Hey Greg! Long time no see!
Recently started new GT6 season with my brother and guess what? My old bug still here!
Steps to reproduce is little changed(and even more fun now):

  • get some queue hopper with more than 2 slots (with 2slots works too, but with smaller rate)
  • place it somewhere to block its auto output
  • get enough 64x packs of scrap you want to glitch (by shoveling from crucible) to fill your queue hopper
  • open queue hopper and carefully place all 64x scrap packs into slots 1 by 1, from right to left
  • few seconds all will be fine, but then - you will see dancing numbers and visually “disappearing” of the ores) from slots
  • break hopper with a wrench and ta-da, you will got a ton of scrap around

modpack is same as before, only AE added, and GT6 updated to 1.7.10-6.14.21

few more notes:

  • for 2slot hopper(lead) if you place both 64x scrap packs, you need to take other scrap pack(any size) and click either RMB or LMB to left x64 scrap pack inside the hopper, you will receive +1 to pack in hand. Repeate.
  • if 2slot “tactic” applyed to larger hoppers - it will increase scrap output drammaticaly compare to “just look at dancing numbers”
  • in current version, if this newly-born scrap mass will stay at the floor - it will be converted to world object, which will save all this mess(bad for me, because previously i just waited until its gone by timeout, and now I’m not sure how to clean this…)
  • solution could be to block 64scrap packs to appear in the world completly, for example if grabbing with a shovel will take scrap from crucible by 63 packs

Will attach the video today after work day is over :blush:


No need to, i can replicate it…

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Found the culprit, I moved a NEGATIVE amount of Items…

Edit: I posted this link a minute before the Build actually completed on GitHubs end, oops. XD

:gregory: This Version should probably be working for you. ^^

(note 1: The scary sounding Description is only there to make sure people don’t use that Version lightly.)

(note 2: if you use this Version more often, make sure your Browser didn’t cache the Download)


Hey i checked with this version and it looks fine for now. At least i cannot reproduce with same activities, still able to get 70+ scrap stack in hand, but it afterwards breaks apart correctly
So lets hope this bug finally will RIP, unless i will find another way (its become kinda interesting to find such thin places :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)
Additional thanks for the quick reaction, glad to see you still up to project, this is gourgeous work and so much fun for us, players!


Uh 70+ stacks of scrap?! how?! Is it InvTweaks messing up again?

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Same way - set queue hopper whole 64x, take another 64 and click all slots from left to right, every slot will give +1 scrap to hand(becoming 63), so max possible scrap in hand = 64 + count of hopper slots (:
but no dupe here, if place/drop this “super pack” it will breaks to 63s as it should

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Unless you get it past the infinity threshold of NEI, then it will stay 111.

Edit: I think I fixed that Stack +1 Issue in the latest build now.