Are you still working on mechaenetia?

I haven’t attention to mechaenetia for a month, and I’m wonder status of mechaenetia now. I remember that you was stucked in project designing last time. Did you get it done?
I’m become a bit pessimistic towards mechaenetia during these times. It might be a small game, or just a demo——and that’s enough, “try-and-error” is really necessary for makeing a project.

About Gregtech 6, It’s really “separated” to me. People I know mostly play GT5U, and who play GT6 may not update it for a long time. But in a survey months ago, GT6 got an advantage. I don’t know the situation in other country, and I’d like to hear that.

To me, I still have lot of things to learn for making a game. Luckily, bevy is still developing, and it may reduce the performance problem which tormented me for a long time…


Yeah a lot of psychological reasons I am kinda “focusing” on GT6 instead right now. I’m not much in a “creative” mood since quite a while, and the few times I am, go into GT6.

I’m still determined to make it happen, so don’t worry too much about the delay. :wink: