Willing to help with Greg's game idea

Willing to help with Greg's game idea

Dear GregoriusT,

I’m looking for employment as a game programmer. I am most experienced in Java, but can also use C#. I have been working on a game myself using Java, and I have the background systems pretty well established (graphics, file reading, keybindings… just to name a few). If you’re interested to see it, I can PM you a link to my game as it stands.
Let me know if you are interested in hiring.

Sincerely, Donovan Yates


Oh uhm I did not actually expect someone to just show up and want to help before I even actually started working on the game (apart from some very rough “design documents” ofcourse, but you probably saw that already, since i make everything public there)

Note that I am likely going with some Kotlin/Java Hybrid for the Language.

As for Background Systems, I am pretty sure that they might be very different unless you really happen to be on professional level. I try to go with the best possible way of handling things so there would probably be a lot of changes as in how to do stuff.

Once I start working on it properly I will instantly make a git repo for it, so if that pops up in the Announcements on the Forum, be sure to take a look, since it is OpenSource. :wink:

And I do still need to learn a bunch of things as to how to properly even start a big Project like that, and my inability to handle multiple projects at the same time is what really holds me back at the moment, because I try to finish GT6 first due to that.

So yeah, its gonna take a while before I start with the Game. ^^"


We’re all excited for your game to start development :wink:


I can make industrial sounding music whenever needed is this a top down mining company grand strategy or is it one guy making a huge line of machinery im just wondering