What causes explosion sounds but no explosion?

So I’ve been hearing explosion sound effects but no explosions and it’s somewhat distracting. I’ve posted about this before (Random explosion sounds), but then I stopped playing.

It seems that the sounds originate from electrically powered machines. I recently added a whole bunch and they got much more common. There is no actual explosion to go along with the sound so I can’t figure out the problem. And as far as I can tell I’m not giving too much power to any one machine.

Does anyone know in which situations explosion sound effects are played?


Wait how did I forget answering that last one you linked. You have built Machines OUTSIDE, so whenever it rains they attempt to explode but Machine Explosions are turned off so they only indicate that things went wrong instead of exploding.


Oh that’s gonna be a problem :smiley:


I built an IC2 crop harvester outside ( kind of has to be, but IC2 machines don’t mind rain ), and a GT transformer next to it. The first time it started raining, I heard lots of explosions and realized the transformer doesn’t like rain, so I threw a dirt block on top if it. That seemed to fix it but it still makes an explosion sound when it rains every now and again. Any idea why?


You need 5 horizontal Blocks to cover a Machine from Rain, not just one. In a Plus Shape.

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