrow. ^^


Sounds convenient. I’d love if I could, I’d program all day. ^.^


It technically is, but I would have to deal with a whole lot of bureaucracy if that were the case. Such as having to manage all the damn Insurances that I didnt have to manage yet. Or Taxes, though I would likely be below that limit.


I also want to buy a GPD WIN2, its portability is excellent! However, I noticed that a GPD WIN3 (or a slightly larger GPD MAX) might be released early next year, so I decided to wait