Netherlicious Nether Quartz Persistent Vanilla Oregen Issue

I’ve noticed a big issue with nether quartz oregen when the Netherlicious is installed. Its configs let you disable everything added by the mod, except for the fact that vanilla ore generation overrides GT’s presets, (it also happens even if you have the option to double the height of the nether, where I edited the config to make only GT ores to spawn after I edited GT’s worldgen file, but it seems to only work for small ores) with the result being pic related, large clusters of nether quartz spawning absolutely everywhere in the nether.

Considering that there is no option to disable nether quartz even if there are other worldgen mods present, could it be possible to override this with GT’s oregen?
Thanks in advance.


I did notice that Issue during my tests too, but the only real way I could fix that is by scanning every single Block and deleting the Quartz. Sure I do something similar in the Overworld already, but I would like to avoid doing that for the Nether…

You should maybe report that to the Netherlicious Dev, because there is an Event for Netherquartz Generation that they might have forgotten to use.


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Thanks for the reply and the suggestion, I’ll make sure to report this to the Netherlicious dev.


An option to disable the Netherquartz will be added next version


Ah nice, thank you. ^^

(I dont use Curse or Twitter, so telling you directly was not really an option :wink: )

(typically people can just drop by in IRC without making an account to tell me stuff, I was never a fan of “having to make accounts for one time communication”)

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Haha yeah not a fan of creating one time accounts too :smiley:


Btw I did notice that some of your Lanterns did not seem craftable (Redstone ones, both the ON and the OFF version did not have a Recipe), even though the Lanterns themselves worked fine (even with those redstonable Chains)

Also am I assuming right that Spectral Dew is just “Nether Water”? (I want the Nether to be somewhat livable, and having some sort of Water down there would be good for Stuff like Boilers)

And while I am at it also a suggestion, why not make “4 Torches + Soulsand” the Recipe for Soul Torches, instead of requiring actual (Char-)Coal and a Stick? Same general Idea for the Foxfire Torches.

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well the on lanterns are just there when the off lantern receives a signal, would be the same with redstone lamps, you don’t craft the on state :smiley: The off version should be craftable, looking at the code right now. you craft them with a glowstone lantern and redstone.

The soul torches use the same recipe as in 1.16 and the foxfire are mirrored in that behavior


Weird, I did not see the recipe for the Redstone OFF one in NEI. And yes ofcourse the ON one is just a different state Block, but I wanted to make sure. :wink:

And I guess the lack of saying anything about Spectral Dew confirms that its basically like Water but not boiling away in the Nether? XD

Edit: Okay so I fixed the wrong Redstone Lantern Recipe that I added then, It was using a Redstone Lamp instead of a Glowstone Lantern + Redstone. And considering there is a LOT of OreDict Stuff I do to make Mods compatible with each other and GT (and in this case to make the Nether more able to make Bases in), I ofcourse need to continue doing stuff like that. ^^

Btw just as a random info, I also added Red Clay to the Nether just to get access to Pottery and Bricks down there. I used Red Clay for that because it fits best to Netherrack. :smiley:

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Oh yeah, Spectral Dew is exactly like water, but it’s a bit different when lava flows into it. If it flows into flowing dew it will create blackstone, if it’s flowing into the source it creates basalt.

I’m adding lot’s of Ore dict tags myself, mostly to increase compability with harvestcraft :smiley:

The red clay sounds awesome for the nether


And if it goes above Lava it makes Obsidian, like ALL fluids tend to do, yes I noticed that XD

Abyssal Oats and Devilish Maize are definitely compatible with GT6 by now. :wink:


Btw, you can use Soul Farmland for every Crop, not just netherlicious crops. my crops need Soul Farmland tho.


