Features that definitely need to be in GT6 before I start my own Game

Features that definitely need to be in GT6 before I start my own Game

So I kinda noticed there is only about ten two weeks left before I start making my own Game and mostly abandon GT6 only doing Support and Bugs Stuff for it afterwards (maybe people wanna PR stuff to it too).

This is why I am gonna write down the most important Features I definitely want to have in GT6 before I mostly close it off. Feedback appreciated. :wink:

  • Some easy way to move Crucible Fluids towards multiple Molds as opposed to just one per side.
  • Simple Motor Engine for the Engine Fuels to direct RU output (might also get Multiblock)
  • Multiblocks for the following
    – Heat Exchanger (Maybe also Burning Boxes)
    Fusion Energy
    The Mass Fabrication Process (except Scanning)
  • Bellows for dumping Air into the Crucible for Steel making and better Steel/Iron earlygame Processing.
  • Something that extracts Energy from the ZPM
  • Maybe a Stacks-On-Stacks Equivalent.

Are there more high techtrees batteries? Mainly used to support storage of higher voltage rather than more power
And possibly the electric verisons of the coke oven.
And a higher-level machine (16384-MAX), if you don’t have too much time to make it, I think its recipes and use can be handed over to minetweaker XD. The makers of the modpack may need higher machines to enrich the game.

Edit:What is the mean of The whole Mass Fabrication Process?
It likes Processing Array in GT5?


Multiblock Massfab/Replicator

No to that one.


What about high-tech tree machines and batteries? Will they be added to GT6?


There is Energy Crystals for High Storage Stuffs, and nothing above IV, sorry.


Oh damn, I forgot them!

What about machines above IV? Higher-level machines can have more game extensions for XD


Will the multiblock crucible be easier to automate carbon based recipes with and will it have a GUI ?

Also you might want to consider the fact that with current implementation of overclocking a maxed out smelter -> mold <- thermoelectric cooler setup is ~ 8x (there is a small difference in GU cost of smelting material vs shaping it) faster than an equivalent rolling mill (at making plates) roll bender ( rings ) lathe (rods) etc. I just think from a game design point of view it is kind of odd not having the plate machine be the best way of making plates.

I think gregtech sorely need some kind of power armor that allows flying relying on other mods for armor really sucks.

There needs to be a better way to make annealed copper its the most annoying crucible recipe in the game and it’s an extremely important late game material.

Fluid pipes interact very poorly with molds because they don’t register as inventories I’m guessing, so the pipes don’t systematically try to fill them up they only fill the mold when the pipe happens to have enough fluid to fill the mold where as if I place a drum at 1 end the pipe will actually empty all of its contents into it.

I also subscribe to the idea of adding another tier of machines to extend the game a little bit. But even if we can’t get that I like previously mentioned in this post really think we need at least IV tier batteries because otherwise there is a mismatch between the the energy input of a IV tier machine (16k) and the supply of a battery you literally need 16 EV batteries in order to supply enough voltage to run a non-electric IV machine at capacity which i think is just ludicrous.


What about some IV batteries? I remmeber that you say using selenium as material for these


No its just gonna be a huge Crucible, I hate GUIs, dont hope for GUIs on anything new, unless it’s a Basic Machine type of thing.

Does the Smelter still overclock at all? Did you check its Tooltip on that? Pretty sure I removed the Overclocking Punishment on some Machines including the Smelter a long time ago.

I wont do Armors anymore. QwerTech has Armors that are similar enough.

You did not check the newer ways to anneal Copper either did you?

Fluid Pipes work very poorly because Molds need 100% in ONE go, and I am not willing to change that, because a partially filled Mold is essentially pure garbage. Drums work because they can do all in one go just fine, since they dont try to balance the Fluid in the Pipes.

That was for higher Capacity not higher Tier. 4 EV Batteries and an inverted Transformer gives you IV btw.


I know that. I am using 5 or more EV battery and EV-IV transformer to run my central IV line. Then IV battery box is ussles. I hope to using it for much more EU storage room. well, I sticking an EV lithium batteries :smiley:


You added a mixer recipe for it ? I didn’t update to that version yet cus it is going to break my automatic alloy mixer setup and i haven’t really figured out a good solution to the problem. Anyways if you did I appreciate it.

Would still giga appreciate IV batteries tbh. Your machines cap out at IV why should batteries cap out at EV and why do the high tier battery boxes even exist?

His armor doesnt let you fly tho sad face.

That’s exactly my point the smelter doesn’t have overclocking penalty that’s why it is the superior way of producing plates rings gears and rods so much so that the rolling mill becomes obsolete.


The only thing breaking is that you need a Selector Tag to make it work.

Oh THAT was your point. I am also pretty sure the Smelter uses twice the Power compared to a Crucible, or was that the Extruder? Either way you cant mold everything, some stuff needs the bender.


Looks like a good list. Bellows sound really interesting, I guess there will be manually powered and mechanical using KU. Would be nice if you could even directly pump oxygen instead of air into them, maybe even an option to preheat it for an even more efficient and realistic reduction.

The only thing I personally feel is missing are critical fuels for fission reactors, which would require a change to the fuel rod durability system and a way to measure the neutrons. I’ll guess that will either be added when there is still time left or when not probably in an unofficial version/addon.


Yeah so it breaks my system cus i dont have a way to my knowledge anyways of changing the selector tag in the mixer automatically, now I’m going to need a mixer for each selector tag right? (current setup feeds an exact amount of material into a smelter)

On another note I looked through NEI on the new version couldn’t identify any new ways of making annealed copper might be retarded.


Doesn’t the Mixer have 6 item Input Slots? Very sure it has 6 Input Slots. I wonder what those 6 Input Slots can be used for. Maybe to insert 6 Selector Tags into them. Yeah that might be an Idea. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Molten Copper + Smelter = Molten Annealed Copper


Won’t that create conflicts like wont the mixer start producing invar before it produces stainless steal (if it gets fed nickel and iron first) and wouldnt it start producing nichrome before it produces stainless steal or ultimet (if fed nickel and chrome first)


The thing is, such conflicting Recipes did not exist (during your old Setup) and Stainless had required Invar to be made first anyway due to said Conflict avoidance. So your Setup will still work mostly like before, since i kept the old Recipes (but with a Tag now to determine Input Count using the Tag), but now you can make Stainless directly without that Invar Step for example.


I want to ask, if gt6 is not finished, will a third-party author take over? Will GT6 Unofficial?
Also, with regard to ammonia, I don’t want ammonia to become a useless fluid… Will you add more than multiblock of ammonia synthesis?


I will still lead the Project, but let others PR stuff into GT6 just fine. And as I said, some Bugfixes will still be made until my Computer breaks down (it’s a very big hassle to get the Dev Environment working properly by now).


Can the input bus of welding machine items be increased to nine? XD

Do you have any plans to increase the level of luv max? (as I said before) in fact, some parts have been added to gt6 but there is a lack of composition table, which can be done by minetweeter.

It may take a week to add higher level machines, right? Considering that there are also advanced versions of multiple energy conversion, this is a complex process. So I think you can also leave the composition table to the interested people to finish. This can save a lot of time