Mechaenetia questions 2

Hello, back here again. Around a year ago, I made an account here and asked some questions about Mechaenetia. It was titled ‘Mechaenetia Questions,’ hence the title: ‘Mechaenetia Questions 2.’

I’ve got a few questions. How is any of this going so far? If I recall correctly, you, Gregorious, were playing some GT6 + some mod playthrough & testing it a year ago. Are you still doing that, or have you started on Mechaenetia?

Also, I saw in some other forum posts that you had some digestion issues going on. Hope you’re feeling better.
I can’t really think of anything else right now. If any of my questions are already answered elsewhere, could you link them?

Well, that sums it up. Thanks.

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Yeah i got distracted by a Factorio and Anime binge, followed by being forced to open up a Discord Server for GregTech (will go public before the month is over), so I am busy with getting that one ready now. Even got 2 emotes done by now, still need to make some more. But yes I will still need to finish up that GT6 Test Playthrough. ^^

Oh that is more of a genetic defect with my permanently irritated stomach that i finally got treated, so I can sleep better without acid reflux now.

Did I answer the questions you asked the first time? I hope I did, lol.


Hey look I figured out how to do fancy replies :slight_smile:

Oh that’s fun. I personally love factorio, got around 1000h on it. What anime did you watch? And are there any estimates on how long that gt6 playtrough will take?

That’s good to hear.

Yeah you did, here. I was asking if some other discussion relating mecheaenetia was happening relating my question.

lol, figured it out. Neat system you got there

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just mark the text you want to quote with your mouse and hit the button. :wink:

HUH ITS THAT EASY? Wow. I was like manually writing the names, post numbers etc. damn
Easier than i imagined

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yeah I got like 3500 hours on factorio XD

As for the Anime, I will list only the most memorable ones:

Overlord, Frieren, Shadow Eminence, Sasaki and Peeps, Reincarnated as a Vending Machine (yeah that one was ridiculous), By the Grace of the Gods, “Demon Lord, Retry!”, Strongest Exorcist, Solo Leveling, Mashle, Skeleton Knight in Another World, Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life, Dungeon of Black Company, and more.

And that does not include all the Manga/Manhua/Manwha i started reading since then:

Tyrant of a Tower Defense Game, How to live as a Villain, The Worlds best Civil Engineer, Astral Pet Store, Demon Magic Emperor, Return of the Mad Demon and more too of that, lol.

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Oh that’s fun. Have you ever tried the “gretech of factorio” otherly known as pyanodons? Pyanodons is fun. Or just have you completed any major overhauls?

I dont know half of those, hope you had a good time with them.

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I guess there aren’t any esitmates as you didn’t respond to this? Or you didn’t see it :man_shrugging:

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That is the GTNH of Factorio, the real GregTech of Factorio is Angels and Bobs Mods combined.

Oh yeah there is no real estimates on that one, so I cant really tell…

Okay that’s a better comparison.


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Finally gt6 discord server! Also, why is gt6 considered the weird one? People tend to play gtnh i get that, but why gt5u?


NH got popular as “that modpack”, which made GT5-like GT mods more popular, and the mechanics of GT5 is more “conventional” to most people, I guess.