[Suggestion] Shift + Clicking Blueprints, etc. into appropriate slots in various blocks' GUIs

Just an idea for a small UX improvement this time.

While the Advanced Crafting Table or Autocrafter’s GUI is open, inserting a valid item to the block’s Blueprint slot (such as a Blueprint, a USB x.0 Stick containing a scanned blueprint, or a USB x.0 Cable) could be made faster if shift + left-clicking one of those items attempted to move it to that slot first.

Currently, shift + left-clicking an item moves it to the block’s 4x4 / 3x3 input inventory on the left side of the GUI regardless of what type of item was clicked.

There are other similar UX optimizations that could be made as well. For instance, shift + clicking compatible bucket-like items (e.g. GT6 Wooden Buckets, vanilla Minecraft Bucket, etc.) into the Advanced Crafting Table’s bucket slots, or chargeable items into the Charging Crafting Table’s charging slots.


For the Autocrafter specifically you could just throw in a USB Cable and put a USB Hub adjacent to it. And do a Button Panel for which of the 16 USB Sticks is supposed to be selected. Might be a fun workflow to try out. XD

I will change the Slot Order in the Basic Machine. That should make the Special Slot be top priority when trying to shiftclick Items, and since the Slot has a Whitelist it will only accept Blueprint related Stuff.


There we go, Test Version ready. Also removed my previous Post because it resolved to being 100% useless. I would have just kept editing it, if you were not online to see it right away. XD

:gregory: This Version should probably be working for you. ^^

(note 1: The scary sounding Description is only there to make sure people don’t use that Version lightly.)

(note 2: if you use this Version more often, make sure your Browser didn’t cache the Download)


Thanks for the quick reply. I would have replied sooner if not for the insane load times (I timed it and it’s about 18 minutes from launcher to world loaded - my modpack may be just a little bloated, lol.)

A few issues have been introduced in this version.

So, prior to testing this snapshot, my Autocrafter had items in the input and blueprint slots.

After updating to this version, the Autocrafter looks like this:

The USB 1.0 Stick is in the last output slot now, and removing the Tomatoes from the blueprint slot causes more Tomatoes to be pulled in from the input chest.

After removing the USB 1.0 Stick from the output and shift + left-clicking it, the USB 1.0 Stick goes into the blueprint slot, however once it’s in there no items are pulled in from the input chest (I’m guessing it’s still checking for the Blueprint-like item under its old slot ID?).

Clearing out all of the slots and shift + left-clicking a non Blueprint works as expected as well, moving the item to the 3x3 grid on the left.

I also tested if blueprints were shift + left-clickable into the blueprint slot in the Advanced Crafting Table but that doesn’t appear to work either.


And another one is Compiled, now it should work. I didnt get to test it, so you go ahead. XD


Got in and tested out the new snapshot, and it looks like everything works with the Autocrafter now.


Impressive, GT6 loads here in 18 seconds, lol. ^.^;