Gregtech-6 Advanced Visual Ore Scanner [GT6 Addon]

Introducing Advanced Lasatoral Super Duper Cooler Scanner! No more you have to rely on Debug Tools or geusses spending hours upon hours searching to see where do ores and how do ores spawn in world especially if you are a mod dev or a modpack dev and need those info as quickly as possible!

or maybe you are just a player who wants to cheat a little?? in gt5 we had Detrav scanner but in gt6 we do not, Rocks are all we have! they work but as i tested with this scanner they are only accurate and reliable uhmmm 45.634563…% of the time!

But now with use of Advanced L.S.D.C Scanner you can scan for Ores,Large ores, Small ores, Fluids, Bedrock, Crystals, Clays, and pretty much anything you wish to find! all outputed in a GUI interface and listed for your desire giving you a very deliquiet interface and quick to access debuging oppurtunity for worldgen very recommended for Addon Devs and Modpack Devs who want more people be interesed in gt6!

Now with the introduction out of the way let me show you how it works! it’s really easy all you need to do is to right click anywhere in the world and a GUI interface will shortly pop up after it’s done scanning the sorrunding area and sending those infos to your client it will show exactly and where ores lay ahead! you can then interact with the interface and read more information by hovering you mouse over any ores in the map! it will display Exact Position and Type of the ores your hovering at and display it on screen for you with the color of material applied! you also can see a list of all the ores listed and sorted next to the map view showing all the ores it found in a 9x9 chunk area centered around you, it also tells you how many ores it found!
The device comes in many different Modes which can be changed easially by shift right clicking the device it will beep and change to the next availble mode each mode dose its thing when right click again, depending on how many blocks it found its duration might varied and you might or might not experience a brief lag which won’t take for long i assure you.

Currently we have atleast 7 different modes! (and adding more)

  1. Large Mode
  2. Small Mode
  3. Dense or Normal Mode
  4. Rock Mode (Scans rocks on the surface good for meotorite hunting)
  5. Bedrock Mode (might remove)
  6. Fluid Mode
  7. Fluid Bedrock Mode (might remove)

Instruction on How to Install this mod is said in the github page go there the download link is there as well!
This mode depends on a specefic version of ModularUI2 make sure you download the right version!

old proof of concept image


Now with that out of the way i will now deministrate you with some examples each taken in different dimension with different modes and locations:

I will start by demenstraiting the First Mode the primary LARGE modes works only on GT6’s TileEntity ores that includes normal ores excluding small ones.

  • An example of a typical ore vein spawned in overworld, note that not all location are dense and populated like this but still the found large StoneLayered ores are quite MASSIVE even tough they are usually not much in height and take in note that in this mode Small ores and vanilla ores are not taken into account!:

  • Next is the same mode applied in the end dimension! note that this photographe was taken via an old prototype and is not representive of the level of sophistication present in the current version of the gadget!

  • Next is also the same Mode as above except everything seem to be in order? whats going on… Scientist in lab tell me that this oddity cannot be in overworld as CHEESE will decay rather quickly in overworld and ordered ore gen like that are not to be expected here either… their analysis on this subject matter had resulted in them thinking that this data must be gathered from the moon! ah yes it makes sense cheese is abundant in the moon and ore gen still abides by old gt5 gen rules!! there is also an other photogrraph from another position on the same lunar body seems like this one shows there is quite abundance of aluminia on the moon! which dose match the real life analysis…


Scientists have also informed me upon tampering with the inner circuitry of the device and swapping the gt LU module with QU module they were able to successfuly provide a very accurate mapping of the nearby rock formations which are rich in minerals and fossil fuels. they call this mode DENSE mode and it gives you information about GT’s special Dense ores including the clay formations! and Quartz,Lignite,Coal,Peat,Crystals of the netherkind and…

  • Overworld Random locations taken experiments:

  • Here is several experiments taken in the Hell… our scientist were happy to ask the Doom Guy to do this task for us as we are quite a pussies our selves…
    Nether random location:


Now for a quick GregGeography 101 lesson, Bedrock ores are formations that are quite rare quite… they are very rare and when they spawn they usually spawn in huge normal ore cluster in the bottom and a lot of small ore cluster at the top! that means only about 20 bedrock ores will spawn and that is in a very rare chance may i remind you… so the scientist in lab said fuck it we not adding a new mode for this but use the already existing infostrauctor and determained where the bedorck ores lays ahead.

