The Future of Mechaenetia

It’s been three years since the initial announcement of the game project’s title and the supposed conclusion to the development of GT6 for Mechaenetia to start. Whilst there was some ground work done, the project is unfortunately stuck in limbo due to outside factors like the Pandemic and Greg getting sucked back into working on GT6 and still ongoing.

To be clear, this is up to Greg on what projects he spends his time on in the end. I wanted to make this post because I don’t want to see Mechaenetia be forever stuck in limbo. This was a game I was eager about to see the advent of ever since I first read his gameplans and kept a close eye on any updates in his posts or the gameplans page.

I feel that I can do something about this but I don’t know what I can do. I have experience with C++ but not particularly deep (and rusty since it’s been years now) nor I don’t know how well this translates into learning Rust, the main language that shall be used for Mechaenetia. I definitely don’t see myself trying to carry it, but at least I want to try to get the engine revving once more.


Acquire patience.

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Yeah I know I have been distracted quite a bit… Right now I’m playing the Steam Version of Dwarf Fortress, a Game I do plan to copy some Ideas from. And oh boy does it bug the hell out of me when it comes to code and design quality!

The real problem is, my body has quite some energy issues, resulting in me having significantly less motivated time than in 2018. Why does it happen? Because my body hates digesting, seriously, I’m writing this right after lunch and I already feel like going to bed again for 4 hours because of it… and I only ate one plate of pasta… (happens with non-pasta too)

I originally didnt want to just reduce food intake even more, because I like food, especially when it tastes good, but my body really doesn’t like food anymore…

Combine that with my temperature sensitivity Issue, and you get a colossal waste of time, since digestion makes my body produce way too much unregulated heat.

And yes I’m already in the process of trying to fix this Issue (since the 30th), as much as I really fucking hoped I could avoid fixing this one!
I even tried just always going to bed after lunch, which resulted in acid reflux, which resulted in me waking up feeling sick. How is that different from going to bed for 4 hours after lunch? Well in that case I dont sleep, so this weirdly doesn’t happen.

(Edit: i just noticed that my sentence structure ends abruptly, oops XD)

As a side note: A weight of 90-95 at a height of 180 isn’t that much, and it was like that since before I even started playing MC (so over a decade), dont ask me how the heck I didnt gain anything despite my eating habits and lack of physical activity.

I seriously hope I will get this fixed by the time I stop bingeplaying Dwarf Fortress, so I can fix a few Bugs in GT6 and then actually get started on Mechaenetia. ^^

Edit: And helping me with the Game itself is uhh, not advisable at this stage, I kindof need full control over the Base Elements of the Code.


Sorry about your health issues, which seem really bad. Have you consulted a doctor? Hope you take your time dealing with these issues, and hope you feel better.

And about the code, I kinda understand the need for full control, and thus avoiding cooperating with others.


Thank you for your response. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having health issues, the real hindrance in your general life. I hope that you recover from that.

Also fair enough if you don’t recommend me or anyone to help out with the project at this current stage.

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I just got up again and I still feel a bit tired, and it has been over 3 hours…

It is feeling kindof like having eaten a ton and needing to rest, just without actually having eaten much at all. And this has been going on in the background for years by now, because I really did not want to give up on food (so i tried fixing everything else).
But by now it is bad enough that eating lunch has turned into more of a chore than being enjoyable…

I’m in my thirties, is this bullshit what many other young-ish adults have to put up with when getting older? Is that a normal thing that happens to a lot of people, and I just tried my darndest to postpone the conclusion to the point of dealing with the negative side effects for years?

Try a Keto diet Greg, cuts out the carbs that cause excess energy and a bunch of other diet stuff that sounds like might be affecting you based on what you describe. It sucks at first as your body craves the missing foods and makes meals pretty boring to eat, but eventually you reach a point where your body doesn’t feel that hungry or craves anything special, and meals don’t make you sleepy after eating.
Look it up, you gotta stick with it for a few weeks to notice and those weeks can be pretty gruelling but I tried it and I can vouch that I did feel healthier and didn’t get hungry, though I missed eating my carbs to warrant staying on it. It’s mostly protein and fats you’ll be eating.

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I’ll second the keto diet. I’m currently devouring a plate of porkchops covered in eggs.

My wife has severe ADHD, and she says she’s never so clear headed as when on keto. I am autistic with ADHD, and have had similar experiences.

We’re currently going back toward low carb/keto after the holidays. I just located an excellent source of local porkchops! 2 kilos for 13 EUR. I need a wheelbarrow.


Suggested reading: Gary Taubes “Good Calories, Bad Calories”, and any of his recorded talks to hospitals.

Yep, Pasta is one of the things I’m cutting down on first. Though I do already eat a lot of Meat (usually with mashed potatoes - the butter&milk kind), and it has the same bad effects on me.

Also before someone gets the Idea that milk/cream or whatever are the Issue, I can drink 333ml of chocolate milk without these adverse effects. Same goes for Ice Cream. Because of this, I highly suspect the issue is either solid Food or warm Food in general.

So I think my Issue might be something different, but I will definitely still cut down on Pasta, which is pretty much the only Carbs-ridden thing I usually eat.

And if by February/March that doesn’t end up working well enough, I might change to a “only eat lunch once every two days” sorta thing, so I at least have every other day where I dont feel sick and tired after eating. I will probably get some dry “cookies” to eat one once an hour just to make the feeling of hunger shut up (yes that trick actually works for me).

Did you consider gluten free food? Maybe you have problems with that? Or maybe you could try some nutritional drinks? They may be easier to digest?

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I really understand the problem of digestion and why it feels so tired after sleep. I also have a family issue that cause my spleen to not work that well. Keep on!


If it’s OK with Greg, we could always brainstorm GUI. It takes no particular programming knowledge to draw a picture of what you think the screen should look like. All that is required is experience playing video games. You’ll also need to search the forum and the idea pages to see what functionality must be incorporated. Here are some potential GUIs that will need to be developed, at some point:

  • Launcher
  • Main menu
  • Voxel editor
  • Character creator/customizer
  • Pause menu
  • Keybindings screen
  • Respawn cutscene?


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I do not think it would be a cutscene, it would more be just the camera moving/teleporting around and a special effect. XD

And a LOT of UI Buttons will be redundant, you will never have seen that many UI options in ANY game. The difficulty is hiding them until they become relevant to whatever context you are in.

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Let me know when you need a voice actor for Nether creatures!

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