GregTech-6-Unofficial (GT6U) Thread

GT6U’s development direction is to continue to improve and extend the technology tree of GT6 and add more practical equipment. ^ ^

  • Added dozens of new fluids to make the organic chemical tech tree more complete

  • Brand new chromite treatment!

  • Brand new PVC, PTFE, epoxy resin, and their derivatives (pipes, storage tanks)!

  • Added a variety of large machines, including large roasting ovens, industrial coke ovens, large dryers, cracking towers, particle colliders, mask aligners, large heat mixers, etc.

  • Added a variety of small machines, including circuit assembly machine, fluid solidifying machine, laser cutting machine, electric autoclave, heat mixer, etc.

  • Some adjustments to the original electronic industry

  • Diversified gameplay, such as IV batteries and EV drills.

You can easily update your GT6 official world to GT6U by replacing the original GT6 jar file, but do NOTE that:

Distillation Tower and Cryo Distillation Tower won’t work with original design in GT6 official branch, but you can easily fix it by looking at the tooltips of the mainblocks.

If other bugs emerge when updating the world, submit a GitHub issue.

Lead Developers: YueSha, Fanshu

Contributers: jihuayu, duck_egg

If you want to contribute to GT6U, please visit the GitHub source site. You can send PRs before I check and merge them if available.

Special thanks to:

Texture Support:@MCTian-mi @Orientsky @duckegg128

Localization Support:@qwerty9462 @Orientsky @Evan323

Test & Debug Support:@Contrl

(Mostly are GitHub IDs)




For more discussion, I opened these two choice other than MecN forums, just feel free to join.



QQ Group: 675321303

Localization Panel: (Contact me to put your localization port here)

Chinese Localization Port


That was… unexpected :slight_smile: More chemistry, batteries, other [weird] things. Something to enjoy, I hope :slight_smile:


6.14.01 has been released ^ ^


I wasn’t expecting GT6U to come out already, I’m pleasantly surprised that it’s not the fork with 10+ added voltages that I glimpsed like 6 months ago by some japanese dude which never went anywhere, talk about 1 steps forward 2 steps back. Most of these changes seem interesting/sensible enough, I’m going to keep an eye out for the future.


Will you be merging commits from the official branch, or will you be only adding features independently?


I’m pretty sure official branch commits are gonna be merged, considering the questions about my recent release I got. XD

  • Added a variety of large machines, including large roasting ovens, industrial coke ovens, large dryers, cracking towers, particle colliders, mask aligners, large heat mixers, etc.
  • Added a variety of small machines, including circuit assembly machine, fluid solidifying machine, laser cutting machine, electric autoclave, heat mixer, etc.

Just please please please don’t go down the GT5 path of way too many machines. It’s significantly better to have fewer small blocks that do things that mesh well with ‘other’ blocks that can be used in new and creative ways. A block that just does something specific and is pretty unusable otherwise or for other reasons is quite annoying in the great majority of cases, like GT5u was…

Balance modification and diversified gameplay, such as IV batteries and EV drills.

And I’m really curious what you mean by this… Balance modification as in… breaking balance, or what? IV batteries don’t make a ton of sense, there’s no reasonable way to store a large amount of power in such small areas. Now perhaps a multi-block energy storage thing like a flywheel or a dense lithium substrate or so could make sense, but absolutely not something mobile or small at that kind of power range… Ditto with drills, it makes no sense…


It doesn’t sound so bad thus far, the larger Machines are mostly bulk processing where you normally have to spam multiple smaller Machines, and the new smaller Machines even include one I planned but then ended up not adding due to limitations in my Recipe System.

As for the Drills, well my original intent was people being supposed to use LV ones with high tier tips for fast digging, and early on using HV ones for the boost in power until better materials like Adamantium or Vibranium can be used for LV, so that the remaining HV Drills are used for things like breaking GT Granite. ^^

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Thanks for giving feedback overall! Just some explanation: Circuit Assembly machine is used because using a Press to craft advanced electronics just make little sense, considering the electronics I am planning to add for GT6U (It will be not like GT5U overall). Fluid Solidifying machine is added by another dev before I join and don’t have much use now. Laser Cutters and Electric Autoclaves, are just high tier equivalents of Cutter and Autoclave. Heat Mixer is what greg planned to add I think, for recipes like W-reduction of course have very high activation energy.

Flywheels are planned ^ ^ but the drills, too, are added before I join the team…


Uhh I am very sure that one already exists in the form of the Freezer and the Coagulator, what else would need solidifying?

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Since I did not add that machine, I cannot give a confirmed answer. I think the other dev before thought fluids like epoxy resin are going to be solidified in such machines. However I used the plastic way to produce epoxy dust so it is not used actually.