Someone in the lab vuluntered and increased the performance of our device with snoring 2kgs of dilithium crystal. while high on the matter he was able to successfuly increase the scan range of the LSD (laser Scanner Device) from 9x9 chunks to any desirable value! so he choosed 13 as a sufficently large enough number tough we will not allow anyone to use any number higher than 9 as it sometimes was able to crash our systems and corrupt our worlds…


some photos taken from magic department NOTE that this is the DENSE mode our scanning mechanism therefore we did infact changed the name to DENSE_OR_NORMAL ore mode as it now scans the gt4 or formations as well

  • Twilight Forest:

we went to Egypt and paid pharos a visit too…

  • Atum 2:

Martians are quite mad of what we did here…


small ore mode:

large mode taken in nether note that these are only bedrock veins that have normal ores in nether:

rocks in end:

rocks in nether:

fluid spring mode (it’s really empty i might remove this mode in favor of fluid mode):

Small ores in end main island:


Geez the old GT5 Style Ore Generation is really THAT shitty… I can see the cutoff points of where it fucks up generation…


compared to the new rigid world gen from gt6 i say it looks very harsh and artifical (not to mention gt6 layered ores are HUGE) it also shows why in gt6 i am not a big fan of oregen that is in not in overworld (planets)!, if you ask me which ore gens looked the most visualy apealing the dense ores and sometime the new large ores formed very interesting patterns especially the dense ones just bec of how huge they were and how they marked slices of a mountain so the pattern they left behind was astonishing, i also took some nice fluid patterns but those were alright…


great work, HERO you are !

can this mod be translate to other language?


Try using a GT6 Language Pack, it MIGHT work with this Mod just fine. :wink:

(I deduced that from the fact this Mod clearly calls the function on my materials for getting a localized name, which I know by just seeing “Rock Salt” in that List, which the only way to get that String of letters normally is by calling my functions)


Tnx for your feedback i am extremely happy that you like this mod i knew people would love such utility.
I did not tested with different languages i mostly focused on getting the core futures out then focus on things like localization and minor things but As greg said that’s exactly what i am doing instead of pulling the internal names i am using the localized names generated by gt6 tough tbf it was not what i was intending :stuck_out_tongue: so there could be parts where it’s actually not using the localized versions from gregtech so i will go back and fix it. i also would make some language keys for the tooltips as that’s the only part i need to use gt’s api LH class to localize.


Can you merge this mod into the gregtech6?


This would be a slight bit too cheaty I think. Not like you couldnt just install it whenever you want.


No and i advice greg not to do that for several reason, begin cheaty is not one of them since this mod is in fact literally a cheat tool that adds functionality to GT6’s own Debug Scanner (and its only availble to cheat it in anyways)! reason why greg should not merge this mod is that my mod depends on ModularUI2 which pulls a lot of other dependencies including being hard depended on mixins and the latest version of gtnh NEI which means no longer you be able to launch gt6 with other versions of NEI… and that’s awful. i actually have plans to rewrite my gui to not depend on ModularUI2 but that’s experimental and i don’t feel like doing it yet :stuck_out_tongue: plus ModularUI2 is nice to work with and it makes things like the item list menu so easy to handle tough i love to rewrite the gui myself sometimes in future but probably not anytimes soon!


yes and as i mentioned this mod depends on libraries that gt6 should not depend on so it makes sense for this mod to be seperate from gt6, this also makes mentaining the mod much easier.


well, how about join a gt6 style excavator?
I hope it can excavate 9x9 chunks, just as well as the scanner do.


El. Psy. Congroo.


you know what… who wants a GUI anyways when we have maps