[Modpack] Gregtania6 Skyblock

[Modpack] Gregtania6 Skyblock

I made GT6 skyblock modpack so I introduce here!

Gregtania6 Skyblock

This modpack theme is "Learn and enjoy Gregtech6 through skyblock" .
It's just developping so please think this is alpha version.
If you want to play in difficult recipes, normal world type or more tech and magic world, I suggest you don't play this one and wait my 2nd project(300+mods) lol.


You can find in Curse.
Before downloading this modpack, please see warning notice on curse page.


I wrote quests till Steam age. If my main world reaches next age, I'll add quests.

Mods list

I wrote excel file that contains license list and gregtania6 tips.
Please see here.

Gregtania6 - Google Drive

Server list

These server are not official but I heard. If you are interested in, you can go.
* Chinese
1. 萌遇のMC
Server: https://play.mcmod.cn/sv20181395.html
QQ: 397419244

Ah good google drive is definitely save to link to. Added that to the List and fixed the Link inside your Post. ^^


Thank you for adding URL in white list in every post :wink:


Generally, the only thing I try to prevent from being linked is “News” Websites, as probably upcoming European Law might turn into a huge Issue for every single Website in existence with Link Tax and everything. Lets hope it wont happen, but if it does then better safe than sorry. :wink:

Also nice to have a GT6 Skyblock. ^^


Link tax…yes I had heard in the news few month ago, it’s troublesome.
Safe is the best, don’t mind. :persevere:

I try to make this pack for newbie tutorial pack, I do my best. :+1:

By the way my MC friend wants to know when the machines which is above IV is created.
(Yes, I know tier processing balance is really dificult, but I wish it is created someday. :pray:)


The IV/LuV Tier would be closer to the Multiblocks I think, or it would be more efficient Overclocking of the Lower Tiers with more Configurability, but I am not sure which or if both. :wink:

And nice you heard about it in the News, here in Germany all this Stuff is barely ever in the News at all, as if someone intentionally doesn’t put it there…


Hallo, Ich heiBe monatann und Ich spielen gern GT6.
I learned German few years ago, but I forgot almost things lol. :wink:

Ah, I see. Tier proccessing is very interesting, especially reaching new age, and see more strong tools which work more faster XD
Multiblock…I guess you add the large crusher, washer and so on. If there is a machine which is new ideas and there isn’t it in other mods, my eyes will sparkle lol.
GT6 doesn’t have strong machine that generate strong energy if I don’t forget. This will be the long way to release. :cry:

I don’t know what they want to do…it seems that they don’t think internet should be free world. It’s clear that everyone don’t post URL and fall into a jumble. :angry:


I will reply here since it seems properly fitting. Though definitely not in a Private Message.

Well that happens if you demand credit for anything, why cant you just have fun doing stuff instead of trying to license something inherently meaningless for yourself just because you made it?

You are not making any money off the Pack (if you do then curse is more fucked up and illegal than I thought), nor are you making yourself famous by trying to enforce a license, so the whole All Rights Reserved thing does not make sense for a Modpack at all.

I would recommend you to drop the “ask for permission” and the License thing, because it doesn’t make any sense to have them for something that is supposed to make people have fun, and also attracts lots of the poisonous Parts of the Minecraft Community (such as that racist asshole that humiliated you).

There is good reasons why I make everything under a Free and Open License, so I don’t have to care about shit that I have no valid reason to care about (such as people taking my stuff to use it for something else).


Yes, I had have same idea, but “at least” I don’t want “that man” to play this modpack forever.

Ignoring is the best way for my work and everyone.
If do so, I don’t need to waste my time, and everyone can enjoy.

Originally my stuff is All Rights Reserved but if I am asked, I’m plan to admit.
I would prefer that I’m angry with that man’s attitude.

To tell the details, my things can be used even if not skyblock type, or adding every mods to my modpack.
No one get trouble “if I don’t write the wroung code”, not using different version or use not supported version of mod.
I guess he used old version, or not using “/bq_admin default load”, isn’t it?

And format change is not only for preventing stealing my files, but useful development.
Everytime I need to write “%n” if I want to make new line, don’t you want to make it with pushing Enter key once?
If format is changed, old version doesn’t work well. It cannot be helped.
Is it possible to support transfering GT6 world into GT5 world? It’s impossible!

To Donzil

you are the only one who can inject new original content.

Yes, it’s true.
However I don’t have any plan to shut down every place which can contact me.
As mentioned above, ask me what the man who want my contents want to do. I would help as well as possible.

To sum up,

  1. If you want to use in the normal way(playing modpack), no one get in trouble if I don’t write a wrong code.
  2. If you are developer, ask me permissions. At least I don’t provide to the man who is rude or breaks License.
  3. I accept any suggestion of my pack, if there is the things you want to include, ask me.

temporary update comment


I’ve thought about this a good deal and I’m torn here.

First off, I believe Greg to be right in terms of Free and Open Licenses. You can’t beat this and I disagree with any policies regarding restriction of a product made available to the public.

