Random Updates about Greg

Well I went through a LOT of Research today. “domain . com” is so definitely NOT gonna be the registrar of choice. Nor Google, GoDaddy or most of the other ones I found. Namecheap and INWX are so far the only somewhat good candidates I found. It’s surprisingly hard to find a Registrar that is reliable and doesn’t fuck you over, and I don’t even care about pricing as long as its below 20 bucks a year (which is almost twice the average price for .com Domains).

I hoped I would be done by today, but I will have to continue tomorrow, because registering a Domain requires a trustworthy place, and I am way too tired to continue searching before i go to bed.


I don’t use it myself but I hear good things about Ionos
Someone I know has rented server space running Linux there and they say it’s pretty good, not that I suggest this be something you need.


Nope, that Company had several server outages in Germany as far as I remember. Also it is an ISP too, and I wouldn’t trust those. There is ofcourse always good customer experiences, but I want better than just good. :wink:

Dreamhost ended up on my List though, which happens to be the same Registrar that @OvermindDL1 uses since years. Also happens to have a 50% off deal for new years week XD

Edit: Btw I intentionally avoided Links, because I don’t want this to come up in anyones Search Results lol.


Not a problem, I understand.


Decided to go with INWX because if there is the dreaded legal bullshit, Berlin (4 hours) is closer than the USA (another continent and country worth of complications).

But before I register Stuff I want to prepare setting up a GitHub Project too at the same time (because Selfhosted Git is not a good idea, especially since it doesn’t work like i want it to, and i can auto-mirror it to other Git Sites too anyways). As much as I don’t fully trust them anymore because Microsoft, they still have the largest Community.

And ofcourse, despite it not being needed instantly, I want to decide for a License. Still bouncing between LGPLv3 and GPLv3. (note that I cannot legally choose v2 of each due to dependencies)


Setting up Domains is apparently more complicated than I thought. The Server actually has to know the domain that the user types into the address bar, it’s not enough to just get a domain and point it to your IP. Sure I could go with a CNAME solution and just redirect the specific name to another name, but I wanna have it point to the IP proper.
The Domain has cost me 178€ for 10 years, so I wont need to worry about renewal anytime soon. I know the price was slightly above average, but I value trust over money in these cases. Well I value a lot of things more than money.

Gonna do the Announcement Post tomorrow after setting up the GitHub Project, and I might even get the Forums to use the new Domain before that (unless I decide to do so after).
I am leaning towards GPLv3, simply because that would open up more library possibilities than LGPLv3.

For example you can have a BSD or MIT licensed project but aren’t allowed LGPL or GPL Libraries (since you would add to the (L)GPL Code that way), yet if you have a GPL Project you can use pretty much everything as library that has a weaker opensource license of the same type. Sadly (L)GPLv2 and (L)GPLv3 are not compatible branches in that case, and (L)GPLv2 cannot do Apache 2.0 Licensed Stuff (which Amethyst is, which I plan to use).
What i just explained does not apply to code inclusion, just library usage.


Well another personal Update. ^^

There is a Wardrobe to the left of my Desk, but I only use one half of it for clothes, so I thought I could just unscrew the Door on its right, and use all this Cardboard Boxes, I was hoarding inside said Wardrobe, in order to make a Shelf for Water Bottles, with extra space ontop for random Stuff that I dont want to have in my peripheral field of vision, such as Snacks.

So stuff is easy to reach, I dehydrate less often due to laziness, and I have more space, while also cleaning up the mess of Cardboard Boxes by Tetrising them together.

I also learned what the Compose Key is and its possibilities are ∞™. I mapped it to Capslock and it is easier than remembering the 3rd Level Keybinds for certain things.

I’m glad I got the two most important Steps of this List done within less than a week, especially with all the Research I needed to do. ;D
(The “own Server” part is less important and can be done later)

But first I need to get GT6 done before I setup the Dev Environment for Mechaenetia. ^^


Well, codewise GT6 is done and ready for testing now, Bear will test on Monday though, and OvermindDL1 still needs to teach me how to do a properly managed GitHub Project from the start, so I have two days of forced waiting in some sense (since he usually isn’t available on weekends). I might end up doing some random GT6 thing, or look up some Stuff myself in order to be more prepared, or I just play some short Game. I hate waiting! XD

Thanks to a random Troll harassing someone here on the Forum, I learned how to properly deal with the admin actions required to get rid of such unpleasant people, since I did not have a Dummy for the “Anonymize User” Action until then. Sadly there is no way to prevent people from just making another Account with a VPN or TOR, but it still is rather obvious when a new Account has a certain IP or starts bombarding the original Trolls Posts with Likes.

For some reason my Migraine is back, and it’s definitely not dehydration that causes it, so it might be the Food instead? Guess I will find out next time I eat pasta 4 days in a row.
The ones who don’t know what my type of migraine is like, it’s almost unnoticeable while awake (no headache or such), my Tinitus gets a tiny bit louder (I’m used to that anyways) and I get Black Spots in the center of my vision on whenever i close and open my eyes, while also having some screen burn in effect in my eyes when i read text and such.

Anyways, have a nice weekend everyone. ^^


Started derping around a little on my “develop” Branch (yes I am that type of person), and got the Sphere Example OvermindDL1 showed me last year to work. So in case you are wondering where my commits are, they are in that Branch, and I don’t push often to it either (for now), since it’s just fooling around. I originally wanted to use my own Fork for it, but that ended up being a rather meh experience, so I rather use Branches.

As on the GT6 Bugfix Side, there is already 3 fixes committed to its GitHub Repo. Yes I am still committing to master on that one, since I don’t want to do extra work on it. Speaking of which, I think I need to fix something on the main Website since that ones Navbar still links the Gitea Repo.

On the more hilariously bad side: Windows 10 has a major security vulnerability and you should update it right now, before someone decides to put malware on yours or any of the other 900 Million Users Computers. Thank you NSA for first introducing the highly questionable and backdoored Elliptic Curve Algorithm and then ofcourse Windows implementing it wrongly in a way that even a novice hacker can screw you over.
Hackers already showcased the Issue by redirecting nsa·gov to Never Gonna Give You Up on Edge and Chrome, or letting Windows Update take their Upgrades from a malware infected Site instead of the Microsoft Site, meaning if you update Win10 to fix this Issue, you might as well end up downloading the Malware instead (requires MITM attack), and if you dont update, then you will continue to be vulnerable to it too!
The NSA, whose backdoored Algorithm caused this Issue in the first place, was also the one announcing it to the public, apparently in the hopes to improve their publicity.

Isn’t this the most awesome thing to happen? So glad I am on Linux and don’t have to deal with this garbage anymore. Except maybe with that tiny Win10 Install I have for software Compat reasons, that I never really made use of, and that is disconnected from the Internet anyways because Windows Update would fuck it over on its too small 32GB M.2 SSD.


So I learned some Stuff finally. One of the important things to learn for me, because I am insanely horrible when it comes to looking up Stuff, is, that there is a sort of convention for example Code in Rust. And OvermindDL1 ofcourse took ages to tell me where he got the examples from he gave to me last year (because i never asked where they came from), but finally I found out where they are:

Meaning I can finally mess around with Rust/Amethyst Code more effectively to get used to it! :smiley:

I am definitely going to work more calmly on this, since it is gonna be a for fun project combined with my OCD like standards. So dont expect me to rush it to some random Release Date, own Guesstimation or something along those Lines.
Also, I’m learning Stuff ofcourse, this is a whole new Engine in a Language I dont fully understand yet with a Project that is made from scratch. Learning is fun, so this is great. ^^

On other Notes, I decided to try myself at making a vanilla Factorio Death World by making Pollution Diffuse insanely far so as many Nests as possible try to attack me. This had some interesting Side Effects. Turns out they dont pathfind very well towards the Pollution Sources and just attack the closest of my things they find instead, which ofcourse is my Defense Walls. They rather obliterate those than getting closer to the Center of it all, since the Pollution has the same value no matter where. I’d be dead without Flamethrower Turrets and copious amounts of Cliffs btw. XD

And this concludes this Random update about Greg, and as always, have fun. ^^


For note, I did tell @greg about the examples convention a long time ago, it was just amidst a lot of other basic learning things. ^.^


Yeah and I thought you referenced something different as to us MAKING examples not me finding examples. XD
I sometimes get stuff as simple as that confused, you know. :wink:


It’s been a while since the last Post over here. Been playing quite a lot of Factorio to the detriment of everything else I’m supposed to do. XD

People have been coming in steadily for a lot Bugfixes on the GT6 Side of things, and a lot of them have been fixed (I am still waiting on some Tests before releasing those).
Erik has been working on a new Nuclear Power System for GT6 too, so that might be fun for people to try out later on.

OvermindDL1 is busy parenting and stuff, so it is technically a good timing for me to play some vanilla-ish Factorio. As in mostly Mods that feel vanilla enough for me to use them (that way most Blueprints will continue to work too). Contrary to popular belief I am not the AngelBobs type of Factorio Player, despite those Mods being essentially what GregTech is. For one I don’t like how huge the Buildings in Angels are, while the Tier System is kindof what ended up ruining GregTech as a whole for me, and was a huge mistake. Everything just ended up being overcomplicated in the end.

On the Patreon Side I got a Message telling me the Billing Cycle got enabled again (since I paused it for February), even though my Campaign there is already turned off. I hope that was really just two different Systems not knowing what happened sending a canned reply, and people wont be billed at all for March (since that would fuck over a LOT of things and potentially void peoples Money too). I do not have access to all the Billing Utility without having a Campaign running, meaning I would need to restart it. And I also deleted my Billing Information before stopping the Campaign so that is gonna be fun too if it happens.

And on an unimportant note: Damn it has been stormy the last 2 days. Even power flickered a few times, luckily not badly enough to shut down my Computer. I do have a surge protector on the Power Strip so if the inverse would happen I would be safe from damages, and I am running Linux so a power outage wouldn’t cause software damages either.
I did end up sleeping at the “wrong” time, but that could have had other reasons than the Stormy weather.

I might consider drawing Stuff again, last year I did do that too, but the Result was a little bit of a mess in the end, especially when I tried to make it a Vector Graphic, so I didn’t post it, but I can always try that one again on actual Paper instead.

Anyways, this was a large update than I expected. Have fun with the Wall-o-Text. ^^


Not that the storm should last much longer but you could get yourself a UPS if you want some security when working on new projects, Low power units aren’t too expensive I think and even a few minutes would be enough to save and shut down.


Yeah. But to be fair, with that kind of Wind banging at my Windows and Rollos I cant focus on shit anyways, so I’m not exactly doing Save-worthy Stuff during that. XD

Though I could need a PSU just to prevent my Power Strip from tripping my Rooms Fuse whenever I switch the thing on, but I barely ever turn my Computer off recently so it doesn’t make much sense unless when I am out of House.

Anyways, my Body Temperature and Heart Rate is going a bit “crazy” today and yesterday, which messes with my sleep. I really hope it is just because of the Storm…


Oh wow, it has been a while since I posted an update over here hasn’t it. First of all, nobody around me got the “flu that shall not be named” yet, which is good because pretty much everyone in the house including myself is kinda at higher risk than normal people. At least I have an official excuse to stay inside like I normally do already, but it is still quite scary.

Still distracting myself with Factorio. Atomic Artillery Shells (Mod) are a great way to use the otherwise near useless Uranium Ore. Even smart enough to take Area of Effect into account when targeting things, so no 2 nukes at the same Biter Colony. >:D

I did write down a few more random details onto the Game Ideas Page, to make sure that I remember those Design Decisions later on. Even though I may not really be active at all right now, trying to calm down a bit and such. ^^"

Remember the Basement clearing out thing I did last year? Well there has always been a tiny Room with a Bathtub down in the Basement, right next to the office, that we never used (we have a separate Shower too, which does get used). Well nobody ever really goes there, so it ended up being a Storage for a bunch of Cardboard Boxes containing Paper and unused Advertisement Material, as well as all the Leather(-ish) Suitcases my Mom had in her days as Insurance Saleswoman. So yeah, getting those sorted out now too.

