So I got myself a GPD WIN 2

A while ago I saw a small portable Nintendo 3DS XL sized Computer and thought “this is great, I should get one when it is more refined”. Well patience did not really happen and I ordered it already without waiting for Version 3 (no release date at all yet), because it is definitely good enough for my purposes as is, and I might need to use something more mobile soon.

Here is a short Wikipedia Article about it:

Ofcourse the first thing I did when I got it in the mail today was installing Kubuntu asap. I noticed only minor Issues that I was able to fix later, such as the Monitor being in vertical Mode by default for some reason (I assume it’s a Cellphone Touchscreen). Made the install process a bit annoying, but afterwards I was able to switch it back to the proper direction, and I also fixed the Touchscreen with xinput.

There was a ton of other Configurations I had to make but those were more related to Kubuntu and not the Hardware. Like Powersaver Mode not recognizing the X-Box Controller Buttons, or Pulseaudio constantly switching to inactive Audio Sources whenever I attach the USB Dongle to the thing.

Since it is mobile and I didnt have any partitions or wrong drives to worry about I tried out whole drive encryption, and that worked fine. Perfect for backing up Data in case of an emergency.

The Cooling Fan is not as loud as I thought it would be, and the Air blows out the back and bottom, so it wont hit your hands at all in most cases.

It has a Keyboard, and its a surprisingly nice one at that. Though I have to see how to fix that the Right Alt Key is actually Left Alt, and Left Alt is also Left Alt, so it has two Left Alt Keys. I know there is some settings in Kubuntu for that. Though I suspect they might not work in this case.

So far I am half done installing everything. Already installed Steam and tried Sonic Mania and Enter the Gungeon. Both work to make it short, as long as you dont toggle back and forth between Mouse and X-Box Controller Mode. IRC Client, Firefox Bookmarks and VPN Settings are also carried over already.

Steps that are still missing would be permanently fixing the Touch Screen (didnt fix the startup script I wrote for that yet), transferring a bunch of random installers and Music over that I want backed up, setting up Wifi and installing the Noto Font in its entirety (that’s a huge file an OS installer would usually not include).

Also gonna need to get a Nintendo 3DS XL protective case for it, as it is almost the exact same size so it would fit in it.

I think that was all I wanted to say about it so far. For what I got it for it is awesome, but ofcourse there is a few aforementioned things that would be a nice improvement. ^^


Think I saw the original of these some years ago and liked it. Let us know how you get on with the small form factor.


Just noticed its the size of a Nintendo 3DS XL and not a 3DS. Fixed that on the previous Post.

So everything except WiFi is set up on it now, why didn’t I set up the WiFi? Because I tend to keep it disabled on my Router and because I don’t like entering passwords in general, except for the startup ones.

The Micro SD Card made some minor Issues when it came to inserting it, because you have to push it way deep into the Slot, deeper than even a normal sized Fingernail can. Same deepness goes for triggering the unlock Mechanism. Sure it is great for not losing the Micro SD Card, but for a moment I did worry about the Slot being broken, and I already had enough minor unjustified scares about the Device, like a red light blinking while charging it, which according to the internet meant the Voltage was wrong, making it not charge, but it actually meant “it’s charging right now and not full yet”.

As for the Keyboard, it is great for doing chat and stuff, but I would never want to code on it, not only because it’s a US Keyboard (I am used to German ones), but also because my neck starts to hurt when I look that far down while typing on my desk.

And I do not know if this is a problem with Kubuntu, or if this is an issue because the entire disk is encrypted, but Filenames are not allowed to have any Unicode Characters, at least Dolphin fucks up trying to access the files, Console works just fine.

So yeah left on the TODO: WiFi, fixing the Right Alt Key Issue, and probably installing Shovel Knight, once the last DLC is out.

Edit: Finally got around doing the WiFi. So the only actual Issue left is the Alt Keys. Luckily its a US Keyboard so I can still type things like @ , | and \ on it.


Okay, I dont know if its my settings, drivers or what, but the Stereo Jack doesn’t work in Kubuntu. It gets recognized and turns off the regular speakers when I insert something into it, but I dont get any Audio. I’m probably gonna try the Mic/Stereo Audio Splitter Cable that I have, maybe it works with that.

