About the Logistics Core (Looking for more Ideas)

About the Logistics Core (Looking for more Ideas)

The Logistics Core that I am gonna add hopefully this week will have a couple of Features, that you can see in the Changelog already.

There is Logistics Wire specific Covers for marking things as Import/Export/Storage.
Each of these 3 Types of Marking has 3 additional Subtypes, Generic/FilteredFluid/FilteredItem. You will be able to Intercraft them easily.
When you attach a Generic Typed Storage or Export Cover to the Side of the Wire that faces a Mass Storage or GT6 Filter Block, it will count the Cover as Semi-Filtered for sake of Export Priorities, but as Filtered for Import Priorities.
The Logistics Core will perform one Action per Second per Logic Core. An Action only counts if something has actually been moved.
Fluids will always be handeled first and Items last for each Action.
It is going to be able to perform the following Actions for now in this order:
Generic Import -> Filtered Export
Filtered Import -> Filtered Export
Generic Import -> Semi-Filtered Export (Mass Storages and Filter Blocks for example)
Filtered Import -> Semi-Filtered Export (Mass Storages and Filter Blocks for example)
Generic Import -> Generic Export
Filtered Import -> Generic Export
Generic Import -> Filtered Storage
Filtered Import -> Filtered Storage
Generic Import -> Semi-Filtered Storage (Mass Storages for example)
Filtered Import -> Semi-Filtered Storage (Mass Storages for example)
Generic Import -> Generic Storage
Filtered Import -> Generic Storage
Generic Storage -> Filtered Export
Filtered Storage -> Filtered Export
Generic Storage -> Semi-Filtered Export (Mass Storages and Filter Blocks for example)
Filtered Storage -> Semi-Filtered Export (Mass Storages and Filter Blocks for example)
Generic Storage -> Generic Export
Filtered Storage -> Generic Export
Generic Storage -> Filtered Storage
Generic Storage -> Semi-Filtered Storage (Mass Storages for example)
Unknown Stuff -> Dump Bus (that is where random Stuff goes, that got inserted by accident or so, has a dedicated Cover)
As you can see:
It will first try to take the most Generic Stuff and then try to put it into the most Filtered Target.
Direct Transactions are preferred over usage of Storage at all times.
Mass Storages count as Filtered Storages, but they are treated after all the other Filtered Storages.
The System does not like using Generic Storage and will defragment it into Filtered and Semi-Filtered Storages, when it has nothing better to do. It wont do Semi-Filtered Storage to Filtered Storage.
Should you have a Dump Bus and the System has absolutely nothing else to do, it will put everything that is not filtered anywhere into whatever is connected to it. (likely a Chest, or maybe even the Ender Garbage Bin but that would be a bit dumb, if you make changes to the System on a regular basis)
If you want to filter for more than one thing at a time, you will have to use the Filter Blocks and attach an Export Bus to those.

In general it will work like the AE Import/Export/Storage Busses, but without Recursive Autocrafting or Storage GUIs, there is just gonna be simple Logistics and Management Options for now.

But there could be more without going into the Recursive Crafting and Storage GUI Stuff, and that’s why I ask here for Feedback on how to improve this Idea. I already added Features like a Dead End Dump and Storage Auto Defragmentation, which I would love Applied Energistics to have.

So what do you all think? ^^


I like it but unfortunately I haven’t played with AE logistics so I’m unable to provide any feedback on this one.
Waiting for others to comment. :laughing:


Wait. Has the new version of AE cable been banned? Why don’t I use it anymore? This kind of hooliganism is not very good…
This logistics system looks very complicated. It should be unclear in a moment and a half. I think it may be necessary to add a book…
Also, how can logistic pipes interact with logistics cables?
What does the thread and scope of logistics core mean? Also, because there is a screen on the texture of the logistics core, but it can’t be clicked on, which will make the players feel strange… I don’t think it should be difficult to add a GUI…


Should you have a Dump Bus and the System has absolutely nothing else to do, it will put everything that is not filtered anywhere into whatever is connected to it. (likely a Chest, or maybe even the Ender Garbage Bin but that would be a bit dumb, if you make changes to the System on a regular basis)

So if you have a very large storage drawers dumped into it, and it’s also an generic export… Are you going to detect loops like that and not waste processing cpu power on it? ^.^


The what? What has been banned???

I do not think they do interact all that much, sure you can export into an LP Network directly should you need to, but for sharing Storage you might need the Storage Pipe and the Logistics Wire with a Storage Cover on the same Storage Block.

Scope = Range in Meters, its the Cube Type of Range, so essentially how many Blocks away the farthest Logistics Wire can be. 1 CPU = It has to be adjacent to the 5x5x5 sized Core, 5 CPUs = it has to be in the 15x15x15 Area around the Center of the Core.
Thread means one action, it will go through the List of Actions I posted in the order they are there from top to bottom until it can successfully perform one, once one is performed it will start back from the Top until it used up all available Logic CPUs.

Wait what exactly do you mean, can you make a simple Diagram about that? I know you added that functionality to the Forums! XD

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LOL! Like this?

Essentially the Storage Drawer System (from the non-GT6 mod of the name) has a number of drawers connected to their drawer controller (or extended interface points).

