Mechaenetia questions

Hello, i’ve been reading about your game mechaenetia and it seems very cool. So i made an account to the forums because, i’ve got a few questions about the game.

  1. What ways of item transport will it offer? I’ve seen you talking about playing factorio, will there be a train system similar to factorio? I think it’d be neat. I once read about the magic of factorio belts and wonder if it’d be applicable to 3d, well to your game. So what kind of transport methods will it have?

  2. The game looks to be very complex & time consuming to make. How’s the progress so far (if there’s any)?

  3. Will there be a devlog / is there already a devlog for this? Or is there already some form of you telling the progress of the game? I saw somewhere that you’d start developing mechaenetia after grehtech 6, is GT6 done? I really don’t know. Stuff is hard to find so sorry if im asking questions you’ve already answered.

  4. If you’ve been developing the game (don’t know), will you have some sort of alpha version we can test?

Well that sums it up. Cool looking game. Edit: Idk why it formatted it to look like that but idc


Yeah i got sidetracked way too much… I even still need to finish my Thaumcraft playthrough for GT6 Compat Testing…

Likely something similar to the Create Mod when I do Machines and Stuff. Though having NPCs carry things around to do their Jobs is also something I plan, and will likely happen before.

Its development will be public and open source, so anyone could just grab it, compile it and run it.

Yeah, happens sometimes with the formatting, I’ll fix that. ^^


btw, here is gregs YT channel:


Wow, thanks for the quick response & for that fix. So you’ll try to start making Mechaenetia (By the way cool name I like it) after that GT6 Thaumacraft playtrough or is there more? I wish you the best of luck!

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Yes I really hope the Factorio DLC is not gonna come out before that, because that would delay my progress by another few months…

So after that, you will immediately stop supporting Gregtech 6? :pensive:

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I will definitely try to fix bugs still, don’t worry about that one. XD

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Wait there will be DLC for Factorio?

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Don’t tell me you didn’t follow Factorio-Friday-Facts since this Summer where they announced Factorio 2.0 , which will act as an update to Factorio (lots of quality of life stuff), while also offering a Space Age Expansion, with four new Planets and Space itself, that can be installed like a purchasable first party Mod.?. XD

Also you will get a second vertical bridge-like layer of Rails with one of the Mods of the Expansion. (separated from the Space Age stuff, in case you just want old Vanilla but with those new Railways)

two whole pages worth of stuff to discover XD