GregTech WeaponWorks

GTWW 0.1.0 has released! More information is down at the bottom.
Link to my GT6 addon, GregTech WeaponWorks. As the name suggests, this addon adds weapons that go along with the bullets that Greg has added. There is a pistol, submachine gun, sniper, and a blunderuss. GTWW also provides some utilities such as new portable tanks and 3x3x3 multiblock tanks created out of galvanized steel, as well as new petrochemistry to create oil products from liquefacted coal. Using QwerTech alongside GTWW is recommended.

Do not use GTWW versions 0.1.2 or older with GT versions older than 6.10! It will not work! you will need to use GTWW 0.1.3 or higher.

If your electric networks stop working after installing this addon, please contact me immediately.


SuperCoder79 is not responsible for any damage to property or personnel when GTWW is installed. Handle with care!

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Direct download (latest)


No updates? Sad :frowning:


yeah due to a problem irl of not being able to test my changes, i can’t really deliver anything bug free at the moment :slightly_frowning_face:


Good luck man. We are waiting for a good news :slight_smile:


Yeah supercoder has not even been talkative on irc recently either!


yeah well, school does that to you :wink:


GTWW version 0.04 is released! the new version is available for download in the first post. here is the changelog:

[Added] Assault Rifle, having more fire power than the SMG but shooting slower
[Added] Burst Rifle, for those who have ammunition to burn and things to kill
[Added] Bullet spread for all weapons excluding the sniper
[Added] Sound for all the guns (cant be heard by others in multiplayer yet)
[Added] Bullet speed, pistol bullets travel slower than sniper bullets for example
[Added] Medium caliber ammo for the rifles, crafter with medium bullets
[Changed] Bullet Gravity to be 10 times stronger than it was before (its not a big change, dont worry)
[Changed] Blunderbuss to do less damage but shoot 8 shot instead of 4
[Changed] Blunderbuss ammo to take less paper and gunpowder
[Changed] Blunderbuss ammo to take nuggets rather than rounds
[Fixed] some texture errors
[Fixed] E-Net issues

What’s next for GregTech Weapon Works?
My plan is to create blueprints of guns that will be found in dungeon loot to add a looting aspect to the mod. This will take a considerable amount of work to code, as well as a long time to make the artwork. When I am finished, I hope to have 20 new guns that will be found in dungeon loot and have upgradable stats.


A blonderbus is a flint lock 1 shot shotgun!!! what you are making at this point is a AA shotgun. and auto shoutgon, even the pump actions can only hold 4 or 5 shells.


Oh, man, will you plan some of my suggestions? :slight_smile:


Mostly :wink: I like how other games allow you to find weapon blueprints, level them up, and then craft weapons from those. This will be sorta like that, i will add special tables and stuff to craft weapons, but they will mostly be mid to endgame stuff.


GTWW version 0.0.5 has released! Here is the changelog:

[Added] Config file, found in the gregtech folder in your config folder as “gtww.cfg”
[Added] Config for PVP, dungeon loot, and sound
[Added] Dungeon loot, you can find pistols, blunderbusses, and ammo in all naturally generated chests.
[Added] Sound for reloading
[Added] PVP Potion, grants 40 extra hearts and infinite hunger regeneration for an hour, a creative only item that is meant for aiding gunfights
[Changed] Some material damage values
[Fixed] Compat for GT 6.09.xx
[Fixed] Bullet Spread has been fixed
[Broke] The e-net
[Fixed] The e-net

I am changing focus for 0.1.x to be the turret update by adding new defensive structures to protect your home and your machines.


GTWW version 0.0.6 has released! You can now enjoy new melee weapons and a new block to defend your base from creepers. Sorry for the big delay, i was busy with some irl stuff. Changelog:

[Changed] Guns drop their ejected bullet casing into the player’s inventory (was supposed to be part of the last changelog whoops)
[Fixed] Greg’s dungeons spawning insane amounts of my loot
[Fixed] Blunderbuss ammo no longer requires a hammer to craft.
[Changed] all sounds can be heard by players near you
[Added] Custom death messages for when you shoot or stab someone
[Added] Scissors, which come in 4 flavors:
Iron, does 5 damage and has 300 uses
Bronze, does 4 damage and has 250 uses
Spring Loaded (tungstensteel), does 4 damage normally but 10 if you right click it to wind up its spring, has 800 uses
and finally Enet Fixing (gold), which insta-kills any SuperCoders that you hit it with (it does no extra damage to normal mobs, what do you expect from a gold tool?) but it only has 1 use.
Speaking of E-nets:
[Added] Tesla turret, zaps the closest hostile mob in a 10x10x10 cube and does 5 hearts of damage every second. It requires EU to function and can hold a maximum of 8096 EU. Whenever it zaps a mob, it uses 1024 EU. I’m still working on it so it doesn’t have a crafting recipe yet.

Don’t worry about the turret breaking your enets, i have tested it thoroughly and it should work every time. If it does corrupt your world, kill everything in sight, or nuke a neighboring country please let me know by replying to this thread.


