Even more questions about Mechaenetia because I have AD 4k ultra-HD

I have questions regarding the orbits you mentioned somewhere I don’t entirely remember and some other stuff apparently

  1. Will they be simulated or fixed (like elite:dangerous)?
  2. Will they be 2-body (like KSP) or N-body (like the Principia mod for KSP)? (If simulated)
  3. Can a moon be orbiting a planet through the hole in the middle (not orbiting the donut tube, but sort of bobbing up and down due to the gravity equally pulling towards each point on the surface of the ring)?
  4. Will you be able to orbit the tube of the torus (by tube I mean the filled in part that I don’t know what it’s called)?
  5. What do you mean by “Frame of reference” in the commands part of the ideas document?
  6. How will you deal with the lengths of paths across the torus being different lengths (traveling along the inside would obviously be a shorter path than the outside)?
  7. What would happen if you dug all the way through the torus, or blew up a very large chunk?
  8. Will there be gravity in the middle? (logically, there shouldn’t be because the torus is equally pulling on each part of the object)
  9. If you make a steam version, will it have support for the invite system to allow for people to play with their friends through steam p2p, so they don’t have to set up a server for like 2 people?
  10. removed because stupid question
  11. If you make a steam version, will it have support for the steam workshop for mods? (maybe to keep compatibility you make a program that basically just copies the steam workshop mods to wherever you finally end up putting mods)
  12. When you say ‘animal powered machines’ do you mean like the horsepower mod in mc that I only know exists from sevtech ages?
  13. What determines when you need to start making things to store recipes, the age (not sure how that could be calculated since a player could be advancing really fast in one aspect, but not at all in another), or an amount of recipes discovered (or designed)?
  14. You say in the ideas document that the late information age will have internet, how will that work (if you even know yet)?
  15. Will npc’s make vehicles based on their tech level and maybe even sell them to players?
  16. I remember you mentioning a ‘design’ feature in my other thing when we were on the topic of tools, are only tools able to be designed by the player, with machines and stuff still being designed but on a multiblock scale, or is everything able to be designed by the player?
  17. you mentioned peglegs in a response to my previous post, will there be a system to allow body parts to be replaced?
  18. Will you be able to anneal materials to strengthen them or make them more ductile?
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  1. Hrrm, being able to move the planet into the sun or away from it, is tempting, that might be configurable for griefing safety.

  2. Sorry I do not know what exactly you mean there, i actually never played KSP.

  3. Technically yes, practically I am not sure if that would be stable enough especially since the atmosphere actually does cover the donut hole, causing friction.

  4. Like orbit INSIDE of the Torus? You know there is a dense magnetic Fluid in there to keep the darn thing stable?

  5. Basically a Vehicle would be a Frame of Reference, the Planet would be a Frame of Reference, a Star System would be a Frame of Reference, etc. etc.

  6. Here I will cheat a little and say its going to be an absolute Rectangular Map that is stretched across the Torus, while it will render things in the distance with curvature, there is no actual curvature.

  7. You would reach the equivalent of Bedrock, aka the Magnetic Accelerator Tube that is inside the Torus keeping everything stable. And then you will likely have to deal with whatever might try to repair some of the damages.

  8. Yeah Gravity will diminish once you are far enough “up”.

  9. No it wont because there will be a better System in place for that. Ever used a Program called “syncthing”? It can connect two computers over the Internet through a sort of matchmaking server, said servers ONLY purpose is to find two computers that have the same “code” and then connect them together in a P2P way, meaning once you’re connected you dont have ANYTHING to do with the matchmaking server, and are directly connected with the other Computer without any middleman. Syncthing itself may be a “selfhosted” Cloud Drive alternative, but the tech behind the connections is easy to pull off.

  10. Damnit you didnt even post that one, so I cant cheat by checking the edit history. XD

  11. I likely will not do Steam Stuff, but I will make Modding and distributing Mods easy to do.

  12. I dont know that Mod. I mean it in the sense of using a Donkey or something to power a Mill, or pull a Wagon.

  13. Storing Recipes is something you need to do when you want to automate your afk time or tell an NPC how to do a certain thing. Afterall you can hire NPCs too just like they can hire you. So you can keep your Krabby Patty Recipe a secret by just always initiating the crafting yourself instead of automating your player actions.

  14. Likely some way for NPCs to access a Library of public Recipes (as opposed to a traditional Library which will also exist ofcourse), and for NPCs to inform each other about things more efficiently, like instantly calling the guards when they notice something got stolen, as opposed to walking to the guard post or next patrol.

  15. Yes.

  16. Remember every Block is 0.25³m³ in size, placing Blocks like in Minecraft would be a pain, so you can design a pattern like Floor Tiles and place that blueprinted pattern in one go as opposed to one Block at a time.

