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You can always look at a statistic and assume age is the factor, but when it comes to death, ages is never a valid factor, it is always health that is. You die of organ failure because your body cant keep going forever due to cell failures adding up over time not because of old age in on itself. And fatality rate does not include people like children who get permanent damage but still survive. Very important to remember that.


If the player can live to 70 years old, the server needs to run for one and a half years before dying, and such a long time is enough to clear almost all games.


I’ve not been doing much lately, apart from undergoing fictional original character development, which eats up way more brain time than anything else at the moment. There is a lot of Greg Lore I am going through one by one, needless to say. Drawing an Anime Style Character is a bitch if you are a Pixel Artist by the way, even though the current work in progress looks quite fitting and much better than the uncanny valley I came up with last Summer. I guess no longer cheating with Sunglasses instead of Eyes made it look much better. XD

Last time I did this sort of thing was when I came up with Gregorius, which was right before I started using the Internet in general. Though that was mostly done while I was taking the Bus to University and back. Now that I only have one Room to do everything in, I dont really have the mental split between different types of work anymore, which is good for long taking productive Stuff, but quite bad if you need to do multiple different things, but can only focus on one specific one of those. I am a huge mess right now when it comes to productivity…

And yes it is the same Character I hinted at last Summer, but I cant publish it until i think its good enough, and good enough means better than my current Profile Picture, and also with a little bit more perspective than a simple frontal face shot.

A Terraria Update came out recently too. I used that opportunity to make my new Character there too, and I got pretty close to how I want her to look like, I am just lacking two or three Items to make it almost perfect. Ofcourse I used all my Endgame Stuff from last time I played to save some time.

So, this is how I have been wasting my quarantine time, how have you been wasting it?


My quarantine time before it ends next Monday is pretty much full with all the AP testings and *Online Classes" my school brought up, apart from me working on gt6u and modpack development on spare time.

Yes, over 80% of middle school, high school, and even some primary school have held online classes since March. Some of them use Zoom and some of them use Ding Ding, an app originally designed for office management by Alibaba, to conduct these online classes. Very interesting is how Zoom originally supported free service in China but now suspended that due to the extra large number of students and teachers using their service, which is unprecedented before.

Ding Ding was given 1 star (out of 5 stars) comments by young students who didn’t want to take online classes. Ding Ding reach 1.3/10 score on App Store that it was near forced to cancel its download. Now we are not using Zoom but a out-of-one-mould software called Tencent Meeting.

Unfortunately I am returning to school next Monday, where I must wear mask everywhere except PE class and eating. I wonder wtf the reason we need to wear that during class time since the cafeteria will contain over 1000 students at lunch time, and the covid virus will get that chance at there already.



I am literally scared.


Yeah Schools should generally stay closed until at least the Summer break is over and new classes start. Which would be August/September. Maybe it should stay like that even longer, but NOPE.

So far I left the House only ONCE during this pandemic, which was yesterday. I had to get to the Doctor for Asthma related Checkup. And oh boy are masks shitty to wear. I only have the choice between wearing the Mask and wearing my Glasses because both at once doesn’t fucking work, and that “choice” part was a lie because law requires the masks to be worn in public.

I also looked more shitty than usual because my hair is all chaos when it reaches a certain length, and I did not get a haircut since Winter. Overall I do not want to be outside at all anymore, even more so now that I know how shitty it is for me.

As for Zoom and all those other shitty Apps, why the heck dont they use actual proper Stuff instead of insecure garbage like Zoom. It is so easy to set up some random Free OpenSource alternative, with either Peer to Peer or hosting the Meeting directly on the Teachers/Schools Computer…


Oh wow I did not post anything here in June. XD

Right now I am trying to get as many random Ideas out of my Head and onto Text, while also playing Dwarf Fortress.

One of those Random Ideas is Pokémon Related and found here Opinions about random Games

But yeah, I am still around and as (un)healthy as usual, so everything is fine. It has been I think 2 or 3 weeks since the last case of Corona in my Region, meaning Stuff should be alright again in my part of Germany.
Those poor people in the US, where they get murdered by the Millions due to the Pandemic, their incompetent supercorrupt Government, and ofcourse the combination of both at once.

I am already much further with my second Dwarf Fortress, even though I don’t have any Metal around closeby. There might be Screenshots incoming from that one too later on. ^^

There also was a lot of random Compat work in GT6 that I just wanted to mention, which got released very recently. :wink:


So Patreon is in a Situation that is likely gonna be breaking the entire Company. Patreon Loses Lawsuit With Owen Benjamin Fans, Likely To Pay Millions In Arbitration and Legal Fees - National File

About 20 million in legal fees just because of banning a single User, and having badly written Terms of Service, and then changing those Terms of Service in the middle of the Legal case and applying those changed Terms to the currently going case retroactively (which the Court did not like at all).

I would recommend anyone still on Patreon to make sure that Patreon doesn’t go bankrupt “by accident” right inbetween collecting the Patron Money and cashing it out to the Creators. Because something like this sure as fuck happened with the Defy Media Shutdown too on Youtube.