Sounds like a step in the right direction then! ^.^


wow! mod of my dream


6.14.02 has been released ^ ^
Changelog: GregTech6-Unofficial/CHANGELOG.txt at master · GregTech6-Unofficial/GregTech6-Unofficial · GitHub

[NOTE] This is a quite major update, read the changelog before update is recommended…
[MERGED] Merged official branch 6.13.02

  • 6.13.02:
  • [COMPAT] HBM Nuclear Tech has some more Compatiblity Data attached to it. Mainly Shelf Data. The Alloys it has are a little bit too weird.
  • [COMPAT] HEXCrafts Hexorium Ore is generated in all possible ways when installed, with RGB ones closer to Surface and Black and White ones closer to Bedrock. Also some Hexorium related Recipes added. Its Energized Monoliths can also be found as Decoration in GT Dungeons.
  • [FIXED] A weird Interaction with Robot Arms and Extenders that resulted in Extenders sometimes choosing the secondary Facing as destination for Items, even though the Items did not come from the promary Facing, including targetting things like GT6 Red Alloy Wires that dont even have Slots to put shit into, resulting in a Crash of the Block that has the Robot Arm.
  • [FIXED] Tooltips for Mob Spawn Proofing will now show it whenever Optifine breaks the mechanic in Singleplayer, because clearly removing Metadata support from World functions is a good Idea and “totally fixable” on my end…
  • [FIXED] GT6 Redstone Wiring sometimes checked multiple/infinite times per tick for Vanilla signals. This was leading to Game Freezes with Thermal Expansion.
  • [FIXED] Some Biomes from Enhanced Biomes were not counted as River for my Worldgen.
  • [FIXED] Skeletons were not shooting the right GT Arrows since a long time. Now I made an actual List of Arrows to shoot, instead of grabbing any of the existing Arrows. This also means no Radiation Arrow shooting Skeletons anymore.
  • [FIXED] Made Config Files always migrate to Lowercase File Names so random Garbage with Windows and older Config Files wont happen again.
  • [CHANGED] The Capsule and Cell Extruder Recipes were not really well coded, so I fixed them up. Should make it easier to work with for the GT6U Team too.
  • [CHANGED] Moderated Reactor Rods now lose durability twice as fast compared to what it was before.
  • [CHANGED] Molten Midasium is now able to turn Lead into Gold at a ratio of 1 Midasium + 4 Lead = 4 Gold. This is better than using a Generifier on Midasium to directly make it into Gold 1:1.
  • [ADDED] There is now small Rocks in the Nether, some of which contain tiny amounts of Ancient Debris, and are as rare as Meteorites on the Surface. Glowstone, NetherQuartz and Flint can be found in them too.
  • [ADDED] Config to disable the nutrition System for Sugar, Fat and Dehydration. Alcohol and Caffeine stay though, since those are definitely things people intentionally consume for buffs and such.
  • [ADDED] Netherite Drum, Fluid Pipes/Capsules and Anvil. Netherite also counts as Acid Proof now, due to its high Gold content. Also added Gold Fluid Pipes/Capsules while I was at it.
  • [ADDED] Laser-O-Meter Sensor for Laser Fiber Wires.

