Initial Ore Scanner or something to check if all available Ores are in the Spawn Area

Hello everybody!

My friends and I have started this mod several times already. By the way, thank you for its active development and fundamental changes! But the fact remains that after the spawn, we diverge in 2/4 directions and begin to collect and sign stones. It’s extremely boring, and from time to time some of the people who come to the game leave pretty quickly. I’m looking for some way to determine the veins at least in the initial radius around the spawn. Ideally, the game would like to have a resource scanner. But in fact, any method will do, even though the console command for the data dump lived. I tried using the IFU from this forum, but usually, when you’ve already found a block of a resource, you’ve discovered its vein. How do you solve this problem?


This one is a complicated Question to ask. Because there are a few Problems to solve for.

You will have to load all Chunks in an Area and do a scan of all GT6 TileEntities to find out where the Ores are. It is not really all that possible to do it any other way, if you want it to be reliable, since Caves, Dirt and the World-Height-Map exist to reduce total Ore Count. Not to mention that a few Stone Layers that are too flat to generate Ores exist as well even if rare.

One could do a simulated run of the Stone Layer Generator to see what Veins are most likely to exist where and then go to the places you need and check if those Veins exist. But that would involve writing an Addon Mod.

A Suggestion I would give to early Players is to just go next to a Desert and harvest Small Ores from that, since it will net you most of the Ores you need early on, without having to care much about Veins.

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and also GitHub - CanisArtorus/ProspectorJournal: Minecraft mod dedicated to keeping track of rare but large resources in-game. Especially GregTech6 ore veins. See also Immersive Engineering excavator veins. Heavily inspired by TCNodeTracker.

Both help a lot.


Wow, prospector journal is an absolute game changer! Thank you very much!


you might be interested in this project then :gregory: