GT6 ore miner and scanner

Is it possible to add two really missing machines to GT?

  1. Autominer should mine non-bedrock normal and small ores. Powered by EU, the range is about 1 chunk for LV and more for higher tiers.
  2. Ore scanner - something like the seismic prospector from GT5. Takes EU, explosives and a USB stick, returns data about veins, bedrock veins and bedrock fluid springs.
    Or there are such mods (don’t want to add IC2 or Mekanism only for miner and armor)

I am actually avoiding adding mobile Mining things or Quarries to GT6. They just dont fit the logic of going out there and actually building Infrastructure that lasts, simply because you set up the Miner (with a Chunk Loader) and leave, and when you are back you tear everything down again.

And by the time a Mobile Mining thing would be available to the Tech Level, they would be massively outperformed by the Bedrock Drill regardless.

I want people to actually think about how they acquire their Resources, and how they build the Infrastructure around it, so things like a Quarry that you only need to move sideways every once in a while, really do not fit that.


Bedrock drill could do the thing, but’s it’s gated until early lategame

On prospecting I use the IFU but I think having a early digital scanner would be nice to have along with electric tools.