Several problems with GT6 Redstone Wires


Hello everyone. Sorry for my bad english. I use Google Translate.
Mods: gregtech_1.7.10-6.14.23, CodeChickenLib-1.7.10-
I experimented with redstone in creative mode and found strange behavior:

Issue 1
Redstone Wires and Redstone Conductor Covers sometimes create unexpected signal delays about 1-2 game tick long. Signal delays depend on the build order and may change after restarting the game. Wire length does not affect delays. Parts of a long wire do not light up at the same tick and do not go out at the same tick. Redstone Dust and Project Red wires don’t have that problem.

Issue 2
When transmitting a signal from the Redstone Wires to the rear input of the Comparator or to the Redstone Lamp, the signal strength drops by 1. If the signal strength is 1, then the Comparator and the Redstone Lamp are off. But the Repeater works if the the signal strength is 1. The only way to transmit a signal without loss - intermediary made from a wooden pipe and Redstone Conductor Covers.

Issue 3
Redstone Wires do not glow when the signal strength is 1. The wires glows only if the signal strength is greater than 1.

Issue 4
Rear input of the Comparator sometimes receives a signal from the wire even if the wire is not connected to the Comparator with Wire Cutter.

  1. Yep, Side Effect of using TileEntity Ticks. Inherent flaw of the Base System everything builds on…

  2. Has to be done otherwise infinite Loops happen and a Redstone Dust Piece would act like half an RS Latch, and make the Wire stay on permanently. putting Redstone Torches and Repeaters as Covers onto the Wires can help with making One-way Outputs.

  3. Nope, Code says > 0, you might confuse the inherent loss towards vanilla Redstone Dust as its Signal Strength.

  4. Comparators are broken ,fucked up and more, I do NOT want to deal with that brokenness, heck they dont even work on vanilla Stuff properly at times… : /


Thanks for answers.

  1. Maybe I didn’t provide enough information. I installed a Repeater (to check the presence of a signal), connected a Red Alloy Wire to the input of the Repeater and installed a Button Panel Selector on the wire. When i press button 1 (not 0), the Red Alloy Wire itself looks like there is no signal (dark red), but the Repeater lights up. When i press any button from 2 to 15 the wire light up (bright red). Is it supposed to work this way?

  2. How about adding GT6 version of Comparator (just like you did with Hoppers) for simple mathematical operations? Or the ability to use a Comparator as a Cover (like a Redstone Torch and a Repeater) for accurate transmission of signal strength?


Ah found the Issue, some division was borked, the 0/1 thing should work next version.

As for the Comparator, maybe? Though i think dedicated Redstone Mods do a better Job at this.


Wait, I suddenly found something: there is nothing in GT6 that can directly display the signal strength of Redstone. I thought the Redstone selector cover was ok, but I found that in fact, unless it is pasted on the tileentity that needs to be selected such as battery box or USB switch as the receiving end, if it is pasted on the Redstone wire of gt6, it will not show the strength of the Redstone signal.

I remember you added a redstone display in GT4, and then you seem to forget it after GT5. Maybe you can add it back. In addition, I thought that the energy display cover might be OK, but I found that it can’t be attached to the Redstone wire at all.


Yeah I miss the redstone level displays with the various display options, lol.

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