HBM has some compatibility problems with items that should be fluid

In HBM, bromine and xenon-135, which should have been fluid elements, are made into powder form. This may be due to the inconvenience of adding fluid output tanks to cyclotron and silex. Although gt6 can add “bromine dust” or similar materials in terms of compatibility, you can’t convert it to GT fluid bromine, and gt6 fluid bromine is useless. You can’t turn it into HBM bromine powder for use. As for xenon-135, it is useless in the current version and has very dangerous radiation, but it may be useful in the future. At present, the problem is what kind of material should be added when compatible, because GT has fluid xenon. (I noticed that you just fixed the problem of phosphorus in HBM, so I asked).

In addition, some formulations of HBM cyclotron use compounds of some elements to replace them (such as niter instead of nitrogen, fluorite instead of fluorine, quartz powder instead of silicon), which is convenient, but may cause some problems.

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Oh thank you for all of those, I need a lot more play testing for a mod as big as HBM’s. I will leave this Thread open as a reminder, until I resolved those things.

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So Bromine can easily be fixed using a Freezer and a Smelter Recipe.

The Isotope Xenon-135 is not existing withing GT6, so I do not have to worry about that one.

And is the Cyclotron really so easy/early/cheap to use that it could pose a problem in this case?

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I mean, the use of these materials for cyclotron is for simplification. Although nitrogen and fluorine can also be added in the form of fluid cells in theory and put into the cyclotron like antimatter, it is too troublesome. However, gt6 adds silicon dust, so can we put it into the cyclotron with silicon dust instead of quartz powder when gt6 is added?

Also, can the radioisotopes of HBM that have no use for the time being be put into the matter fabricator? I think this is a feasible way to dispose of them safely…

PS: I found that HBM added its own coltan bedrock ore. will it be compatible with gt6 bedrock mining drill?


Uh what? Considering there can be a lot of misunderstandings, I would like to know what you mean by “Bedrock Ore”. Because there is those Blobs of “Depth Ore” NEAR bedrock, which you COULD mean, which have absolutely nothing to do with my Bedrock Ores.

And I dont plan to add Stuff to HBM’s Machines, because I am not familiar enough with the Gameplay of the Mod.

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In addition, it should be noted that the small bismuth ore of gt6 may cause the techtree of HBM to skip (in HBM, bismuth needs to be extracted from the nuclear waste of RBMK, and bismuth is used to make versatile chipsets to crafting some lategame equipment)


Okay I solved all the mentioned things that i’m gonna solve, so I can make this Thread stop bumping around.