Now, disregarding this and working with the principle at hand.

I believe in freedom of resources and by making your work available to the public you should accept peoples interpretation of use. However I also feel if someone disrespects your work you have the right to say no.

Ideally you would leave your work available and untouched for those who this would negatively affect in the future but had nothing to do with the event in question, but I also understand wanting to show that you do not need to accept said outcome if you choose not to.

Now personally I don’t abide by these licenses and have never asked for permission for anything I use nor do I intend to. I understand this makes me a hypocrite, I defy your conventions. However I also wouldn’t directly confront or abuse a license in the direct vicinity of the license holder intentionally either, that’s just bad form.

So while I can understand why this can be seen as not the best movement, if you feel changing your own content is a necessary action I would not try to stop you.


just so you know, the “Gregtania Questbook no longer being available on the web!” part seems to be very much of a lie, it clearly still exists, unless I am proven otherwise by monatann.

And yeah I am very much fine with the whole copyright piracy shit, not that I do that to video games, because i inform myself about the games and only buy what i actually wanna play, but copyright in on itself is a shitty law and should be abolished.


You can’t beat this and I disagree with any policies regarding restriction of a product made available to the public

If you are saing about GT6 Licnse - LGPL, that betterquesting function doesn’t contain original GT6 source code. It works well if I remove GT6.
But of cource I know how open License is important to develop. If I don’t know, I didn’t release source code(of previous version) and quests on GitHub.

I also understand wanting to show that you do not need to accept said outcome if you choose not to.

I will change LICENSE if I decide to retire MC.
Don’t ask the sitation when I died by accident. It’s too bad luck lol.

I understand this makes me a hypocrite, I defy your conventions.

It’s not true. I think it’s legal but bad action when I consider open source.
It’s able to predict that there is a man who is talking about this.

if you feel changing your own content is a necessary action I would not try to stop you.

I don’t want to do that thing but it’s necessary thing to keep my mental condition.

And it’s useful for my pack to use my original format.
If it doesn’t work well in other environment, I can only to say “because I need to change format”.
It’s like “Changed API so old version doesn’t work”.


Hm, games are a strange one.
I tend to see pirated game media as inferior copies probably because I hold boxed (physical) games in high regard and likewise its modern digital counterpart. Though I much prefer the non DRM version where available and I don’t buy into any of these subscription models that recent games have been playing with.


When your work is threatened it can be difficult to find motivation. You should feel free to do what you feel is necessary to continue. You have no obligation to do otherwise, and you don’t owe anyone anything.

People will disagree but you will find people will always disagree regardless of what you do.


Ignoring is the best way if it’s not completely related to pack.
(But of cource suggestion things is important!)

In fact recently I’m laughing that man, so don’t worry about my mental.

  1. He stole script from other projects, why doesn’t he think making recipe is interesting.
  2. He called the code which is made by Chicken Bones(NEI author) malware. Does he really think so?
  3. I added 100+ quests from his version.

Thank you Donzil and Greg, I took a time to think again, and I resolved my feeling.


Allow me to ask
1 Do you know how to use Craft Tweaker to create fluids?
2 what is the need to pay attention to the renaming of Gregtech articles? I always fail.
Looking forward to and thanking you for your reply



  1. CraftTweaker is the mod to change recipes, so it can’t create new fluid.
    And ContentTweaker is CraftTweaker Addon which can create new items an blocks, but it seems you can’t create new fluids.(I have not tried, so I don’t know the detail.)
    So I guess modding is the only way (and easy way!).
    Edit: ContentTweaker can add.
    ContentTweaker:Fluid Support - MineTweaker 3

  2. Well, what is the mean? Do you want to say “What do I need to pay attention when I change GregTech recipe?”?

p.s. According to your profile, probably you are Chinese.
I learned Chinese a little so you may write in Chinese, I’ll translate.
我看您的个人资料了。 您好像是中国人。
我多少学中文了, 所以您可以写中文。我努力翻译中文啦~


Sooo, is it just me or does this pack include windows dynamic link libraries? That is a big no no… I’m surprised curse allowed it up, and I doubt they would if they knew…


I used c++ dll for using SQL and fast array process. Firstly I tried to use JDBC to connect DB file but failed because of security issue(I guess firewall) so I gave up Java, and use SQLiteCplusplus to work.

I should prepare the config file in next update for the man who really don’t want to use dll file. It allows to use old version which works in Linux too.

I have never done before but if I include dll file in .zip, Curse would block it. I guess Curse will block encrypt .zip, .jar file which is not listed up even if original license is free to use, and so on.

If you think I include some stupid code such as mining BitCoin or something, please don’t use, or I invite you on my git which is set private. I have already invited 1 people who asked me to see source code.

Edit: I add new codes for my download method. After re-install and make (modpack path) / linux.txt before you launch this modpack, you can launch this modpack without C++ things. However you can not get my new functions.