Gameplans: Walking and Running Mechanics

Gameplans: Walking and Running Mechanics

I know I have not been the most active the last months, but I am still getting Ideas while playing Factorio. So here is the Idea I have for the Walking/Running Mechanics that I would like to have.

  1. The “slowest” Speed is “walking uniformly”, your X Speed or Y Speed while walking is constant (Z is height, not Y) and the same as everyone else’s around you (based on the slowest person walking in the same direction as you). I plan to make this work in 8 directions so diagonal should work too. You can strafe sideways while your Speed in the main walking direction stays constant.

  2. Then there is “casual walking”, for when you just wanna walk around without caring about other peoples Walking Speed. This is typically faster than walking uniformly, unless nobody is around, in which case it is the same speed. It is always slower than running ofcourse, and is also capped at a reasonable speed depending on your Size. After all we do not want to bump into walls at Hyperspeed because of not being able to slow down.

  3. “running” is next. It is basically the Speed at which you would normally run, depending on stats and everything.

  4. And last but not least: “running haphazardly”, where you need to make very sure you do not bump into walls, or else you will stumble and damage yourself. Ofcourse this is the fastest way to move, but also the most dangerous. Ideal for running away from things, or recreating those dumb Movie Scenes where someone runs away from a scary thing, stumbles and gets caught.

Any other Ideas to make anything walking related more convenient for the User? ^^

Oh and I did not account for Sneaking in this Post, that one is a different Topic for another time. ;D


So there is not any weight burdening players and slowing them down right? Do you plan to add some carriers like trucks and trains for transportation to the game? They can help carry more materials as they do in minecraft.


Yeah weight mechanics can influence walking speed too, if they are enabled that is. Also they will not influence the 2 walking speeds unless you carry more than you should be able to. But running speeds will likely end up in Stuff you might have seen in Death Stranding. XD

And Vehicles are planned though those will probably be made way late. Could be that I add Minecarts before customizable Vehicles.


So, you’ve mentioned Size as part of walking speed (i presume, your speed in general). Does that mean like if you’re in a mech suit or is this a sort of character customisation option? Also, how will you implement switching between your speeds? Using car analogy, is it like in manual transmission where you can skip gears, or like in automatic where it is continuous from 1st to 2nd and from 2nd to 3rd?


Yes, it is mostly for Character Customization. I thought of anything between 0.20m (almost 1 block tall) and maybe 9.95m (almost 40 blocks tall) as valid choices in a vanilla Game. Though if someone were to make a Mech Suit Mod, it would likely use the same Mechanics as just a very tall person would.

As for speed selection, I thought about a speed-up and a speed-down button, in which case I would also put sneaking (or maybe even crawling flat on the ground) as the slowest speed instead of the uniform walking. That way you would need to “shift gear” from slow to fast before running away when you get caught stealing or something.

Though you could just bind a specific speed to a special key if you like to, which is a good way of showing others that you are a professional thief if you can go from sneaking to running with just one keypress. XD


And what about other movement options, like crouching, crawling, and climbing? I get that it would be a top-down camera view, so it seems like those options would not fit in that good, as in like minecraft (I’m talking about Smart Moving mod), but still.


Climbing is definitely planned though I am not sure how I do it, probably holding the jump button while jumping against a wall to pull yourself up, crouching and sneaking are the same thing, crawling makes you less visible too like sneaking and you can get into tighter spaces.

All 3 of those exist in recent Minecraft Vanilla Versions by the way, climbing is like with ladders basically, sneaking exists since ages, and crawling can be achieved by being squished though a trapdoor somehow.

As for the Camera View, it is still first person ofcourse, basically a Minecraft Clone of sorts but with some significant changes and improvements, which i mentioned before. :wink:

(With the Diagonal directions I meant more the Walking Vector, not a top down perspective)