Queue hopper + scrap packs = infinite resources

Queue hopper + scrap packs = infinite resources

Hello there, hope this time its finally a bug


  • full or almost full crucible
  • queue hopper on it(checked with chromium and irridium)
  • few packs of 64scrap in inventory

probably main thing is to have more scrap than hopper can handle after separating by 18, but in my video its was less than max i think…

  • ctrl + shift + Lmouse to put all your scrap into hopper

version 6.12.01
i checked this again in singleplayer and its bechave the same
probably its modpack related, had no time to check with pure GT, but at least its funny :slight_smile:


Wow, what the fuck happened there… That sure as heck is a Bug that I need to test out myself…


Some update - queue hopper can be placed anywhere

new algorithm:

  • put 16 something to crucible
  • take it with shovel to get 2x64+16 scrap(thats enough to glitch bronze queue hopper, or make it twice to get enough to glitch up to chromium one)
  • open queue hopper and Ctrl+Shifr+Lclick scrap into it
  • look at dancing numbers
  • break hopper with a wrench ang got a ton of scrap around(like in the video),

looks like number of additional scrap depends on some circually changing values at the moment you broke the hopper
so most probably its somewhere in hopper changing item positions\maxstacksize cheks for queue hopper


Took me a while to pick up GT6 again to see where this Issue lies. This is an InvTweaks Glitch that causes NEI to see that Stack as a 111 Stack and therefore making it Infinite.

It is fixed in this Version, until Release.

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