What is the best way to track down once a second recurring stutters?

I can’t be entirely sure, but i have a sneaking suspicion that after i updated from GT 6.14.04 to 6.14.08 (Because i grew tired of the NEI inconsistency with crucible smelts) i’ve gotten consistent stutters every second.
I suspect there’s something running once a second that takes more than 16 ms to complete so i notice the frame drops on my 60 hz monitor.

Looking at the debug screen in-game is not helpful because it doesn’t really reflect this once in twenty ticks performance issue.

So the question is, what is the best way of tracking down WHAT entity or whatever is causing this constant stuttering?
It is, as usual, the once every 20 ticks stutter and otherwise the game runs smooth. But that one stutter is really messing with my head.

EDIT: And no, it’s not GC related.


Do you have a wall of Item Barrels, or a Sensor whose displayed Numbers change once per second? (this lag used to be much worse when i did not limit it to once per second)

Also this may not have been caused by the Update in that case.


Thermometers yes, but i’ve had that for a long time and haven’t had these issues until now.
And the stuttering has subsided some for no apparent reason and the thermometer sensors are still updating.

And i have 6 item barrels for my sluice setup and that is also currently running.

But i was thinking more along the lines of a profiler like that in VS running C# code that can show you what calls are taking the longest to complete.
And the Unity Engine has a similar thing.
Like i said, the debug screen doesn’t really tell me much, it doesn’t really reflect the increased time at all and even if i added optifine to check the lagometer it would only confirm what i am experiencing, it wouldn’t actually tell me which entity is taking up a lot of time.

I would like to take out the guesswork so to speak and see what code ran the longest in each tick so to speak.
Whenever i code something i add my own home brew profiling to enable time checking certain calls.
Can’t really do that here… Don’t have a java environment set up to do it with and that would be taking things too far.

Just asking if there’s something out there that makes it easy to see what class/method is sucking up more time than my preferred < 16 ms.
What’s worse is even the GUI freezes and that is probably the main source of my annoyance.

EDIT: That said, are you saying i can customize the update interval on certain sensors?
Because there are some sensors i don’t necessarily need to have updated every second.


Hmm, hang on… Something is definitely going on with any chunk updates because every time i place a block now i get a fat frame drop!
I have a macro that spams right click (place block) so i can run and place two blocks below me without falling down and that practically makes my game a slideshow now.

So my guess is it’s definitely related to chunk updating somehow. Never seen that in Minecraft before.


Yeah, i think i know what might be causing the issues and it would be a coincidence in that case as i hadn’t been using those particular setups for a while but i’ve been building up some structure around them… with… Forge Microblocks!

Any time i place blocks on a chunk boundary near or in a chunk that has microblocks in it, i get freezes.
So it’s probably related to GT causing a chunk update in a chunk that i’ve now put more than the usual amount of microblocks into.

Oh well, i guess i will just have to remove all microblocks again. And never use them.


Yes, those CAN be the issue, same goes for GT6 Coins if you use the High Detail ones.

This exact thing is the reason I synchronized all Sensor and Barrel Updates to be in the same Tick, so only ONE chunk update happens per second.


As a final update, i did remove every single forge microblock from one of the affected chunks and the block placing stutters are no longer there in that chunk.
In another chunk where i have still have microblocks the stutters are definitely there so to me that confirms it.
I further reinforces my suspicion that the once per second stutters was caused by those two chunks updating in unison AFTER i had placed a bunch of microblocks in them and then ran the crucibles in those chunks.

One of those chunks is my steel production setup where i use magnetite in two crucibles so in addition to the once a second stutters, i also had insane stutters when new magnetite was added to the crucibles (7 magnetite and 3 charcoal to be precise via hoppers dropping) which causes at least 10 updates to happen in succession which really messed up the game.

I’mma see if Optifine alleviates the issue… But i don’t trust optifine… I’ve had issues with it in the past.


If you are in Singleplayer, Optifine will remove the Anti-Mob-Spawn Feature from all GT6 Stone Blocks. You will have to use Concrete or C-Foam if you want to prevent Mob Spawns.

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I have disabled mob spawning entirely because MC mobs are boring and stupid.
But thanks for the heads up.