Devouring Darkness 2: Whitelisted server now open!

Map is genned and server is up as of July 5!

Sneak peek of the new map (10k x 10k):

Dynmap link for voyeurs:

I will host a whitelisted Devouring Darkness 2 server for the next 3-6
months for players who want to play together.


Typically our gaming group collectively builds a small “Spawn” base for safety and early game food. Then each of us will pack our bags and head off into the wilderness to create our own base. Please treat the spawn base with respect as it’s a shared resource. Refill what you take before you leave.

I plan to participate in securing an early game spawn base, and then I’ll depart to make my own. Others are welcome to stay, share, and upgrade spawn if they can work together.

Our group tends to enjoy civilizing a continent. We’ll want to collaborate on projects to link everyone’s bases with roads, nether routes, and trade. Mail service in-game is provided.

  • Whitelisted Server Features
  • Whitelisted
    • Email address or direct message on the forum is required for whitelisting
    • Contact Demosthenexx on the GT6 forum, GT6 Discord, or IRC to apply.
  • Dedicated Server with 24/7 Uptime
  • 10km x 10 km Map pregenerated
  • No PvP or Griefing
  • Forge chunk claiming encouraged
  • Dynmap for realtime world map
  • Server Rules
  • Keep it polite, there are children present.
  • Follow the golden rule.
  • Absolutely no PvP or griefing, this server is PvE only.
  • Don’t do things requiring me to make rules.
  • Stake a claim by asking Demosthenexx to add your new base as an
    icon on the Dynmap. Try to settle at least a few hundred blocks
    from other existing bases to give your neighbors room too, there’s
    plenty of space!

The last DD server is nearly 2 years old!

I’ll be playing on the new server, but the same rule applies. Both servers will remain up until no one logs in for 90 days. Archives of the save can be made available on request.


Might I suggest upgrading from FTB Utilities to
GitHub - GTNewHorizons/ServerUtilities ,
Its a backport of the ftb Utilities from 1.12.2 with some nice enhanced features.
it should also copy any settings from ftb utilities and implement them.
The only thing that wont work is the Journeymap Integration but everything else should work fine.


Not a bad idea. I know many of the mods I use also have GTNH forks. So far I only replace them if they have a problem. It’d be significant testing to replace them all.

If I had to start over, I’d use Bear’s Java20 test pack and layer on mods.


I have a question, where is the server hosted? I can connect to the server quite fast, but I am also playing on another server hosted in Italy and I cannot reliably connect to that server. I first thought that the unreliable connection is due to my location, but after experiencing little network issue on this server, I begin to suspect that there is a specific problem with the Italian server.

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DD and DD2 servers are hosted in NL.


Also, animals protect themselves. Damage a pig, all pigs nearby aggro you. Fun!