GregGen- Worldgen addon for GT6!

GregGen is a new worldgen addon for GT6, aiming to make the world more interesting to explore and more lively. Currently, it adds 1.17’s noise cave generation to GT6, making caving a much more fun experience.
Planned features: new biomes, modified terrain generation, more biome decoration, biome variants, new ores, new plants, huge ore veins, and more.

Do note that this mod is in VERY EARLY ALPHA and by using this you’re accepting that future updates may cause chunk borders or change worldgen in unpredictable ways! Game balance may be affected by the additions too, making certain parts of GT6 such as finding ores much easier.


Current features:

  • Noise caves
  • Biomes O’ Plenty compat

It adds a custom world type ( level-type=greggen) and another BOP world type if BOP is installed ( level-type=greggen_bop)

Useful links:
Download (0.1.1)
Join my discord server!

Any and all suggestions and feedback welcome!


Interesting. Is there a changelog or source available anywhere to check for what’s been edited in clearer details? I can think of several etufturum requiem incompatibilities out of the door.


CB’s DepLoader was unable to download required library ItemDelocalizer-1.7.10-0.5.1b.jar


nope, turns out that was unrelated to the mod.


In the Month of April the Minecraft Forge Team decided to go fuck everyone using 1.7.10 and fuck up all the automatic Download Links for Mods such as CodeChickenLib or ItemDelocalizer. You have to download those Mods manually now, and guess what, I bet they do not fucking exist on anything like CurseForge.

Edit: And by the way I doubt its a dependency for this Addon, so it might be another Mod requesting this :wink:

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As for the changelog and source, I just added a changelog and the source will be available as soon as I fully deobfuscate and cleanup the chunk generator.


Edit: Nevermind, I found the link and provided it to the dude.


What Mod do you even have installed that requires this? It clearly cant be this Addon or GregTech, since neither me nor SuperCoder know of its existence.


No clue, I just shared the mod within a gregtech discord and someone told me about the crash, they fixed it by creating a dummy text file with just that name apparently. :thinking:
In any case, I fixed the original post and it seems to be working properly on my end.


Oh that’s neat, I love the new caves


Update time! GregGen 0.1.1 adds improved ocean smoothing, so that caves don’t instantly stop and create weird borders when encountering an ocean biome.

  • Fixed ocean smoothing issue
  • Fixed translation issue (was ninjafixed)

Download 0.1.1 here!


A few sneak peeks into what’s coming next- I’ve been working on a “shadow biome” system, where I can make as many biomes as I want, but not use any biome IDs as they save to disk as vanilla biomes. I’ve made some savanna biomes to test, here they are:

Savanna Scrubland

Spruce Savanna

These are just the start, if there are any biomes you’d like to see let me know!