As for Stuff I am working on: I somehow got stuck doing GregTech-6 Stuff again, so my Game will wait yet again in a state of “Where the fuck do I even start working on!?”. XD

Anyways everything still fine here on my end. Though a second Corona Wave is definitely incoming because people are incompetent when it comes to the shutdown.


It’s really sad that people can’t just run a service that allows payment to individuals. It seems so simple in premise but they always find a way to screw up in practice.


And ofcourse it happened, people come back from their irresponsible Vacations and we went from barely any remaining cases of Corona to “too many cases per day to be safe” within less than a week, and that RIGHT as School starts…
If I had children I would not send them to School at all right now. But luckily I don’t, especially with me being quite bad at taking care of non-independent creatures.

Well anyways, I ended up in a Compat Loop with GT6 due to checking for Stuff in the “Netherlicious” Mod, which made me go through a bunch of other Mods the moment I saw “Abyssal Oats” and needed to double-check certain things, which then made me notice Solid XP from Actually Additions (which I then made compatible with Liquid XP from OpenBlocks and Mob Essence from MFR), and so on, and so on.

All that while I constantly feeling like I am “waiting” on something, because I end up in the “Welp, nothing short enough left to do now” State a lot, mostly just lacking inspiration right now. But maybe that is just lack of new High Quality Video Game Rips this week. (do note that high quality means about 10% of it is good and the rest is memes)

I’m still fine by the way. Just felt like writing this a bit. ^^


I’m glad my kids are back in school. I don’t know how much damage was done to them by missing basically the entire spring semester. You can’t hide from life because it gets a little scary sometimes. Keep calm and carry on as they say. I recently had it confirmed that I have the antibodies so when I was sick the first two weeks of April during the great toilet paper shortage, I had the rona, and it wasn’t really any worse than the flu. My kids never showed any symptoms and my wife coughed a few times one day ( but she also gets over the flu in about 4 hours so go figure ). One of my coworkers is still at home after getting over it waiting for a test to confirm it.

Be careful but don’t be pant shittingly terrified of it; it isn’t ebola or the black death.


If you have the Antibodies, then your kids probably have them too, in which case, yes its okay to send them back to school. But there is a LOT of people and children, who are not as healthy as you, and could easily die from this shit.

Also the longer this stuff gets spread for no reason, the longer everything has to stay closed until it is over, so if you rush (again and again) for opening shit you just cause everything to get worse and worse.


“A little scary”? Tell that to those who are immuno-compromised, or have weak immune systems for any other reason, or are already dealing with other illnesses. Or, you know, to the millions who have died.
So easy to dismiss stuff when you’re not affected by it


Plenty of people die from lots of things, including the flu. My point is that this is far more like the flu than ebola, and you can’t bury your head under the pillow for a few years hoping that it goes away. Be careful, but life must go on.

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Comparing Corona to the Flu is not a good idea, it actually is far worse than it, and people constantly spread the rumor that its “like the Flu” even though it actually destroys your lungs permanently if you are unlucky. and for someone with Asthma, like me, that can be quite deadly.


We have remedies for the flu, we don’t have anything yet for covid. And covid’s fatality and infection rates are higher than the flu anyway, so they don’t even compare


The fatality rate is higher than the flu, but not that much, and that is to be expected for a new strain of flu that nobody has any immunity to. For a small portion of the population it is significantly worse, but over all, it is far closer to the flu than to ebola, but everyone seems to be reacting like it’s ebola. The vast majority of the dead are either old or obese ( not that that means you should dismiss the risk entirely, but you need to have some perspective ). It’s very similar to SARS and MERS. For the vast majority of people that get it, it isn’t any worse than the flu. And no, we don’t really have remedies for the flu either.

We didn’t shut down and hide in a cave when polio was rampant and that was worse. It is one thing to take reasonable precautions ( wear a mask, wash frequently, reduce or eliminate unnecessary exposure like going to bars ) but life has to go on.

I recently read a paper published in July where they examined fluid from patient’s lungs and figured out exactly how it causes the problems that it does. It messes with Bradykinin and causes various genes to be expressed more or less than normal, including the one that codes for the ACE receptor the virus uses to get into your cells. Normally your lungs don’t really have those which is why it often does not present as a traditional respiratory infection because it can’t infect your lungs, but after it’s infected other parts of your system for a while, it causes your lungs to start expressing ACE receptors so it can get in. The bradykinin also acts as a vasodilator causing your blood vessels to start leaking fluid everywhere and can break down the blood brain barrier, leading to the neurological symptoms some people have. It was a really neat paper and really sounds like they have now got it figured out how it works and how to treat the deadly symptoms. Look it up; it’s a good read.


There has definitely been advancements in finding treatment, including already human-tested lung cancer medication that affects those receptors so the SARS cant reproduce anymore in your lungs. This only works after you’re already hospitalized though.

Also Corona spreads way faster than the Flu, that’s why its good to avoid going outside or meeting with people IRL. There is plenty of online Games you could play with your Friends if you really want to meet up, like “Among Us” seems to be a fun trend right now. XD


I’m not even gonna touch that. Let’s just agree to very strongly disagree, it’s not worth it.