Polling rock sample contents help

So, regarding that prospecting tracker addon I’ve been writing… I must be missing something about how the sample rockGt is stored inside the tileentity rock.

I’ve tried sample = ((TileEntityBase03MultiTileEntities) i).getDrops(0, false).get(0); and sample = ((gregtech.tileentity.misc.MultiTileEntityRock)i).mRock; on the i = aWorld.getTileEntity(x,y,z) , but I only ever get mRock=null and the consistent default stone rock item - even when the same tool use / right-click puts an ore-bearing rock, flint, or meteorite into my Player’s inventory.

From reading, it appears the rock tile was generated with a rock payload during worldgen shortly after oregen (as would be sensible). So, is it somehow server-side privileged information?


Yes 100% Serverside Information.

Also remember you can use leftclick to harvest those rocks too, not just rightclick, not to mention that one Magnifying Class special case while sneaking.

And when mRock is null, that means it will do whatever Default Rock there is for this Dimension/Biome.


cautiously clicks rock with magnifying glass…

‘This is definitely a Rock’

:thinking: well played Greg, well played.


It actually tells you if its an Ore bearing Rock or Meteorite without you having to pick it up. And a sneak rightclick will pick it up instead of scanning it, so it wont lose durability for that.