GregTech-6 Main Thread

There it is, the final major Release of GT6 that I actively worked on personally (apart from eventual Bugfixes). Time for me to go to the IC2 Forums and Patreon as to Announce me leaving those two places.

The IC2 Forums because they are pretty much abandoned by now, not even Chocohead is there anymore. I will close by Mega-Thread there after 7.5 years of working on GregTech. It’s been a fun time. ^^

And Patreon because not only do I not really need extra Money anymore, but also because their Website started to break more and more in the past few months, and that is just unacceptable for a Site with their purpose. Should I ever decide to allow recurring Donations again, I might consider the GitHub Sponsors Feature.

I am currently importing GT6 into GitHub (might be finished after I’m writing this). That way it might be easier to find Contributors than the in hindsight dumb Gitea way I originally did. The Link to its GitHub Organization is here:

I hope the import is gonna go right. Contributions will ofcourse be accepted, just please don’t hope for it to be instant. But at most 1 or 2 weeks should be the thing, maybe a month. Still better than certain other Mods! Also gonna depend on what the submitted PR is ofcourse. :wink:

Well then. I’m gonna go link this Post on Patreon and the IC2 Forums now. ^^


Congrats on finishing your mod Greg.

I remember checking your thread on the IC2 Forums years back. Never made an account though.

Also I’m seeing a link to your channel on your profile. Any plans on making videos in the future?


I once planned for GT5, but the Videos did not turn out. Though I do wanna show Stuff from my Game in Video Form, so that might happen. Or I will just upload some form of GIF. XD

Already got a Bug Report, but a very minor one (a Tooltip doubled up), so existence of upcoming Bugfix Release confirmed. Just not instant since its not really needed.


You may not remember me but I was pretty active on the IC2 forums 7-8 years ago when you started GregTech and I just wanted to say its been cool watching you grow from making an IC2 addon to being a major part of the Minecraft modding community as a whole. Gl on your future endeavours.


An Update to GregTech has been released!

Cue the fully automatic Changelog:


Well, I finally “unlaunched” my Patreon Page. And I was perfectly right to do this one week after my final Post as Patreon decided to disable access to all the Posts I have made over the years. Hurray for giving me one singular choice there. Oh and if I would have needed to access any other billing history for tax reasons or whatever, I cannot do that either.
So if I had to do it (which I luckily dont have to), then I would need to relaunch my Creator Page, trigger all sorts of Notifications for all former Patrons, might have to do that during the billing Cycle so they would end up having to pay for one month, and then read the Statistics to give accurate Statements about income and Stuff, and then unlaunch the Patreon Page again, resulting in even more potentially funky Stuff!

So since paranoid old me never ended up “needing” to use the money, I decided to stop dealing with their incompetence and just not take money anymore until I really require it.

Okay with that out of the way then: This is obviously a Bugfix Release. The next Release will automatically trigger the Notification for people that a stable Update is ready. ^^


So the weight of the stuff you throw into the mb crucible is half of what it normally is?


What kind of crazy is this? We have something that pumps air already: the vent cover. Why did you not use that? How is a crucible supposed to take KU? It doesn’t have an axle or gears or fan blades in it.


No, the Big Crucible itself is worth 100 Units, but can hold much more than the Small 7 Unit Crucible. Ratios, Percentages, Maths, etc.

It acts like Bellows as it is a piston going back and forth pumping Air into the Crucible, also the Vent Cover cant be attached to the Crucible.


That’s not the part of the changelog I was replying to. You said it is more heat efficient than a single block crucible. Normally the amount of heat you have to add depends on the “weight” of the material you are trying to melt. So for the MB to be more efficient it would need to treat everything as if its weight was less than what the tooltip states.

I’m confused. Time based machines don’t take power, so how could you interrupt the power and make them stall?


I think it’s because you have to heat up the crucible too, and the amount of materials the big crucible takes per volume it can store is a smaller ratio on the big crucible, hence why it is more efficient, because you don’t need to heat up as much crucible compared to the materials inside, although that only holds if you have ‘sufficient’ amount of stuff inside it to melt, too little and it would be less efficient.


Yes this very much is what you were replying to. The Crucible ITSELF is headed up too, not just it’s content. So lighter Crucibles are more Efficient. And bigger Crucibles using less percentual Material per stored Molten Stuff are more Efficient just because of that fact and nothing else.

By using an ON/OFF Switch Cover.


No? Heating the crucible is a one time cost. Once it’s up to temperature each time you throw in more material, let it melt, and pour it into the mold, the cost is only based on the weight of the material. If you want to count the cost of heating the crucible then a small crucible is more efficient since it takes less heat to heat it up. It makes no difference how much material you can leave in it at once.

The only way you could look at this and say the mb is more efficient is if you want to fill the crucible cold, one time, melt everything, then stop and let it cool down, not adding any more material to it, and why would you do that?

Oh weird. Why would you do that? :wink:

By the way, when you go to the GT6 main site to download it, it says it’s, which is a little confusing.


That is currently linking to the GT Site. Later it is going to link to my Game’s Site. What you probably wanna bookmark is instead, which is also linked in the Navbar.

From that perspective, you wont get more Efficiency then. Just remember you will have to turn the Crucible off when you dont use it, otherwise you will eventually melt it.


Doesn’t tossing in more materials cause that to ‘steal’ heat from the crucible though until they are even again? Or I though it did? Thus bigger is still more efficient?


It does not steal net energy, just the temperature spreads over more weight. And if you throw in stuff just to make it cool down, then you waste heat too ofcourse.

Essentially the Bigger Crucible has a lower Net Startup Cost in Percent, while the smaller Crucible is probably more effective if you run it nonstop and ONLY nonstop.


Hello, greg!

Can i ask you one thing?: Why you didn’t upgrade GT6 for higher versions of Minecraft like 1.12.2?

And… Can you do a GT6 “lite” version? The overwhelming amount of content in that mod make it almost impossible to play without Optifine or a powerful PC at a decent FPS rate (30-60). Is even worse in modpacks.


Because Minecrafts Code changed in a lot of horrendous ways, and because I’ve mostly quit Minecraft by now and am only maintaining GT6 for Bugfixes now.

No I can not, and not only because I’ve mostly quit MC, but also because it’s too complex to do that, not to mention the “Content Count” does not say ANYTHING about performance. The only laggy thing is likely the Worldgeneration Code, which is already at the fastest speed Minecraft can handle, and such a Lite Version would have said Worldgen for sure, since Ores are mandatory.

Also GT6 is ONLY using 1GB of RAM when without other Mods, and I can run it without any Issues on a 1GHz Quadcore Processor just fine, even without Fastcraft or Optifine.


Oh, thanks for all the info! I had these questions in my mind for a YEAR.

Really, really, thanks.

No problem if I (or another person) make a “GT6U” for another versions?


Yeah I’m curious what you mean by this? GT6 is already one of the fastest large content mods out. Optifine wouldn’t change anything as GT6 has no TESR’s, and a powerful PC would make a server tick faster (though it already holds 20tps no issue) but the client wouldn’t really be helped much as it’s still near all vanilla rendering.