Will there be voice acting?

Are you going to have voice acting for this game?

I’ve had this idea for a long time. What if you let the player (optionally) voice act their own character? You give them the lines, let the player record, etc. Once and done sort of deal.

I think, for multiplayer, only download other player voices if the other player is your friend.


There will be ingame Voice chat, so that is kinda not really useful. :wink:

Though dedicated custom gestures could contain Audio. Ofcourse only if the Server allows for those. In a LAN Game (which technically is a Server but with different Defaults), you can honestly just trust people with their content, since they are usually in the same Building as you.

Not to mention people manage to make offensive MC Skins, and you know how limited those are. If someone wants to make something offensive they will manage to somehow do it.

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I was thinking thinkgs like,

  • Hurt sounds
  • Squad orders, if that’s a thing
  • Dialog for when you talk to NPCs
  • Things the player character might say if you tell him/her an invalid command
  • Things the player character might say when you use certain items
  • Things the player character might say when you see certain enemies
  • Things the player character might say when you die
  • Things the player might say when you visit certain places (or types of places)
  • etcetera

Most of that would be custom gestures or part of the Model creation process. As for talking with NPCs, I do not think that will involve voice usage, because there is just way too much stuff to take into account with all the Dynamic Item Names and everything. The NPCs could only do a few basic Lines if I allowed that.


I would imagine if anything voices would resemble simlish, or banjo-kazooie style speaking.