  17. Yeah, because it can definitely happen that Enemies cut off limbs at times. Usually not an Issue for Players who can just die and respawn in full health, but if you are hardcore or decide to not Sudoku yourself to heal, you can replace bodyparts.

  18. Yes.

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That’s what it does, but horses instead

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Principia makes the gravity of every object affect every other object at the same time, in stock KSP only the gravity of the object whose “sphere of influence” you’re in affects you

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No like through the middle and then around the outside, even though logically that would not be possible

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Oh, yeah close to the Planet only the Planets Gravity matters to you and nothing else, since you are in the Planets Frame of Reference, and the Planet itself will then be affected by Gravity of other spaceborne Objects.

Yeah Atmospheric Friction would fuck that one up real fast.

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Can we build a giant high density object to really fuck up everyone’s day by sending them into the sun?

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How close? Will lagrangian orbits be possible?

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Like within Atmosphere kinda close, inside the build range.

As for the fucking up Orbits thing, there will definitely be a setting to this because its prime griefing nonsense.

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I don’t think you can build such a object without destroying the planet (laugh)
If the planet is a single immortal solid, then it can be done without a big time lag.

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you say that but remember other planets exist, though at that point i guess asteroid striking your neighbour is an option XD

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Good, because the only reason I was still awake was because I couldn’t sleep so I got my phone and saw a neat looking video on Spaceflight so I was hoping I could do some weird orbits (like using-the-gravitational-force-of-the-moon-to-make-it-square weird)

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How? In the middle of the hole shouldn’t there be no gravitational effects from the planet due to every point on the surface equally pulling, netting 0g and causing the gasses to sort of “poof off”

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(this was for #15)

How will the vehicles they build be generated? Will they just choose from a prefab list of what to make at each level and change some blocks based off of religion or will it be a sort of system like the puzzle piece block (or at least how I think it works, I haven’t played a version beyond 1.12.2 in over a year) in newer mc, where there are modules that are prefab with different variants and some logic to ensure that the randomly chosen modules are coherent with each other, or some other system that I can’t think of?

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I’m not entirely sure what I meant when I asked the original question, but I think it was along the lines of ‘are you able to design the internals of the machines themselves to be able to have it do your required tasks, or are the machines a predetermined magic box that takes in materials, power, and a mode setting, and output whatever it is that that mode setting does to the materials’ (by this I don’t mean a universal machine, but instead like (at least assuming here based off gtceu, I will play gt6 after I finish the developed content of supersymmetry), for example, a bending machine, it only bends metal, but it does it in different ways, determined by the shape of the metal inputted and the mode set (ex an ingot to a plate or foil), when I said “magic box” I mean that the machines wouldn’t have any internal processes (I guess you could make this argument too with an optimization of having internal processes, where it only simulates the (still going with bending machine example) metal being bent out into a plate or foil or whatever other modes once to ensure that it works, and them whenever the actual thing is placed it just becomes a magic box that takes the same time, materials, power, and whatever else to output the same thing))

sorry for wall of text

Will machines be predetermined boxes or will we be able to design the internals that determine what the box uses (materials) to do their job and what the recipe will require?

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to be honest, it might be easier to just have everything else affect you no matter what, and just use the frames of reference for speed control, instead of trying to figure out how to swap the gravity that’s affecting you, also, for optimization’s sake, you could probably just not have player characters generate gravity, since they are too light to matter to the planets, this will make the calculations slightly easier, especially with a bunch of people. I thought of this because if you’ve every played ‘The Outer Wilds’ you will see an exhibit in the museum which is a ball that moves around on a flat table because of the gravity of the moon, and I somehow got reminded of that.

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Did you know there is a HUGE area around Earth that is covered in Air? that is the reason the ISS constantly needs to fix its orbit every now and then.

Likely some procedurally generated designs out of “LEGOs”

designing yourself to some extend.

Gravity will be simple and not spammy, we cant just have dozens of gravity sources act upon everything on the Planet, that would lag like hell.

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Yes, but there is still a gravitational force toward the planet up there; whilst on the donut, the middle has exactly 0 gravity

I originally edited this for clarity but it didn’t seem to do anything so just split the sentence into 2 at the ;

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You could probably just simulate the 3-body systems that the trajectory passes through to get a realistic enough feel, the other planets would be simulated as 2-body systems unless there are binary, trinary, quarternary, or other n-nary systems that require higher body count for the simulations

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not entirely sure how you could optimize this, but there being 3-body system (planet, moon, character/object/whatever) when on a planet would allow for (if the necessary tools exist) a system to calculate the length (time, not distance) of the orbit of the moon by sampling the position of a ball on a table at the same time of day over a long period (not actually a ball because block game, but using the word ball for simplicity) just for an example of a practical use of the gravity

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