Where will mods be hosted?

According to “Ideas” ,

You will not be forced to host your Mods on my Site or something like that, but it is highly recommended to do so for exposure reasons.

But as I know,there will be plenty of mods,with lots of space usages,so the server may unable to store them all.

Network is another problem.In my case,the maximum speed from https://gregtech.overminddl1.com/com/gregoriust/gregtech/gregtech_1.7.10/6.14.15/gregtech_1.7.10-6.14.15.jar is 150KB/s,and it will take 80 seconds to download a mod like GregTech6(Because of mini mods,it will actually take longer time).

For an open source game like Mechaenetia, some community-based mirror server might be a solution, but the IPV6 is not very widespread , and IPV4 is used up now. Put that aside,any computer can host some mods when running if wants. It need an big community, but in initial stage, hosting mods isn’t an serious problem.


You clearly dont know how many IPv4 Addresses are owned by big hosting and ISP Companies just to make sure they can doublestack their downloads for backwards compatibility reasons.

I literally get a new IPv4 IP every single day from Vodafone, just to give you a hint on that one.

The hosting Technology for Downloads is quite impressive nowadays, that GregTech Download (edit HAHA the autolinking worked by accident even!) is not just hosted on one singular Server, there is a whole Cluster behind it on Dreamhost. At least from what I understood from @OvermindDL1 telling me.


Correct, it’s an object storage cloud that’s hosting the files, not a CDN, all local, but it can upload very very fast (it can exceed by 250mbits download easily when I download from it and it’s over a thousand miles from me). If you are throttled to150kb/s that’s your ISP.


On the mod side though, unlike how MC’s modding system works with monolithic mods I still say mods should be lots of tiny reusable pieces that are then combined, semver of course.


Yep, lots of tiny Mods for sure, I dont want another GregTech. XD