Also bought a “Nintendo Switch Carrying Bag” (or whatever its called) and the GPD WIN 2 fits in it, together with its Charger and a small Flashlight I added to the little bit of remaining empty space. I removed the Nintendo Switch Logos from the thing itself and its Zipper, so nobody thinks I am carrying around a Nintendo Switch or something. XD


Carry case is a good idea.
Have you made sure the jack doesn’t have a seperate volume control anywhere either built into Linux or perhaps an old fashioned physical dial?


No physical dial there, as much as I would like that to exist. It’s one of those Fn-Key things for Volume and Brightness, which ofcourse do software controlled Volume.

And I tried all Audio settings in Kubuntu, including the “Add Virtual Soundcard for output to all Soundcards” setting.


Hmm, I don’t know enough about Kubuntu to offer any other advice on software configs.

try these suggestions perhaps? (not sure if this link messes with new article laws btw)


that worked somewhat, now I need to manually toggle Built In Audio between Headphones and Speakers whenever I use the Headphones.


Sounds like a pain but at least the jack isn’t broken. Maybe you can set up some sort of hotkey to toggle later on.


So inside the Carrying Case, there was also that cushioned built in mini bag with a zipper, I presume it was there for protecting the screen of a Nintendo Switch and to serve as extra space to store games in, but as it was in there it was just taking a lot of space so I have cut it out in a way that I now have both, a perfectly fine cushioned bag, and the carrying case with some extra space.

I now used that extra space to put in crappy headphones, like Dollarstore levels crappy, that my Mom once got for free at the hospital for her TV and never needed to use (and the hospital doesn’t take them back because hygiene and such). Flimsy as fuck, but they pretty much fit anywhere.

At the end I now have a perfectly mobile computer that doesn’t cause any noise complaints and can be recharged, in one very small carrying case, that technically fits into one of the pockets in my jacket. Don’t wanna walk down right now, to test if that one inside pocket would fit it, but that would be great if it did fit.

Edit: The Case also has some indentations, probably for the “SD Cards” that the Switch uses, well I have fit 4 of my ancient garbage 480MB USB Sticks in there. So if I ever need some giveaway USB Stick to help some random person, I always have 4 of them.

Edit 2: So the Lid is a little bit plushy on the inside, plushy enough to use Velcro on it. So now the Charging Cable and the Headphones are held to the lid by a spare piece of Velcro I had from one of my USB Hubs. Less of a mess when opening Stuff. Also damn this “Accessory” actually took a lot of time to deal with properly, but that is the cost of wanting to do everything somewhat the right way.


How heavy is your finished product?


Like with all stuff inside? maybe 1kg or so, maybe 1.5kg?


That’s not bad, hardest thing about keeping something in your pocket is if it’s too heavy and pulls your jacket around.


Definitely less than 1.5kg, my 1.5L bottle of water feels much heavier despite being roughly the same size as such bottle. And the GPD WIN 2 itself is only 460g, so its for sure close to around ~1kg.


Just checked if it fits into the inside pocket of my jacket, and nope it doesn’t, if anything I have to have it in one of the two larger outside pockets, and that is usually where my hands go sooooo, kinda uncomfortable, considering my hand wouldn’t fit in that pocket anymore.


Earlier today I bought myself A4 Sticker Paper. And ofcourse I have put GT Logos all over my Mobile Devices, including my not-so-smart Phone. XD

The Paper (which is usually used for Labels) sticks very well to most Plastics and Metals, and it also happens to stick very well to the Cloth like Texture of the Nintendo Switch carrying Bag, though I guess it will weather away over time when I walk through the Rain or something.

So people might end up noticing me in public, which I expect to happen almost never considering the very niche Userbase of GT.


I could see a niche market for Gregtech pins and vinyl stickers :grin:


How has the GPD WIN 2 been holding out. Any pros and cons you can share?
Interested to know how your view changes after spending time with it in the basement for hours.


Nice point in asking, it’s great for watching Videos. Battery lasts a bit more than 11 Hours when used that way, so VLC Media Player doesn’t consume all that much Power.

Packing and Unpacking it from my modified Nintendo Switch carrying Bag is also very easy.

All I really need to do is configure better Keybinds for VLC Media Player. And to figure out xinput a bit better so I can remap all the XBox Controller Buttons to something more sane. Like why the fuck isn’t the D-Pad Arrow Keys, instead the ABXY Keys are Arrow Keys and the D-Pad has Page Up and Down.


Maybe it was configured on a ZX Spectrum. :laughing: