Compat for WarpDrive and OpenComputers?

So I just realized that the Electric Wire MFSU thing is actually my dedicated IC2 Compat sucking Energy out of the MFSU for transferring over the GT6 Cables, and this dedicated special case does NOT have a connect condition somehow.


I did some more experimenting with the GT6 Wires and found something interesting. I don’t know if this is a bug, I’ll write just in case.

  1. If CoFHLib is installed, GT6 Wires can transfer power directly to Computer Cases from OpenComputers regardless of voltage (whereas Industrial Craft Classic only allows transfer through OC Power Converter with a certain voltage). Perhaps, during the transfer, the EU is converted to RF. Connection with Wire Cutter is still not possible.

  2. If Funky Lokomotion is installed, then the same as in the previous paragraph, plus it becomes possible to connect GT6 Wires using Wire Cutter to blocks from WarpDrive, OpenComputers and Industrial Craft Classic.

Also, a new version of OpenComputers just came out and it doesn’t seem to be compatible with WarpDrive. Most attempts to turn on the computer on which the ship control program is installed end in an error. It takes several attempts to successfully launch.


OpenComputers is in the List of Mods that I do allow Electricity to be converted to Redstone Flux for the sake of simplicity for.

And Funky Locomotion does include a (outdated) copy of the RF API, for better or worse.


The latest release of OpenComputers fixed an issue that caused an error when trying to run the ship control program.
And I found a video guide on how to use OpenComputers with WarpDrive in Mc 1.7.10, maybe it will come in handy for someone: OpenComputers Warpdrive Tutorial - YouTube

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