Thanks to OvermindDL1 I now have a website so I don’t need to put my downloads in google drive anymore :wink: I also hotfixed some bugs, so here is the changelog:

[Actually Fixed] the hammer blunderbus shot issue
[Fixed] scissors recipe, stupid oredictionary
[Changed] GT6 lighters to have a higher chance of spawning in dungeon chests

Get it Here


If you put your git repo on greg’s git server then I could build a CI for it to be automatically built on greg’s CI server. ^.^

EDIT: Also, you could even host it in greg’s maven, you’d get the full themeing and templating abilities there-of as well.


Yep, that would be an option I am okay with, maybe that gives more reason to upgrade the server earlier if its in use more XD


That wouldn’t touch it at all actually. ^.^;


New update! Sorry for the delay, school has given me a lot of work recently.

[Added] The ability for guns to shoot through glass. Windows Beware! Broken glass drops small dust.
[Added] More of GT’s loot to dungeon loot tables to offset what I put into it
[Changed] Bullets can now go through tall grass
[Fixed] Scissors recipe inconsistency
[Fixed] Scissors NBT problems

If your friends/enemies have created a glass base underwater, you know what to do :wink: (Don’t actually do that please)
Direct download Here


It’s time for the release of GTWW 0.1.0! In this release, you will see many new features, including a new gun system, throwable items, automation recipes, and more, as well as bug fixes and rebalancing.
Changelog (Sorry for wall of text):

[Added] New gun and gun stat system, which change how the gun acts based on randomly generated perks you get when you right click a gun for the first time. I go into more detail with the Youtube video that I made on it. Sorry about the completely shit quality but i’m still trying to figure out how to do the whole youtube thing :wink:
[Added] 6 new guns that use the new perk system, 2 of which are craftable. More information about these can be found here.
[Added] Bundlebuss, which is literally 4 blunderbusses combined, and uses the old gun system. It uses 4 blunderbuss shot at a time and sprays 32 bullets. It has a long reload time because you need to reload every shotgun. This may cause lag, but it’s fun to use at least :slight_smile:
[Added] Grenades, which come in three varieties: Grenade, Bomb, and Molotov Cocktail. Grenades do damage to entities (including you!) but do not damage the environment. Bombs hurt entities and damage the environment. Lastly, Molotov Cocktails cause massive damage to entities and place down fire everywhere. Warning: Do not use Molotov Cocktails ANYWHERE near forests or you will burn down the entire thing (Jungles and roofed forests especially)
[Added] Molotov mixture, which is created by mixing petrol and kerosine. It’s used to create Molotov Cocktails.
[Added] Ejected bullets, which are bullet casings without gunpowder. These will be dropped when you shoot a gun. These replace guns dropping normal casings with gunpowder.
[Added] Crafting recipe for just the LV Tesla coil. I will add recipes for the rest when I can figure out the TE system. It uses 16-64 EU. Anything above that and it explodes!
[Added] Recipes to automate bullet packaging into magazines (in the boxinator), removal of bullets from magazines (in the unboxinator), and the insertion of gunpowder into ejected bullet casings (boxinator)
[Changed] Guns drop ejected bullet shells instead of normal bullet shells (mentioned above)
[Changed] Weapon descriptions to be more concise.
[Changed] Assault Rifles to do more damage and SMGs shoot faster and do more damage.
[Fixed] Issues with guns not firing properly

As you can see, I added a lot of new stuff to this update :wink: The old system of making guns isn’t gone in this update, but at some point i will be removing the crafting recipes for them.
Download the mod here!


There was a minor bug that I found which prevented Hunting Rifles from being craftable.

[Changed] PvP to be enabled by default instead of disabled. Existing configs will not be changed. Aim carefully!
[Fixed] Hunting Rifle crafting recipe

GTWW 0.1.2 has released! In this update you’ll find new chemistry and some quality of life changes, such as text showing on screen how much ammo and durability a gun has.

[Added] Coal Liquefaction, which allows you to turn coal into burnable fuels. This is a 3 step process, which includes turning coal into a liquid in the burner mixer, distillation of liquefacted coal into coal gas and liquid byproducts, and the distillation of coal gas into gaseous byproducts.
[Added] Liquefied Coal and Coal Gas fluids for use in chem.
[Added] Text at the top left hand corner of the screen showing a weapon’s durabality and ammo count. This can be disabled via the config.
[Added] More bullet spread when you are sprinting or jumping, and lower bullet spread when sneaking.
[Changed] Blunderbuss and Bundlebuss output paper on firing, instead of on reloading.
[Changed] Bullets hitting glass to drop 3-6 glass scrap, and bullets hitting glass panes to drop 1-4 glass scrap. This replaces glass dropping small dust when hit.
[Fixed] Bundlebuss infinite paper production bug.
[Fixed] Burst rifle only returning 1 bullet instead of 4.

I updated the coal liquefaction liquids and processes to produce much less energy (You can blame bear for that :wink: ) Full changelog:

[Note] Updated to 6.10.0+
[Changed] the HU production of liquefacted coal and coal gas
[Added] Lignite to liquefacted coal, which produces less but also uses less water.
[Added] Coal Liquefaction recipes that use distilled water, but are identical otherwise.

Download it here!


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