Devouring Darkness: Discussion thread

I liked the ASMR one too. Ha!


I’m planning to move out of spawn once i have the time to play, and a large issue i see is food.
I’m wondering what foods to bring on a long trip and what crops i should plant once i get a farm working.

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That’s a key concern. Spawn has a large farm, and I tried to stock it with every type of crop. You can easily get a few seeds of every kind. If you go hunt cows or use animal traps, you can get leather to make backpacks. Those are the best way to carry extra items.

Early there are many soups you can make from basic vegetables. Later I would focus on peanut butter and jelly. Most fruits can be turned into salads, sliced, or juiced to make extra food types. PB requires milk, peanuts and bread. There are ways to use soybean milk via Pam’s for that.

When you decide to make a base, if you need a hand, let me know and I can help get you started with a safety tower. Try to find a spot a kilometer from other active bases, and don’t worry about the abandoned ones. The roads are useful to move around on the X/Z axis. I’d suggest find a biome you like near one.

We’ve had some success with using a floating farm design, which lets you have a generous farm plot, underground base, and walls to keep away the monsters. You need a decent sized deep body of water for that. Just throwing out ideas.