Oh and Patreon at least did not screw up, so that is also a good thing.

Anyways, everyone here is healthy, and I hope it stays that way. ^^


Just posting to wish everyone good health and hope that you don’t get the ‘flu that shall not be named’! Please protect the people who are more affected by it :wink:
Have a nice day.


Factorio is a great game. But it’s not that deep really.
If you haven’t checked them out yet, i would recommend you have a play with PyAnodon’s mods.
It’s essentially Gregtech for Factorio.

Oh how i wish i could combine the ease of design and performance of Factorio with the 3D world of Gregtech somehow. Minecraft is great for the open world it presents, Factorio is great because it runs so well and is easy to use.

Construction bots are a godsend, if only i had an army of construction workers and miners in Gregtech.
Perhaps Mechaenetia will do something along those lines?
I know Minecraft doesn’t do well with workers. It always ends up being slow (performance wise) or buggy. But i keep on dreaming about a world where you have NPC’s doing the tedious tasks of mining, building houses, smelting stuff, etc. If all i had to do was give them a varied diet and some entertainment i would be onboard in a heartbeat.

Also, Corona is indeed only dangerous to those at high risk. Age is the primary factor.


It is TechReborn for Factorio, Bobs and Angels are the real GregTech for Factorio.

Factorio uses Dataflow Pattern, Mechaenetia is going to use the better Version of that with an up to date ECS. So Automation like Factorio could be pulled off, though thanks to being 3D you do need more Graphics and RAM. And I will not make the huge mistake of making the Game Lockstep based, where you need to download the entire Save File to join the Game, instead of loading Chunks on demand.

However I do plan to at least make Servers able to run on a Raspberry Pi when it comes to performance. Imagine having a Raspberry Pi with a PoE HAT connected to your Network that lets you join your own local Server right away. (that is how I am gonna test with my Pi 4 at the very least)

Yeah Bots are not gonna happen early on, NPCs are more likely to the the first who do work for you. I do have to say that most Ores will be dense enough to last you a while, you wont need blocks worth of Iron to make a single Tool, like in Minecraft.

For Germany about a Quarter of the entire population is at high risk, at least when untreated. Age is only a secondary factor even, Lung Issues like Asthma are the primary ones. And Children are at super high risk to get permanent Lung damage from it too.

Anyways, everyone in my household is still as healthy as before. ^^


As great as Bob’s and Angels are, i have to disagree. Bob’s and Angel’s are like Buildcraft, AE and MFR.
Of course that’s just my take on it.

As long as you’ve given it a try. There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

As long as the server, when running locally, doesn’t introduce lags or where you have to fight the server for what you want to accomplish i am good.
Minecraft changed for the worse when they made the “single player” experience run against a server. All of a sudden there was input lag and other BS happening and it hasn’t been wholly sorted for 1.7.10.
For example, jumping over a chest only to get stuck because the server doesn’t agree with the client and thus there’s a bitch slapping fight until the client gives in. (because the player moved away from the chest)

Yes, NPC’s… Bots… Same thing in my eyes. I prefer humanoid helpers over robots.
As long as they can build floors and roofs so i don’t have to i am happy.
Or for that matter, flatten some ground.

The statistics are that if you are over the age of 70 you have around a 20% fatality rate. (changes depending on country and circumstances)
Between the ages of 50 and 70 the rate is about 7%
And between the ages 0 to 50 the rate is <0.1%. That is regardless of illnesses or not. Less than 0.1% dies from Corona ages 0 to 50.

With cardiovascular disease you have a 10x higher fatality rate.
With diabetes you have a 7x higher fatality rate.
Still, age is the overwhelming deciding factor.

It’s great that you are in good health. Let’s hope it stays that way.