GregTech-6 Main Thread

Ask @Muramasa for that. He is already working on it.


i mean, the idea of “lite” stands for add just the enough ores and biomes to the world, using more the vanilla instead to just throw it away for more “realistic” features.

Like just “Add the machines and tools, not the ores and biomes”


I dont add Biomes, and a lot of Ores are really needed to make things work, most Mods add Ores, so Lite does not mean there is less “laggy” content in the end, its just less diversity in said content.


Wait. So, what are the new areas with new blocks like limestone or red granite underground?

EDIT: And yes, you catch it right: “Lite” is less diversity. Less ores, less trees, less blocks, less materials in general…

But kinda researched, and the laggy one is the potato that i had for PC. With this new one i had no any problem of perfomance.

Less content, by the way, could help with focus on goals by not having your chests full with every element in the periodic table, trying to figure out what to do with all that. More like having the right elements/ores/by-products for a fun and constant (and shorter) development.

Thinking on that… I like more GT6 over all the other mods for actually make you think and actually explore the world for resources. A “lite” version could potentially turn it on another tech mod like thermal or IC2 with more of a linear way (where once you get better material, barely you will use the previous one on the future) rather that use EVERY element and material to your advantage, because, doesn’t matter in what age you are, in GT6 you NEED basically all materials that you needed an age back (and most of the “scrap” that you stored a while ago) but for another purposes and in a different scale.


Not biomes, just more underground generation like ores.

None of that will make it less laggy though, GT6 is already not laggy anyway. ^.^

Not even remotely, the ways you can tech up are extremely open.

And comparing to Thermal* or IC2 is a bad comparison, they are more ‘advance by spamming’ mods, where GT6 is more ‘advance by machine puzzles’, significantly different feels. ^.^


Thanks for answering all and give me the correct notions!

Hope you finish soon your game!


Last question. Is compatible with Weighted Inventories?
Or can be config?


What is Weighted Inventories??


They might mean this mod, I’ve never ran across it before, interesting…

Looks interesting. ^.^


Yeah, that one.

I assume that the inner system of “weight” (the kg thing for exact measures of mass) that already GT6 have can be combined with the weight system of the mod that OvermindDL1 and I are talking about, via an “equivalence equation”.


So I am gonna announce here that either February 29th or March 1st will have the Bugfix Release of GT6, if there is no severe Bugs reported until then.

The reason for delay is purely because the way that older Versions detect a new Release for ingame update notices is by Version Number being both a different major version AND not version .00 or .01, and the next Version would be .02, therefore blasting out an Update Notice to everyone once released.

In hindsight I should have made a System to release “Recommended” Versions instead of just thinking I could automate it in that stupid way.


So… Did you like it?

EDIT: You talked about bugs? Well… During my gameplay… I noticed that, sometimes, when i crafted a chest of “X” wood, it crafted a “Y” wooden chest.

That is it.


Wait do you use QwerTech? That Mod adds individual Wooden Chests.

As for weighted Inventories, it is not really my type of Mod. There would need to be a proper Inventory System for something like that to work. You cant just stack Volume and Weight ontop of Slots as a limitation.


Yep. I use QwerTech. And thanks for your opinion.

Another thing: I noticed that some of the IC2 machines require KU for work. But looking onto their real functioning, these things should work with RU instead. Any way to fix that?


Nope, and i dont think i can even interface with those using my own Machines.


So after playing Oxygen Not Included for a few months I’m getting the GT6 itch again. I noticed that you lowered the energy cost for mass fabrication by 256 times, so now I’m wondering how to finally made one of the blasted things. For some reason there only seems to be a T3 version of the molecular scanner ( not sure why NEI can’t find it when searching just for “scanner” ), but it appears that I’m going to need a good bit of osmium to get the 3 machines built. Where are you supposed to get the stuff? I only seem to have like 11 or 12 units of it from platinum group sludge processing and that isn’t going to cut it.


I did not lower it 256, I shifted the costs from one part of the System to the other. Overall Power cost is the same, just the Replicator acts much faster, so you can produce easier on the fly without ages of waiting time.

And yes Osmium by Side Products. Still easy enough to get. And if you make a small Massfab Setup first you can replicate Osmium, which should always be the first step.


Oh, damn… so it’s still something I’ll have to leave running on a server for a few days just to get a few ingots made?

If I already have a mass fab, then what do I need the osmium for? :wink:

I guess I can try to finish mining out the rest of my sheldonite vein and re-jigger the aqua regia plant I haven’t used since you last changed that recipe.

What about the new fusion reactor? Can you produce osmium with that?


with the amount of iridium you need to process to make it I think you’ll be set with osmium


You can always try using the ZPM with the Multiblock Matter Fabricator, which will make the process much faster thanks to the replicator being super fast now.