Random Updates about Greg

Oh you sweet naive summer children…
Temperatures in my area from winter to summer swing from ~ -28C to +50C.

Can cook an egg by plopping in a pan and sitting it outside for a bit. My grandmother used to cook biscuits in her car. ^.^

And yes, the pavement’s tar on the roads does become liquid again on the especially hot days, very sticky.


Since Patreon is still broken, here I go with the Update Post. First, here is the Changelog Post with Screenshot and everything.

The last two weeks I worked on a Logistics alike System, and I’m finally done making it. Now you can manage your Factory, using a combination of the things you had before, and the new Logistics Core.

I intentionally made it so, that you still have to use Filter Blocks and the likes to do more complex things, like Filtering out Items based on OreDictionary, or having multiple Items to filter for as opposed for the only one Filter per Bus that the Logistics Cover System would allow you to use.

The Logistics Core has quite a few potential Addons I could add, like Mass Storages with integrated Logistics Support, so you dont need Logistics Wire + Generic Storage Bus to connect them from behind. Or Covers that measure its “CPU Load” and display that or turn it into Redstone.

Other than working on that, nothing much happened.

Lots of people who didnt try the Logistics Core out yet asked for a Documentation because my Changelog Wall of Text was apparently too large and detailed for them to read, but heck EVEN BEAR understands how the Logistics Core System works, so it cant be THAT hard. :wink:

It’s literally as simple as “Build Logistics Core with at least one Versatile Quadcore Processor and maybe a few Ruby Processors for Range”, “Attach the Logistics Bus Covers to either the Core or Logistics Wires”, and then supply the Core with Power. And the Covers themselves are very self explanatory with Import, Export and Storage.

Well then, here a quick Download Page Link for convenience and well, since this isn’t the Patreon Post, thank you all for being there I guess. XD


So that Jobcenter thing swapped out the garbage psychologist for an actually competent and nice one, at least for my appointments.

After a bunch of random talking, I got asked what would I would do if the whole Donation based thing breaks (such as Patreon fucking up in some way) and I wouldn’t have the whole welfare thing to back me up (for whatever reason), which is a perfectly valid Question to ask (In a “What’s Plan C?” kinda way, not in a “fuck your stuff” kinda way).

But what exactly could I do in that case without screwing people over, since I definitely want my Game to be Free and the Main Debug Server is supposed to be Free too.

One Idea would be to host some random paid Servers, but that feels like a bit of a ripoff to me, since Servers are cheap and making it more expensive by adding one more layer of “money-grabbing” to the Hardware sounds like “you could get it cheaper by just hosting it yourself”.

What I could sell would maybe be Steam Integration, as in sell Game on Steam but make it very clear that its available for Free. Though then I would have to do a lot of management overhead and shit that I do not like.

Maybe on that Debug Server I could sell some sort of VIP places or so (which would be available to Patrons by default).

But this pretty much the end of my Ideas, so does anyone else have an Idea?

Edit: Btw there is Dark Mode on the Main Download Page now. New Web Standards make that available.


Good to hear you got a better psychologist and that they’re taking you more seriously.
Selling on steam has a number of hoops to jump through but once it’s done it pretty much takes care of itself other than updates. I would say it would bring your game to a wider audience but the way steam is just now ehh, not sure about that.
If it gets popular enough you’re always got merchandising.


More Heat related motivational Issues this week with a big bit of IRL busy stuffs which I’m gonna talk about once they are over in a couple days. Luckily the coming week is gonna be the last warm week of this year according to weather forecasts, so I will be able to use the CPAP again without sweating the mask off after half an hour of use.

It’s Saturday by now and I still dont know what to do for GT6 new feature wise… Feeling way too often like sleeping without actually being tired…

Instead I am looking through random operating Systems, researching Stuff about them and such. Gonna take a look at a Void Linux Live CD soon (since its for testing I will use a full size CD), but I seriously wanna do GT6 Stuff, so I am pushing that behind Monday in the hopes of getting shit done. Sometimes learning new stuff is way too fun to pass up.

I did btw end up making that Mini DVD full of random free (as in money wise) Windows Software in case any random person i meet would need it, because I have a ton of Tools on me already, so why not share something to an Internet lacking person in need. And yes, I made sure to use the 32 Bit Version of the Installers where applicable.

Also this Post is totally not me trying to find some inspiration for new Features I could work on for up to two days. XD


You are a painter?


