Mechaenetia is finally starting and mostly set up!

Mechaenetia is finally starting and mostly set up!

I finally did everything I need to do in order to announce the Name for my Game:


The Name is a combination of the words for Mechanics and Network, which is supposed to mean that a lot of different Game Mechanics (aka Mods) can be easily combined, or “networked together” so to say, to make whatever type of Game you want it to be to suit your needs!
Also the “ae” is an “ae” and not an “ä”, as for pronouncing the “ch” any of the 3 valid ways is fine. And the shorthand can be MN if needed, just like MC for Minecraft. I am not that serious about it but sometimes people need clarification so they can quote this. XD

In case you’ve wondered, my own name “Techneticies” follows a similar naming scheme of combining Tech to make something greater.

As for other Name Options I considered and rejected, there was:

  1. Machianetia; essentially Machina and Network, but Mechanics seemed as a more fitting base word in the end.

  2. Codexia; (based on both Code Ex and Codex, which however was already taken by a lot of other Stuff.

  3. Spacecraft; that was a Name I thought would be nice when I was much younger, because Minecraft in Space, but you can guess that this is already a normal word for Spaceship, which I did not know back then, also Starmade is already doing what I would have done for said Game Idea

After a long time of consideration I decided to go with the GPLv3, simply because it opens up more possibilities when using Libraries, while also enforcing Open-Source and Freedom of the Software and all of its Mods or other derivatives, to make sure that everything is just Fun and Games. :smiley:

For the Programming Language I have chosen Rust, with Amethyst (Apache2.0/MIT) as a base Library (yes GPLv3 Projects can do that, which is amazing).

The GitHub Project can be found below. I decided to go for GitHub as the primary Project place, simply because of the huge Community. And my Selfhosting Gitea Idea that I did for GT6, was not very good at all as it turns out, so I don’t wanna repeat that.

I do not think that I will keep my Patreon Account, after how badly the Patreon Website broke for me so much, that I can barely post anything there anymore. My financial Situation has stabilized at lot recently, so I don’t even need additional money anymore. I also removed most Links to my Patreon and PayPal yesterday.

As for GT6, please note that the Features I promised will be in the next Version, but said Version is gonna be released outside of the weekly cycle, simply because I have spend a lot of time on setting up the Forums and everything this week.

I am gonna need to do a lot of “rebranding” in the Forums now, along with managing a lot of other things.

Thank you for staying around for so long. ^^

I have been waiting for this since years :smiley:


Well Github has the “Github Sponsor” program, which is basically patreon but for donating to dev’s, you get more of the cut than on patreon as I recall too. ^.^


Yeah if I needed money I would consider it, but as it is right now I prefer not involving money in anything. ^^


I am looking forward to it! Cheer XD


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Thank you Greg for developing the greatest tech mod for Minecraft for so long. Although I must admit I have a feeling of loss because I love both MC and GregTech so much, I’m sure Mechaenetia will be great too, or even greater, considering your exceptional creativity. I’m really looking forward to it.

(I have some experience in using Rust so maybe I can help in some way, if Amethyst is going to work on my not-so-new iMac).


If you can make it work on Apple Products that would be nice (I personally wont attempt that myself), but I seriously doubt Apple will work by now, at least on up to date devices, where they require “notarization” of all Applications.

Also nice to see you back here. ^^


Ha, that notarization thing can easily be bypassed if a user wants to. What makes me worry is that MacOS X annoyingly doesn’t have a Vulkan support. It only has yet another proprietary API “Metal” and a half-broken implementation of OpenGL, so there might be some troubles around graphics. I hope I can make it work.

I’ve been quiet because I was too busy playing GT5u :smiley:


Well I plan to make it run on a Raspberry Pi 3/4 so I will probably not use Latest Graphics API Functions for basic low Settings Rendering.


Oh hey Greg, an example program of Amethyst actually built and worked on my Mac. Yay!


Ooh awesome, maybe hope for Apple Support is not as lost as I thought! But try 3D first just to be sure. ^^


Amethyst uses rendy for the rendering interface, which is built on gfx-hal (a very very low level rendering API), which in turn can use vulkan, metal (basically Mac’s weird version of vulkan lacking some features), DX12, and with an OGL fallback. So yes, it can be built and run natively on mac’s, though because of the way the mac ecosystem is broken to hell that has to be done ‘on’ a mac, which none of us have. ^.^;

Well the RPi4b supports modern vulkan, previous ones use OGL2. ^.^

Yep, it uses metal.


Yep 3D works too \o/

Yeah, distributing pre-built binaries would be problematic, but at least Mac users would be able to build the game from source. Mac has several package managers such as Homebrew and pkgsrc so even non-programmers without any knowledge about Rust wouldn’t have too much trouble building the game. That’s not bad at all!


Hi! It sounds cool.
I believe that GregTech won’t die because of this :frowning:


Is that a good thing or a bad thing that GT wont die? Your frown doesn’t make it obvious. XD


Hah, sorry. It’s because of my English :slight_smile:

I tried to say that i like GregTech and i want to see updates and etc.
If you going to start other project - you can abandon this awesome mod.


I wish we had two Gregs in this world. :crazy_face:


Me too, but both of us wouldn’t wanna work on GT6 anymore. XD


So you decided to finish some necessary updates for GregTech and after that complete all development progress with it, am i right?