Freezes, lags on rx 470

Hello, everyone!
Have a strange problem. I had a gtx 550ti, and few days ago, changed it on rx 470.
Everything was fine: Kingdome Come, Borderlands, Dota for ex., but when I started minecraft with Gregtech( latest version, and i try old versions too) it starts to freeze just at main menu, if i try to enter the game, i had only 2-3 fps.
With other mods (IC, BC for.ex) everything is ok.
I need help, cause i dont know where is the problem.
Drivers were updated, also java and windows was reinstalled


Wait what? I do not do anything on the Main Menu at all, why would it lag at all, not to mention I do not do any fancy rendering either. Did you try a modpack with just GregTech and NEI?


Yes, only gregtech and NEI ( in clear minecraft, without any mods - 60fps).


I will need to consult @OvermindDL1 on what the fuck is going on there, he might know.

All I can personally say is make sure you allocated enough RAM? Maybe that is the Issue. GregTech doesn’t do custom Graphics Code, so that can’t be the cause.


4Gb is allocated


GT6 doesn’t do any of it’s own rendering at all except the tool overlay, it’s literally one of the lightest mods in terms of that, more so than even vanilla MC itself, so I’m not seeing how the GPU could be related.

I’d recommend loading the game (main menu or so, wherever you get 2fps, because gt6 doesn’t touch the main menu at all so this would be an especially interesting point), then launching visualvm (it comes with the jdk or download it by itself) and attaching it to MC, then running the CPU sampler for 15 seconds or so and at that point while it’s running take a snapshot of it, save the snapshot to a file, then upload it somewhere and give us the link here (I don’t know if Greg has the file extension allowed for upload here but if he does then could just upload it straight here).

Edit: Oh, and the log file too of course!


Tool Overlay? Dude that is Vanilla! And even then it wouldn’t render unless there was actually a Tool. Same goes for the Item Barrels and Chests, which are the only TESRs as far as I remember, one of which is a copypaste of the vanilla Chest, while the other is simply rendering an Item at a position.

And you should just tell me the extension for the profiler snapshot, so I can add it if needed, you know. :wink:

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Here’s the link on google disk, also the Minecraft folder and screenshots.
Hope, that i did all correct (exept log file, don’t understand where i can get it, sorry))


Thank you, I notified @OvermindDL1 about it. I downloaded the important Files myself too just in case, but please keep them uploaded until he looked at them. ^^


Hmm, it looks like the nps files are only containing a single thread, Thread-8, which is the input handling thread, which is sleeping the entire time. It should be showing a LOT more things, potentially up to a few dozen threads.

I’m at a computer now so I can walk you through it.

So first, load MC to the main menu (here I have just GT6 and NEI, and which is going at 60fps):

Next I open VVM and doubleclick the org.multimc.EntryPoint thing on the left (highlighted in picture with mouse on it), this is because I launched MC via MultiMC (but whatever you use doesn’t matter):

Then I click the Sampler tab (mouse is over it in image):

Then I click the CPU button and it starts sampling:

After letting it run for a while (at least 15 seconds but longer is better) then I click the Snapshot button to get something I can introspect:

This then gives me a full snapshot that I can look at and expand and so forth:

At the main menu there is only a Client Thread (the thread that renders stuff), a Timer hack thread (ignore it, it just sleeps, don’t know why…), and two threads named something like Thread-# where # is some number, often random, one of them handles inputs, the other handles sound, they are almost always sleeping.

Feel free to stop here and just send me this snapshot file by clicking the Export To button (the left of these two buttons, has the tooltip of “Export to…”) and send it to me:

Or if you want to see how to diagnose it yoursel then read on. :slight_smile:

You will want to look at the Client Thread, so in my case here:

Basically this drills down the callstack of the samples to show what had the most samplings (what took the most time in general), in my case basically all time was taken down a single path all the way down to net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71411_J, and inside that function 42.4% of the time was taken up by org.lwjgl.opengl.Display.sync call, which is waiting on vsync to lock me to 60fps and no higher, then the renderer function at 22.8%, which is what is rendering the background terrain in the main menu, and so forth.

In short, I’m capped at 60fps because I have vsync on. If you are at 2fps then I’m guessing yours will look very different, please send the exported snapshot. :slight_smile:


i hope, this’s correct)


Yep that included everything!

