GT6 Modpack: Devouring Darkness - Announcements thread

I’m publishing the latest of my hard zombie modpacks as a standalone pack: Devouring Darkness.

This pack has the same high difficulty as my past packs regarding food, monster behavior, and more. I have toned down the monster settings to allow for standalone play.

The pack is distributed as a ZIP file to be used with PolyMC or MultiMC. To update requires making a new instance. Be sure to copy over your options, saves and map markers.

Mod highlights:

  • Gregtech 6
  • Botania
  • Harvestcraft, Spice of Life, and Hunger Overhaul tuned for high difficulty.
  • Zombie Awareness for omniscient foes and that unique eat your face off feeling.
  • Special AI for active mob griefing behaviors. Don’t let your mine become a spawner…
  • Common utility mods (ie: Random Things, Openblocks, Extra Utilities)
  • Opencomputers for late game automation
  • Buildcraft (machines only, yes there’s a quarry)
  • Railcraft
  • Gregtech Weapons Works for that shotgun fun!
  • IC2 for Quantum Armor
  • Twilight Forest (admin portal only)
  • Netherlicious and NetherPlus for all new Nether experience
  • Hardcore Ender Expansion to mix up the End

Download the latest ZIP at:

You’ll find an updated player’s guide and the news file with all the changes at the site.

I’ve posted resource packs from two of our players with improved graphics and some hand drawn additions.

Please use the discussion thread for discussion so I can keep this thread clean for news about the pack.

Remember in PolyMC upgrading makes a new game instance. Be sure to copy over your options, saves and Journeymap data.


  • Versions below v413 were beta testing.
  • v413: Released. Tests completed, enjoy.
  • v418: Added Hardcore Ender Expansion (HEE)
  • v419: Added server list for launch today.
  • v421: Disabled Netherplus portal creation, it was poorly retrogenning. Updated to GT 6.15.03. Early turret cost reduced and log spam fixed.
  • v423: Minor server side updates
  • v426: Updated to GT6 6.15.04. Fixes creeper crash and storage drawers no longer need an axe.
  • v429: Fixed mixed case GT config.

Known issues:


definitely will check this out, especially to have new point of view at the modpacks, and because I like hardcore play too)


well, first expression - wow, that’s hard, weather effects are cool, nights are really dark, zombies finally got teeth, as well as all animals :smiley:
had to replace journeymap with xeno minimap(personal preferences), and add waila harvestability(not used to play adventure)
terraria-like nights in minecraft, that’s something I though of sometimes


Wow. Glad you like it. That’s a promising start!

I’m running a test server right now looking for edge cases with the additions. I could open it to the world.

I’m on the GT6 IRC if you want to chat.

Let’s try to discuss on the discussion thread though. ;]


Now that I don’t feel bad about offline running the game that I legit own, I might spawn up a game to give it a run if I get time soon. ^.^

Deathgames are my jam! Lol

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So the files for download, notice there’s a resources directory, any summary on those?

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I use the This is my wife’s custom updates to Fanover (Soartex?) which adds all kinds of things. She spent weeks drawing flowers and such. I like it.

The other is a hodgepodge another player made for his own use. I’m not clear what’s in it, only that it mostly works.


Regarding the beta, I’ve got the “core mods” which have been the same on 3 packs now. I’m testing the new mods and their impact.

Yesterday we confirmed:

  • Quarry works (Buildcraft w/ GT6 power)
  • Botania basics work where we crafted things with mana
  • Nether is updated
  • Twilight Forest bosses don’t crash the server. Crops don’t grow there, so uninhabitable
  • Monsters no longer fall from the sky over the ocean (ZA + cavespawn bug)
  • AE2 works (injest/craft)
  • Chunk gen and admin tools work
  • Log4j fixed on server, alas I can’t fix it on the client. I expect PolyMC to get the right libs.
  • Confirmed no change to early game. You can survive and get enough food by being smart.

I’m confirming the bloodmoon new configuration, then I’ll release.

I am currently pregenning a server to open on Friday. Whitelist only, details to come.


Bloodmoons work with acceptable levels of hell. Confirmed mobs are removed at dawn.


I’m pleased to release Devour Darkness (v413).

Our testing was complete, no major errors found with any of the changes.

I’m working to open a server on Friday, I’ll post that separately. It plays fine solo though.



Hmm, which of those do you use and/or prefer?

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I use the


Overmind was so keen on HEE, I’ve added it to the pack after some testing. This is just in time for my server go-live.

Thanks to Chylex for permission to include it.


I always enjoyed it, and it makes the End something useful instead of a useless void, while making it more deadly too! ^.^


We found an issue today where you can’t remove items from a Storage Drawer using your hand. The workaround at the moment is to hit it with an AXE equipped.

This appears to be due to GT6’s adventure mode. I’m discussing fixes with Greg. In the meantime it’s not a game breaking bug.


Odd portals arriving middle of our base, third time.

EDIT: Server side I’ve disabled the NetherPlus portal gen. If it stops happening, I’ll update the pack.


That’s vanilla MC’s adventure mode, just that mod is apparently buggy and didn’t handle vanilla functionality correctly, not uncommon. GT6 does, however, work around a lot of such issues, which greg might do for storage drawers too, a lot of mods are really stupid about handling vanilla adventure mode.

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Loving the adventure mode. “Emergency shovels” are a thing!

I will update the pack with the config change to stop the portal spam after Greg releases the next rev.

Ideally that includes code to stop the worktable spam.

Completely playable as it is.


Couple variants of that too! Wasn’t there one that multi-purposed as a shovel+axe and something else or so?

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Universal Spade,

Shovel, Saw and Crowbar, while also being usable as a Weapon

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No. An emergency shovel is the crap one you put together to go break your gravestone.