Why doesn't the logistics system work


In order to test how to use the logistics system, I built a simple crushing stone logistics system. Everything was connected by logistics cables. There were 27 processors in each kind of logistics core, which input 128EU/ t electricity. The crusher used an electric engine, and buses were placed up and down. However, the logistics system did not input stones to the crusher, so I didn’t know where it was There’s something wrong with it…

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Those Display Covers on the Main Computer Block show that there isn’t any Channels, Range, Processing or similar in the System, is that correct? Did you make sure at least one of each CPU Core is in this thing?

It’s strange, the battery box power is decreasing, but it shows Power:0EU…

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Did you insert enough Power? Maybe fill up its internal Buffer to make sure.

What is the buffer capacity of the logistics core?Also, you can work even if the buffer is not full. What’s the problem…

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Capacity depends on how many Cores of certain Types you have. It is obviously more than 128. The 128 EU/t are the constant cost of keeping it running. The Internal Buffer is for subtracting power per individual action.

Anyways try inserting more power please and see if it works.

solved. The HV battery box can work normally after power supply, but why can’t the MV battery box put four batteries? If the EV battery box is used, it will explode. So, what is the upper limit of the voltage of the logistics core?

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Oh did the Tooltip not tell you that its Input Rate is 256-1024 EU/t and therefore HV?

Oh shit. The previous building instructions are too long. In addition, the right-click display consumption of the mainblock is 128EU/t, so that I don’t know the need for HV,I think only MV is enough…
How is the occupancy of each processor calculated? Also, the storage processor is not working yet…
It is suggested to add some covers that can interact with the world’s blocks, such as AE2’s Formation / Annihilation panel, so as to facilitate the automation of Botania’s livingwood /stone, which needs the world’s block interaction Recipes. I hope that the fluid absorption cover will not appear the bug of extracells,the flux goo will be absorbed by the fluid annihilation panel leading to the crash…

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Because I still dont know what I should make use of with that Processor.

Try a Drain Cover on a Drum + Fluid Import. And test if Flux crashes my Fluid Stuff :wink: