New Chemical industry suggestion post

I posted a post about chemical suggestions before, but it was abandoned because there was no reply for a long time. I recently came up with some suggestions on chemical reactions, which are posted in this post:

Some reactions that might have been learned in chemistry class:

Hydrogen peroxide ==manganese dioxide catalysis== water + oxygen:
Although oxygen is obviously much cheaper than hydrogen peroxide, it is still feasible as a laboratory oxygen production method.

Carbonate + hydrochloric acid = chloride + carbon dioxide + water:
The method of making carbon dioxide (usually calcium carbonate (marble) that can be learned in class) is at least feasible, although carbon dioxide is basically useless exhaust gas.

Magnesium + Nitrogen = Burner Mixer = Magnesium Nitride,Magnesium Nitride + Water = Ammonia + Magnesium Hydroxide:
A feasible ammonia treatment, although I still hope to add the Haber Process…

Magnesium + Carbon Dioxide =Burner mixer= Magnesium Oxide + Carbon Monoxide: At least it is feasible and can prove that CO2 fire extinguishers cannot extinguish magnesium combustion…

Solvents: Some solvents can be added in some reactions (especially in organic reactions). Solvents are not consumed like catalysts. Solvents can be used to make chemical production more complex and reasonable.


Did I leave a “Like” on that Post? That is a prime indicator that I have read the thing, and if I didnt reply then either because I didnt know what exactly to say, or because it was a bad timing. In this case I just didnt know what to reply.

I did add both this and the other post to my TODO List to do those whenever I think they are needed, or so.


Yep I definitely copypasted that one to my List.