Random Updates about Greg

Yay for me posting yet another one of these things.

So, the Migraine Issue came back to haunt me once again, and that about one day after I had to lay down in bed for longer than usual (ate a combination my body didn’t like). Obviously I try to avoid having to do that again.
I would love to know what the heck the actual cause of “torso in horizontal position -> migraine” is, because it feels like my brain is completely out of sync whenever I get this.
And this doesn’t happen whenever I sit upright (which is a horrible sleeping position), nor when I only am in bed for 8 hours or less per day (aka normal sleeping).
It by the way does not matter if I am on my left, my right, or my back. it might depend on Temperature too, but I’m not that sure anymore about that. Maybe it just happens whenever I’m sick for whatever reason (which I often don’t notice), or some other random event.

I guess I need to also get rid of the less common habit of just being in bed thinking about Stuff too because of this, since if I am sitting anyways I would rather have at least a Desk in front of me.
Back in ye olden days I did that on Bus rides and similar, since there was nothing else to do. Though ofcourse those don’t really happen anymore, and not just because of 2020+.

Anyways, I’ve learned a bit about Networking the past couple days, such as the ability to run Gigabit Ethernet through the Power Outlets of the House, which is interesting even though I will not do that just to connect my Room in the first Floor with the Basement.
Tried Ad-Hoc WiFi too (with my Computer and the GPD WIN 2, not the Pis), but there was interestingly no proper KDE based Guides on how to actually do that with the Network Manager GUI, so I ended up with a Hotspot instead.
I’m considering putting an Aluminium Foil “Dish” on my WiFi Antenna, so I might end up being able to cast it to the Basement (and not to my Neighbors XD), which would be great next Summer.

Ah well, don’t have much to say left, so until next time. ^^

Wait how long do you sleep for Greg, Serotonin builds up in your brain if you sleep longer than usual, I get terrific headaches around the back of my head that last all day if I sleep longer than usual.
The gigabit+ power lines seem to be the ad hoc way to go to extend networks without drilling holes in the wall. I’ve heard good things about them recently.

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laying in bed also includes stuff like watching videos in a comfortable position, so it’s still 7.5-8 hours of sleep. :wink:
If I didnt have Issues with the CPAP in winter, it would be around 4-5 hours of sleep instead.

Yeah for normal people they might be great, but I am paranoid, and those things are super insecure if you have Power Outlets outside of the House or similar.
Though that is the level of Paranoia that RFID blockers are for (since there literally is no RFID Crime at all, yet everyone wants to protect against that)

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Perhaps it’s the way you’re sitting, If I sit on my couch too long I get a sore head, something about the angle and the couch needing replaced anyway.
Yeah RFID seems really insecure but I’ve never heard of anything being stolen. Perhaps no-one realises ha.

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For the RFID thing you actually require a reader, which the Bank actually has GPS locked to the store that owns it. So Banks know where the heck it is and who receives the Money, so they will notice anything going wrong.

If anything you can only really read the Name and Address of a person from it, which is most oftenly useless as phonebooks already leak that info.

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Ugh, I just noticed that the reason I had very minor tooth pain was that one of my teeth chipped without any bleeding accompanying it (that is why I didn’t notice). It’s the one on the mirror opposite side (left) of the root canal one (right) from last year.
But this time my Dentist visit is not only in the Winter, it is also in Pandemic Mode, HURRAY!

So, if I tell the Doctor to do whichever procedure takes the least visits, which might be the procedure of just pulling that tooth out. Is it bad to have a missing tooth (second to last tooth of that row, you know, the chewing ones, but not wisdom teeth), because I dont like difficult/hard to chew foods anyways, due causing more headaches than worth it.

If that chipped tooth was the reason for the recent Migraine sensitivity I mentioned previously, which I doubt it is, it would be the correct timing for that though…

Yes, I just woke up due to a Migraine, and randomly noticed in the mirror that the tooth was missing 1/10th.

P.S. And also yes my reaction to minor tooth pain was “ugh something scratched my gums while eating Pringles again…”, so that is why I ignored it for a little over a week. Guess I am gonna get rid of that Snack Food too.


Just think of it as a new years resolution.

If you were to lose a tooth it’s probably better for it to be one at the back no one could see, but in all fairness I doubt you want to lose a tooth as you usually only get so many. :slight_smile:

If it’s chipped I doubt it will need as much work as a root canal, they’ll probably just cap it or whatever.

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That would mean that nothing would come of it and I would continue that, like with everyones New Years Resolutions. XD

Apart from the 6 front teeth on the upper row, none of my teeth can be seen. Those happen to also be important for talking so if I ever lost one of those I would need a replacement.

When the other tooth chipped last year they also had to do a root canal, so I would expect this one to be around the same when it comes to “being about to break”.

But we will see tomorrow what they will do. Apparently this did warrant a fast appointment the next day. So fast that I couldn’t cut my hair a week in advance to not have this unwashed mess on my head (my hair needs 2 days to dry properly when it is too long, so that doesn’t work either…).
Well, I can always blame the pandemic when it comes to looking like a mess. XD


And back from the Dentist. Tooth looks like it was before it broke off, so that was a surprisingly easy fix. But ofcourse they found holes in other teeth so i have to go there again.

Now to wait until I can feel my mouth again before I am allowed to eat.

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Always the way. So what did they do to the tooth in the end?

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They filled it in normally. So far it did not re-break during lunch, so it should be fine.

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