GT6’s Logistics Core has both a generic (filled arrows, unfilled arrows are filtered ones) input and output to the DrawerController (see red paths), so it is used as a general ‘dump’. Or are you going to have something like AE’s inventory interface to allow it to both push and pull?


There is “Storage” as I said, a Drawer Controller would definitely be something a Storage Bus would be used for.

The Dump Bus would be for things like “I accidentally put my Wrench into the System and there is no filtered Location for it to actually be stored properly”. You would generally not want a Dump Bus on a System that happens to have Storage Drawers.

I might make another Cover or Mode that makes a Generic Storage Bus count as Filtered so you can actually consider the Drawers as filtered Storage, just like the GT6 Mass Storages.

Also now that I think of it, since the Logistics Core is expensive as fuck, I might make it possible to have some sort of Separated Networks within one Logistics Core, though in most cases people could just use regular Pipes for smaller Sub-Networks. So I dont know if I am gonna do that.


I think we can add a function that can average transport items to different containers.

In this structure:

The AE network will only output items to the first machine until it is fully filled. Means inefficiency.
If you want to average them,you will need some other mods , like Storage Drawers or SFM. AE did too badly in this problem.

I think we can add a way to polling the output.This polling output will increase the efficiency of multiple units in parallel.

If this function have been added,please tell me.


Nah it’s easy to average in AE by using redstone to turn off an input when the machine has a requisite amount in it.

EDIT: Not super compact of course, but only 2 extra blocks needed for non-GT6 machines, or none with GT6 covers.


That sounds like I need to add Regulators of some sort, though those would be even compatible with Item Pipes. But as OvermindDL1 has just said above, that can be solved by Redstone Controller Covers (which I did not think about until he said it now, so good that he did because that’s gonna be added).


Oops,I found this problem in BaiduTieba(a Chinese minecraft mod-players community),they all prefer non-AE solutions.:wink::thinking:
(Probably they don’t have gregtech or PR.)

It is indeed a good solution.:+1: This situation seems need to consider the input speed and your total process speed.


Now the biggest problem is that if players don’t see this post, they probably don’t know how to use this complex logistics system. Moreover, there is no way to check whether the logistics core is built or not, and if there is no GUI, I think most people don’t know how to use it… So I have several possible solutions:
1,Adding a book describing how the logistics system works is a possible solution, but it’s troublesome if the player doesn’t get the book through killing zombie villagers in a “pure game” state (especially if you’re in peace mode).
2,Add a description page to the GUI of the logistics core to let players know how the logistics system works. Although it may be a bit difficult and unwilling, for novice players who don’t look at the forum, they may think that the logistics core is not finished and they don’t know how to use it at all. Moreover, at present, GT6 None of the books are sinicized…


There is and it’s called Magnifying Glass, works for every single Multiblock in GT6.

The Book Idea might be something to do.


Right clicking the core block could pop out a book into their inventory if they don’t already have one. ^.^
Or maybe 1 per core block.


GT5 have added a logistics machine which can accurately input items into a designated slot of the container. It is missing in GT6. Also, in some extreme situation(like the crystal chest in IronChests, have 118 slots) have exceeded the upper limit of its label.(99 slots)
Its reverse mode seems also to be needed.

Fluid requirements for accuracy are much higher than for items. For fluids, how to arrange them in parallel multiple machines, especially the amount of fluid in recipe isn’t multiple of 2 or 5. Is the fluid of each machine individually inputed in your Logistics Core?:thinking:

As how to use this big creature, we can scan its main block to get data, then put data in printer to get instruction manual.:wink:


Yep the Regulator is still missing as i mentioned above. For now the Robot Arm does the Job somewhat.

The Logistics Core just moves things, there is no regulated Limit on what it inserts into a Slot. That would be the Job for the Regulator. :wink:

If for example you wanted to have Filtered Output of Items for more than just one Item, you would need to use the Filter Block + Generic Export Bus to achieve that.


I am very delighted for your reply.:smile:


There are several questions about logistics core:
1,Does the range start from the mainblock or from the center of the multiblock structure?
2,Does each processor need at least one (e.g., if you only have a non-versatile quadcore processor unit, will it work?)
3,Does “Consumes 20EU/t + (1EU/t per CPU) regardless of if it does something or not” refer to energy consumption per quadcore processor unit block + 1EU/t or per crystal processor + 1EU/t? What happens if the input voltage is insufficient?
4,If there are more than one logistics core in a logistics network, will they affect each other?

  1. Center of Structure, that’s why “2” is always added to the Range.
  2. One of each Processor is required at least.
  3. Per CPU, so the Max it can consume is 128 EU/t. And the whole thing only starts working once enough Power is stored in it, so if you dont have enough Power it will just not work and eat power for nothing.
  4. They will both work just fine, the scanning function even paths through logistics cores. So oyu could have one long range logistics core for global stuffs and multiple short range ones for faster processing.

I have some questions about this MultiBlock.
1.If multiple Logistics Core exist in the Scope, do all cores work in parallel?
2.Is there no limit to scope expansion?
3.Can other MOD storage such as AE2 Network or RFTools ModularStorage be connected as storage?
4.Is it possible to export items to specific slots when exporting items from the Logistics Core network?
5.If the same process has the same priority, is the process executed from the closest process of the Logistics Core?