"When am I going to use geometry in the Real World"

Using really simple geometry it can be shown that it’s shorter to just directly angle yourself toward a point and walk towards it, rather than walking to reach the X coordinates and then the Y coordinates separately. (This works for any point not just the one I showed)

Why does this matter? Because walking in the case of this specific modpack is DANGEROUS AS HELL.

(Man, sometimes I wish I could play a modpack where I could use actual navigational trigonometry instead of this…)


I use geometry to approximate coordinates of Fluid Springs that get exposed by chunk loading glitches, and go there and dig down. In singleplayer of course.

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Can you elaborate on your mathematical process/algorithm?


It’s not hard. I stand on some high place, record the coordinate of the eye (X1, Y1, Z1). Then I aim my crosshair at the Fluid Spring. Then after the chunk that should block the sight gets loaded, I walk towards the block (on flat ground) that I aimed my crosshair at, and record the coordinate of the foot (X2, Y2, Z2).
Since the straight line that crosses these two points also crosses the position where the Fluid Spring should be, the difference in the coordinates (not the coordinates themselves) are in proportion, the proportion of which is the proportion of the distances.
This, combined with the fact that Fluid Springs generate near Bedrock Layer, means its coordinate can be calculated as:

  • X3=X1+(X2-X1)*(0-Y1)/(Y2-Y1)
  • Z3=Z1+(Z2-Z1)*(0-Y1)/(Y2-Y1)
    Since the recorded coordinates (especially the later one) would not be completely accurate, and the Fluid Spring is usually much farther than the distance of these two positions, such calculations have significant inaccuracies. (Inaccuracies in the recorded coordinates get amplified proportionally to the distance) But there’s another fact of use: Fluid Springs always generate in the middle of a chunk.
    Thus I usually approximate the coordinates using this method, and align them to multiples of 16, and write down ~4 candidate chunk positions. While this increases some complexity, it does work in my cases.



Goodness, a whole 18 minutes of replying! Thanks for taking the time to reply.


When traversing a Forest you shouldn’t just pick between diagonal line and orthogonal line, because forests are dangerous. Instead you should path a way through all those rivers and use Boats for faster transportation.

And once you decided to go that way more than once or twice, maybe try digging a safe Tunnel to the destination and use cheap Minecart Rails (Bronze can be used very early on!) for seemless AFK-able transport.


the real pros don’t even walk, they astral-project themselves wherever they need to be

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They use /tp to toilet paper your house remotely :stuck_out_tongue:

I recommend keeping a few ladders, a jaded trap door, and some jack’o lanterns in your backpack.

If caught out late, dig into the nearest body of water and have a lovely little cave. That’s where most of the safehouses came from.

OTOH if you’re in the jungle, take to a tall tree at night. Vines are everywhere, no ladder needed. The tree top leaves are really safe because mobs don’t spawn on them. In the morning, you can jump from tree to tree to evade the brute squad under the tree.


You know this is deadly as hell, right? One Skeleton shooting you at the wrong angle and fall damage will hit you hard.

Don’t just climb up and cling to the vines.

Climb to the top, and cut 2 blocks out under the top of the tree. Stand there, and put up blocks if needed. Zero danger.

Climb up and break leaves, until you can access the treetop. In that jungle there’s nothing but trees around and they are very very tall. You’re safe from everything except tornadoes. Hop from tree to tree and leave the mobs behind.

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What i mean is that they hit you WHILE you go up, which happened to me twice at least. Ofcourse dont just cling to the vines.


Well you’re supposed to climb before the sun sets. If you’re on the ground when it gets dark, you’re dead. Either you get eaten, or you can’t see a freaking thing and can’t climb as a result.

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