Uranium and uranium-238

I have both GT6 and HBM Nuclear Tech. Tried crafting Uranium-238 billets from Uranium-238 ingots, got Uranium billets (material - uraninite).


I think this is due some weirdness on how isotopes are handled, in NTM “Uranium” is natural uranium which is both U258 and 238 (in a ratio of 1:11) while in GT (which I think was also the case in IC2 so it kind of makes sense) “Uranium” is the ore dict name for U238, which means there isn’t an ingot form for NU since it’s processed directly out of the ore.

The same issue would happen with plutonium too but GT’s implicit default assumes Pu244 which NTM doesn’t have. Meanwhile NTM “raw” plutonium is a mix of Pu238, 239 and 240.

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Wait, just making sure, is the uranium 238 ingot you use an HBM one or a GT one?

Edit: Also because of that I unificate those NTM Uranium Ingots as Uraninite.

Edit 2: I looked over it, i think whatever happened is happening correctly and not a bug. Its just a weird case where I had to make unification work. Kindof like Railcrafts “Tin Plate” which is a Tin Alloy Plate.

HBM ingot. Also, it’s a problem because I need Uranium-238 billets for Uranium fuel (for ZIRNOX reactor). There are probably workarounds, like using GT6 shredder + extruder or HBM’s crucible (or GT6 crucible) for making needed billets. But I haven’t tried them yet. For that I would need some uninterrupted free time…

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Found a way to craft uranium fuel billets - craft uranium-235 and uranium-238 ingots into nuggets, then combine them.

Uranium-238 → Uraninite conversion may be part of an exploit to convert Uranium-238 into Uranium-235 though. Assuming Uranium-235 is better than Uranium-238.

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