Ah so it works like my Universal Flower Pot, which combines all Types of Soil I know of (crafting recipe), to achieve the same, by just returning true. XD

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A lot of things are quite “fun” to add Compatibility for. GalaxySpace added 5 types of Glowstone Blocks back in the early 1.7.10 Versions, then someone took over and there was only 1 Glowstone Type left afterwards. Including the Vanilla Glowstone Type that makes 6 different Glowstone Materials to work with when doing Recipes. (“glowstone”)

Plenty of Mods also add alternate Redstone Items, like Erebus having a Redstone Gem (that can be crafted into Dust just fine unless you’re lazy), Actually Additions has the Redstonia Crystal (which is a different Material, but hey it should also be usable as Redstone in Recipes according to Greg XD), and I think in later MC versions there would be that random Redstone Crystal that would count for this too. Ofcourse all of these should be somewhat compatible in Recipes without having to grind them up in a Mortar or something. (“itemRedstone”)

Oh right and the different versions of Crying Obsidian from Netherite Plus, Netherlicious and Et Futurum. Because those are ofcourse not interchangeable. (“cryingObsidian”)

Edit: Note that those Mods ofcourse dont register the mentioned OreDicts themselves, I do most of that myself. But I think these 3 cases should be the most relatable for you XD

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Oh yeahhhh Netherite+… the mod that’s responsible for why I backported most of the stuff myself :smiley:
Not gonna lie Netherite+ adds lot’s of compability and that is nice, but not using meta values for blocks and some other stuff grinds my gears :smiley: not to forget he forgot to register the custom item entity for netherite, that’s why the items get invisible when on fire or completly get deleted when you log out and they are out in the world.

I really thought about backporting netherite myself, but I wouldn’t add all the compability he has


I fully understand why you did that. Whenever I add compatibility for Mods I go through the Item List in NEI and check out everything. And also check out eventual Worldgen, even if it doesn’t appear to exist in the Nether…

I have this thing called Wood Dictionary to automatically deal with Tree Stuff from other Mods and such. Making Logs into Beams/Planks/Stairs/Slabs, and those into Sticks and defaulting to a generic Beam/Plank if neither exist in said Mod and I dont feel like adding a dedicated Block for it.

Your Stuff was very easy to deal with and actually existed in World (Though the Hyphae could have used MetaData 12, 13, 14 and 15 of the Stem Blocks, like Vanilla Wood Logs secretly do), Netherite Plus doesn’t even have its Fungi work like Saplings like they are supposed to, and everything has the sound type of Rock instead of Plant/Wood. The Mod should just add Netherite and nothing else tbh, instead of lacking half the things it adds. I still recommend it for the Netherite things though, even though I already added Ancient Debris to the Nether myself (Even with the Infinite Bedrock Veins that can be tapped much later on).

Using Efrine was a great Idea to bypass adding Netherite, though its Lavaproofness is kinda useless on things that aren’t Tools or Armor. XD

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Yeah, efrine will be added as a weak tool and armor material later, strength of gold armor, but a full set will give fire resist but also some negative effects to ballance the fire resist. I originally planed to add those the same time as the material itself, but wanted to do other things first and at that time had some problems that needed to be taken care of.


Eh, making it too weak isn’t a good Idea. I would suggest Iron Durability and Quality. That way it could be an Iron Tool Replacement in the Nether. :wink:

Btw when you mentioned replacing the EntityItem Class for Fire protection, I thought there must be a better way, and indeed I found a better way:

if (!aEntity.isDead && tFireProof && aEntity.isBurning()) {
UT.Reflection.setField(EntityItem.class, aEntity, "field_70291_e", 250);

Its GT code but should be readable. Basically I use reflection to set the Items Health from 5 to 250 every tick, whenever it is on Fire. I just tested it with Lava a few minutes ago, it works. XD

Thanks for giving me the Idea to look at it, so now I have Fireproof Materials in GT6 (everything made of Efrine would count for that too ofcourse, I have multiple such Materials)

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Oh I just noticed that I forgot to add all the random Efrine Utility Blocks that I add for almost every major Material. That would make the Mass Storages made of Efrine useful for transporting Stuff since they are unburnable. The Utility things can be made of every Metal you just have way too much of, and always have roughly the same Base Stats regardless of Material Quality.

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Just added the option to disable the nether quartz. Also added a beta version of the strider mob :smiley: