Mechaenetia questions/suggestions

Hi, I’m wondering some things about Mechaenetia

  1. Removed because I reread the ideas and realized that I am blind
  2. Will the Sun and Moon, along with other planets be rendered as tori in the sky?
  3. How realistic are you planning to make the chemical processes in the highest resource difficulty, or will there be another, higher one with realistic processes?

I just remembered the rest of the questions I had

  1. Will there be a vr mode (maybe in the paid steam version to make it have a reason to be bought, and also if you have a vr headset but can’t afford a $5 game, what is wrong with you?)?
  2. Removed for same reason as #1
  3. You mention nuclear weapons, will ICBM’s exist and will they be able to traverse across the inside of the torus if your target is there?

edit again:

  1. You say “local multiplayer” a few times, is this like the the Minecraft LAN multiplayer or is it something else entirely?

I swear to god this will be the last question, and I’m an atheist

  1. will you be able to make cybernetics to enhance stats late game, only asking because in real life I am thinking of starting a cybernetics company
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  1. the travel between planets thing would be very low priority, so it is likely Mods would come up with mechanics to travel between them before I would.

  2. The Sun wont, because that is gonna be a different shape, as for the moon, it might be a Torus, or maybe not, I am not sure yet. Maybe I make it an actual Cube.

  3. It is less about realism and more about complexity, a lot of the useful “Elements” will be made up on a per Save File basis, so while basic Water, Dirt and Wood may be the same almost everywhere; Rocks, Metals and Acids will not be.

  4. That depends on how well VR Libraries work. Also I am not planning to “sell” anything, I am not PLANNING to make any money with this whatsoever, because money is bullshit.

  5. The Int Stat wont influence your memory, for Recipes and such you have a Recipe Book, which is a Key-Item you normally cant lose (NPCs can lose theirs though, through stealing and shit). And since the Game wont have Minecraft Crafting Recipes, you basically cant do any Recipes that you dont actually unlock “legitimately”. Note if someone steals your Recipe Book they just make a copy of it, unless some hardcore related setting is enabled. But I might change some of these Ideas for the better, could even make it so only recipes you “automate” need to be inside a Book in range of the Workplace. (the afk type of automation in multiplayer, so you’re not idle while logged out, or in singleplayer if you let the game run overnight)

  6. You need to be quite smart to make such a Rocket propelled Vehicle with targeting System and enough Fuel to go that far, it is probably easier to make a plane that drops it or goes kamikaze. :wink:

  7. While multiple mice and keyboards might not be doable on an OS level, you could connect multiple Gamepads to one Computer just fine.

  8. Not 100% sure on that one, though considering things like Peglegs are gonna be possible, I am sure Mods will be able to add that stuff. Because Technology is going to require a LOT of infrastructure, the theme will be mostly Fantasy early on, because Magic is easier to deal with than Tech.

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The main reason I mentioned steam is because steamvr is a thing that exists, but I then realized that I am not a developer of anything and don’t know if it will make it easier or harder or neither to add vr

I think I saw that magic can be turned off, which I hope you haven’t changed your mind on because I don’t really like magic

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Stupid Idea: can you build over to the other side of the torus, or is it too big or gravity messed up?

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Awww, I kinda thought that research could be conducted by throwing random things together and hoping you don’t spontaneously combust

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I meant on the mode you mentioned in the ideas document that has real materials

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you should be able to do that, though I am not sure how the transition is gonna work.

that is how you can unlock a lot of the chemistry recipes, you can unlock crafting recipes by designing things too, it is basically like blueprints in some sense, certain things can carry over between savefiles/servers, others can not, it is going to be complicated in some sense.

yeah because of its huge complexity (like more than even GT), that one is also a bit low on timetable.

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I love the fact you mentioned making this stuff, because I love making complex systems for video games with no real reason

I’m the kind of person to spend 30 times the age of reality to build an oil processing setup, and then react like people just landed on the fucking moon when I realize I can rebuild the whole thing using a different chemical in the middle to achieve 0.0000053% higher efficiency

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Very glad to hear this, I designed a plane in 8th grade (I’m a freshman in highschool so I’m not referencing things from my childhood randomly here) and I designed a hypersonic stealth plane earlier this year, also (unrelated) will there be a feature like replaymod in the base game or will mods have to add that?

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Does this mean low priority (I’m a bit of an idiot outside of my specializations)?

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For the Blueprints thing, basically if you make a custom Pickaxe for example, you will always know how to make it, but the Pickaxes the NPCs of that World/Island/Region use will be different, resulting in NPCs likely rejecting to purchase your custom Pickaxes if they are not made according to their specs. (they MIGHT recognize the specs of other Regions of the same World though!)

You can still USE your custom Gear like normal, but nobody would want to have anything to do with it (except melting it down or recycling it), when it comes to NPCs that is, other Players are ofcourse a different thing. :wink:

Special cases for this include however that if you just take the Pickaxe schematic from one NPC, and simply swap out Materials and engravings and all that Stuff, they will still purchase your slightly modified variant. As long as the Materials you use are actually useful. They probably wont take a Rubber Pickaxe or something like that, except maybe as a Toy. XD

It means it would take so fucking long to do this to a satisfying extent, that other things are more important. :wink:

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Emphasis on “Likely” is there a threshold to where they will realize that your’s is better, or some kind of similarity detection that makes them less partial, but not completely against your tools?

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yes basically that, but how likely is it that your custom pickaxe matches well enough with the one of the server you just joined? :wink:

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No like you make one that is basically one of theirs, but with extra bits and pieces added to make it better?

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if you are making a Pickaxovel or some Multitool thingy, they might not know how to use it, so they will reject it. NPCs are not like Players, they do not need Multitools for their Dayjobs, they need Mass produced durable Stuff that can work with their Muscle Memory.

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no like a Pickaxe that is able to destroy multiple blocks at a time, like a mining hammer, but is weighted similarly and looks similar to their pickaxes

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That would be a different Tool altogether. :wink:

NPCs do not receive the special ability to harvest more than one tiny Block at a time like Players do. Otherwise the NPCs would be absurdly OP with their numbers advantage, not to mention Players would not have an edge against NPCs when it comes to productivity (which is needed, or else the NPCs have no reason to hire Players at all).

NPCs might however have multiple designs for the same Tool, like a Doublesided Pickaxe (aka a normal Pickaxe) and a Singlesided Pickaxe (which looks more closely to a scythe but with a point instead of a blade), with the doublesided one being twice as expensive but also half the downtime for re-sharpening, since you got two pointy bits.

Some NPCs might even “design” Multitools specifically to sell them to Players, but you still have to commission them to make those Tools, unless there is a lot of Players frequenting the Area to have at least one instance of the Tool ready for sale. (which is unlikely in Singleplayer). They can still have their “magnum opus” or prototype edition of the Tool laying around though, so even Singleplayer people can purchase from NPCs directly without needing to wait for them to make it.

You could always ofcourse break into the NPCs home and steal their Book to get all the Recipes, but they miiiiiight take issue to that. XD

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The npc’s can hire players?!?!

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ever heard of the concept of quests? :wink:

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I may be stupid.

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