Unsure if that was a translation Error on your End, but if you mean that I am drawing Stuff then yeah. ^^


Well yeah I mean so. What kinds of stuff you draw?


Recently mostly Textures for GT6. As for non-GT6 Stuffs, I am still stuck on that one picture i mentioned much earlier in this Thread. XD


Heat’s been hard, can barely work in half the house because of it but it should be stopping soon.

If you’re looking for ideas Greg, you could probably pull off a multi-block crucible with just a little code manipulation, I know you’ve brought up bigger crucibles before and it would help in low-medium tier mass production.

I also think a mill would be good for milling wheat, a shredder is kind of too high tier for wheat as it involves diamond plates and a mortar involves quite a bit of physical work for wheat fields. The mill could run on low RU, in the range of 2 ~ 8 RU/t and only grind ‘soft’ materials like wheat or potato.


Yeah the reason I cant just make the Multiblock Crucible right now is because I kinda need the mental processing Power for making the Model, because I dont want it to be full Block Walls (i mean on the inner part of the crucible).


Kinda feels unreal to me but 2020 is only 4 months away D: do you think you’ll manage to add the important stuff in your to-do list or are we gonna end up with an “incomplete” GT6 when the deadline comes?


The Important Stuff is Nuclear Fission, Nuclear Fusion and the Multiblock Crucible. Considering I made an AE alike System in essentially 2 weeks, this shouldn’t be a massive Issue, even if there is weeks like this one where I cant get shit done…

Also I will definitely do those 3 things before I fully start my Game, so it would end up in crunch time or something however you wanna call it. XD


Just give us also a reason to use all the power we’ll get from fusion, like some “op” end-game machines/tools/materials :smiley:


So because I couldn’t mention it earlier (because I’m a bit paranoid when I know nobody is home), last week and this week my parents are on vacation, this in combination with me having to go to that Jobcenter thingy about 3 times a week, and the damn heat coming up right then too, made it kindof busy and less motivated (aka physically exhausted) for me.
The most annoying part was taking care of the attention whore of a lonely cat that I have, since I was the only one to be home, but eh, what can I do, it’s still a cat. :3
Also in case you wondered, yeah I said “gonna order shit in September” because I did not want the Package to arrive when nobody was there to take it.

With all those things keeping me distracted and interrupted too much, I usually end up avoiding creativity (since that one is fueled by boredom as funny as it sounds), and start trying new Stuffs or watch more Science and Tech Videos to see what all exists, and maybe try out some other operating Systems, just to find out that using a USB DVD Drive to boot from a CD might not work all that well but that it definitely shows up in the Boot Menu and actually boots too, so it’s an OS Issue and not a BIOS/UEFI issue that I might need to look at later.
On that note those 4 old USB Sticks i tend to want to get rid of, I decided to just put the Libre Office, Firefox and Tor Installers on all of those, so I can give it to people that way too, if they don’t have a DVD Drive or something.

Right now I am somewhat improving code and preparing shit so I have less steps to do when adding Stuff like a Nuclear Reactor or something. It sure helps motivation to at least have the Lead Walls and maybe also Coolants ready for use whenever I actually work on it. XD

Note, this doesn’t mean Reactors happen soon, just that I prepare for them to be made. XD


There is nothing wrong in stepping down a gear when you need to. Your life is out of routine at the moment with your parents out and the heat and that can cause all sorts of issue with your rhythm. Don’t sweat, work on things you find interesting and come back to other stuff later.

UEFI/secureboot configurations have thrown the proverbial wrench into some of my installations, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was something like that causing you hassle with the USB DVD drive.


Oh the Issue is more weird, it does boot the OS just fine, but the OS itself sees some sort of malfunctioning USB Cable or whatever, however the USB DVD drive is clearly connected and detected, and so are my two Keyboards and Mouse, and I did unplug the external Drive just to be sure its not that, but it still thinks there is a bad USB Device or Cable in the System and tries to repeatedly connect that bad USB thingy without any way to interrupt it apart from a hard power off.


perhaps a driver issue causing the OS to see the drive as malfunctioning?


Its not the Drive that is the Issue its some OTHER usb thing that is. It definitely sees and boots from the CD, because if i eject the CD it goes into a very different error state of not being able to find the thing to load the data from.


Right I get you, I seem to recall a situation when I had something like that happen. There was phantom device that was causing issues but I don’t remember the cause. Possibly software emulation fooling the OS into believing there was a device plugged in.