[FIXED] Recipe for Titanium Niobium Carbide Dynamo Mainblock.
[FIXED] Recipe for Titanium Niobium Carbide Turbine Mainblock.
[FIXED] Recipes for Large Mass Fab and Mass Replicator Mainblocks are the same.
[FIXED] When centrifuging energy crystal dust you can get more sapphire dust.
[FIXED] TerraFirmaCraft and TerraFirmaCraft Plus rocks and ores cannot be harvested by GT pickaxes and drills.
[FIXED] A log error of NetheritePlus recipe when NePl is not loaded.
[CHANGED] The Mod name is now ‘GregTech 6 Unofficial’ to avoid ambiguity.
[CHANGED] Thanks to Greg notifying me that dust not being able to put into Extruders will cause plastic and similar materials unable to be processed into capsules, etc. I reverted the change so Extruders can process them now again.
[CHANGED] Fusion Reactor Mk1 now requires LU for start energy and EU for the maintaining energy. Since a Tokamak design is used here, electricity should be used to maintain the current in the coils.
[CHANGED] PVC production yield now decrease.
[CHANGED] There is now a config option to choose whether Long distance pipes can be crafted with less material.
[CHANGED] Renamed Oil Cleaner into Fuel Cleaner.
[CHANGED] Lowered the cost of Fuel Cleaner and Clean stainless steel machine casing.
[CHANGED] Altered the time cost for fuel cleaning in mixer and fuel cleaner so that it is more balanced.
[CHANGED] Fermenting recipes now needs a Selector Tag.
[CHANGED] When fermenting Biomass from biological resources, you can choose to boost its efficiency by providing Biomass Flora.
[CHANGED] Now you need more Idun Golden Apple Juice, Idun Apple Juice, and Golden Carrot Juice to ferment biomass.
[CHANGED] IV batteries are now made in Welder with higher cost.
[CHANGED] Circuit Plate is now named as Plastic Circuit Plate.
[CHANGED] The Circuit production is majorly changed. Different Circuits now need different Circuit Plates to craft, and you need Electro-Etching solution to make Circuit Board.
[CHANGED] Press now have fluid input and output.
[ADDED] GT6U Achievement Page and some Achievements.
[ADDED] Biology Item Group. Note: Many things in this group are in no way useful at current version. This is somewhat a WIP process.
[ADDED] Large Extruder. A Multiblock using EU that is able to do 64 parallel recipes with 50% efficiency.
[ADDED] Large Crystallisation Crucible. A Multiblock using HU that is able to do 64 parallel recipes.
[ADDED] Draining Well. A Multiblock that drains water from underground using RU. This is an alternative to Infinite Water for some modpacks.
[ADDED] Biochemical Research Laboratory. Multiblock machine. Requires LU to start for most recipes as Disinfection Cost.
[ADDED] Coconut Tree and its derivatives. Also its compat for Binnie’s Mods. They are likely to grow along beach and swamp area.
[ADDED] 4 Kinds of Bacterias and Biomass Flora Bacteria cluster. These bacterias are helpful to increase efficiency in fermenting and producing organic gases.
[ADDED] Ethanol, Methane, and Hydrogen can now be produced by different bacteris with biomass and required nutrition or environment fluids in the Incubator.
[ADDED] Phenolic Circuit Plate, Epoxid Circuit Plate, Multilayer Epoxid Circuit Plate, Aluminium Printed Circuit Plate, Perforated Bushing, and Fibreglass.


looks at textures for those
Hrrm, good concept, and you even guessed the Color right that I had in mind, but those Textures could be improved.
downloads the textures, modifies most of them and adds them to GT6


6.14.03 has been released ^ ^
Changelog: GregTech6-Unofficial/CHANGELOG.txt at master · GregTech6-Unofficial/GregTech6-Unofficial · GitHub

[COMPAT] When TerraFirmaCraft or TerraFirmaCraft Plus is loaded, the heat, electric, and chemical damage is accommodated.
[FIXED] Titanium not showing up in NEI.
[FIXED] Biochemical Research Lab cannot form in some direction of facing.
[FIXED] Fermenting recipe conflicts.
[CHANGED] Less time is now required to incubate the biomass-origin bacterias.


Evan and I opened a new Forums for discussion of our group’s developments inlucding GT6U. I created a GT6u tag: GT6U - TeamMoeg Forums

If you are interested you can visit there. Of course I will also look at Mechaenetia Forums for questions about GT6u. XD


GregTech-6-Unofficial 6.14.06 has been released ^ ^
Changelog: GregTech6-Unofficial/CHANGELOG.txt at master · GregTech6-Unofficial/GregTech6-Unofficial · GitHub
Brief info: Hotfix
[FIXED] MESU cannot save energy correctly.
[FIXED] Perforated Bushing having wrong material information.
[CHANGED] Increased the yield of Epoxid Resin and Photoresist production.
[CHANGED] Degraded IV Batteries capacity and their recipes are now like before.
[CHANGED] NEI recipes no longer display that misleading “Tier”.
[ADDED] Multiblock Energy Storage Unit (MESU).
Its dimensions can be changed in a range, providing different voltages and energy capacity. Longer it is, higher voltage it has. Larger it is, greater capacity it has.
Use a screwdriver to alter its current output, up to 32 Amps.
[ADDED] Lithium-F-Phosphate, a salt used in Li-ion battery electrolyte, Ethyl Methyl Carbonate.
[ADDED] Six battery cores for MESU. Each has different capacity.
[ADDED] Two battery electrode parts for MESU. Each allows different length-voltage multiplier of the battery.


GregTech-6-Unofficial 6.14.07:
[NOTE] I am busy during this end of 2020 and will not be able to update GT6u again until around 2021 February. However I will merge GT official soon. You can still report any bug or suggestion you found in GT6u. See you then.
[FIXED] Fuel Cleaner now auto-searches for any kind of sulfured fuel that are in the fluid slots of it. And it will automatically change to execute that fuel cleaning recipe.
[COMPAT] Compatibility with TFC & TFC-Plus food system. GT Foods can now be consumed when Terra Firma Craft is installed and they have the five tastes (sweetness, sourness, bitterness, saltiness, and savory) in TFC now.