So see this image:

What’s taking all your time is the glTexSubImage2D call, which is an ancient GL call that should work on about everything, but this should also be happening in vanilla too without GT6 because there’s no GT6 in this callstack at all (glTexSubImage2D is for animated texture, which GT6 has a few of, but the call is still batched quickly so it wouldn’t add much time over normal vanilla if any).

At this point it’s obvious it’s waiting on the driver to respond for 94.4% of the time, whether thats because the driver is slow (which would be odd on this call, it should be a simple transfer to GPU) or it’s called in a loop hundreds of thousands or millions of times.

At this point I’m thinking that something is making that driver call slow (it’s not often used much if at all on modern games, but MC is programmed in a way that was ancient even for MC’s time) and adding GT6, which has a few more animated textures, just compounds it. But that call really shouldn’t be slow on the driver so something is up on your system (something you wouldn’t see affect most of any other games since they don’t use glTexSubImage2D like MC does).

On linux it would be fairly trivial to inspect this, but on windows with its nasty binary blobs I’m not sure how to even start without setting up things that require a lot more knowledge than I could easily pass over a forum post…

My gut instinct is that your GPU is running in a different color mode than MC expects and is making the sub image calls significantly more costly as transforms have to be run, but again, on Windows I’ve no clue how to test or whatever that in an easy way, but that would also be a driver and/or driver setting issue.

EDIT1: It also wouldn’t be an issue if MC did texture animations better as well, but eh, can’t change that. ^.^;

EDIT2: You don’t have anything like rendering injectors (to display overlays in game like chatting apps) or various other things as well?


No, no one) Maybe i can install Linux as second system (maybe Ubuntu 18 or other)?


If you do that I can recommend Kubuntu. That is a good one. :wink:


Or you can boot live from a USB!
PS Linux is awesome :wink:


Actually that would be a great test!! Any chance setting up a Linux install on this computer (USB or whatever?) Kubuntu is great, make sure to grab latest Mesa (and GPU drivers), whatever’s in the repo is probably fine for your card, and try the mods on that, that will say if it’s a game/hardware issues, or something up with your Windows install. :smile:

Live boot should be fine as a test as long as recent Mesa. :slightly_smiling_face:


Kubuntu 18.4
Open JDK 8
Radeon driver 19.50

Minecraft 1.7.10 with optifine_HD_U_E7 - stable 60fps
With Gregtech 6.11.26 - from 9 up to 56fps (and freeze about every 5 sec.)

P.S. this result is better than on windows 10 (with it’s stable 2 fps) :slight_smile:


Do you use optifine with GT6? I had problem with the latest version of optifine, my game was crashing at startup. I had to downgrade Optifine to OptiFine_1.7.10_HD_U_D6 to play with no problems. If this is the case try to remove Optifine or to downgrade it.


Yeah Optifine varies significantly on it’s different versions, in my experience it significantly harms my fps in many setups.

Are you using Optifine with gt6? How is mc with just forge with and without Optifine?

If Optifine is involved basically all things go out the window, and since your trace was graphical related when gt6 doesn’t really do anything graphical at all then I’m leaning to Optifine interacting badly (yet again).

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I’ve tested all variants one more time, and here’re results:
(FX 6100 + RX 470):

(Win 10) (VSync: OFF)
1.7.10 190 fps
1.7.10 forge1614 177 fps
1.7.10 forge1614 opt_E7 201 fps
1.7.10 forge1614 opt_E7 GT6 2 fps
1.7.10 forge1614 GT6 2 fps

(Kubuntu 18.4) (VSync: ON) Don’t know how to turn off VSync
1.7.10 60+ fps
1.7.10 forge1614 60+ fps
1.7.10 forge1614 opt_E7 60+ fps
1.7.10 forge1614 opt_E7 GT6 54 fps
1.7.10 forge1614 GT6 14-44 fps

(Win 10)
1.12.2 forge2847 opt_F4 285 fps
1.12.2 forge2847 opt_F4 GT5 Community Edition 284 fps

(Win 10)
1.7.10 forge1340 GT5.07.07 IC827 20-30 fps
1.7.10 forge1340 GT5.07.07 IC827 opt_F4 25-35 fps

(Kubuntu 18.4)
1.7.10 forge1340 GT5.07.07 IC827 60+ fps
1.7.10 forge1340 GT5.07.07 IC827 opt_F4 60+ fps