Value of Redstone signal

Questions related to sensors-o-meters
how to swith it to not strong max redstone
Sensor’s can be comparator ? basically

simple thing. just trying to more optimize Autosmelting on crucible

For example:
Big Crucible may accept up to 430 items.
i cannot understanding how make it map of redstone Range 0-430 to 0-15

so then
when 0 items = redstone 0
when 1-28 = Redstone 1
when 430 = Redstone max
or what ever

same thing can doing comparator. just measuring and Emmitting Flawless red signal

but with situation like Measuring Temperature and converting to Redstone signal. i dont understanding how to configure Sensor

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sadly. cant getting info about count items.
guess weight-o-meter-ANY
will be more usefull.
still stucking in my attempts switch O-Meters to comparator mode

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As I recall, in all those cases you right click with the screwdriver on the meter in various places, like buttons to set the amount, a non-button to configure the mode (you probably want scale or percent?), etc… Bear probably has a tutorial video for it but should be fairly obvious once you start right-clicking on it with a screwdriver (which should be in the tooltip)?


Overmind thx u for your time and for providing code that make is works for 100% understanding.
its explained that only two modes give Flawless RED signal.

For note, mCurrentValue is what it detects right ‘now’ (like weight from the weight one, heat from thermometer, etc…), mSetNumber is what ‘you’ manually set with the -/+ buttons, mCurrentMax is what it detects the possible max for the ‘type’ of thing is (so like for items thats the adding of all stacks in a container, for weight it’s the max weight of the thing, so like the 65k for the medium, etc…)

switch (mMode & 127) {
case MODE_DISPLAY   : mDisplayedNumber = UT.Code.bindInt(mCurrentValue); break;
case MODE_GREATER   : tRedstone = (byte)(mCurrentValue >  mSetNumber?15:0); break;
case MODE_EQUAL     : tRedstone = (byte)(mCurrentValue == mSetNumber?15:0); break;
case MODE_SMALLER   : tRedstone = (byte)(mCurrentValue <  mSetNumber?15:0); break;
case MODE_SCALE     : tRedstone = (byte)UT.Code.scale(mCurrentValue, mSetNumber, 15, F); break;
case MODE_PERCENT   : tRedstone = (byte)UT.Code.scale(mDisplayedNumber = (mCurrentMax > 0 ? UT.Code.bindInt((mCurrentValue * 100L) / mCurrentMax) : 0), 100L, 15, F); break;
case MODE_FULL      : tRedstone = (byte)(mCurrentValue >= mCurrentMax?15: 0); break;
case MODE_NOT_FULL  : tRedstone = (byte)(mCurrentValue >= mCurrentMax? 0:15); break;
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as far as well.
Medium Weight-O-Meter measuring 14 Granitic Mineral sand as 10%

actuall problem it is not possible to measuring Percentage of filling container crucible.
you’r max value is max weight on sensor and it’s problem.
but if it sensor detecting 100% in current it will turn max engines as you can via redstone signal

some smart automation on crucible.
covers on turbines - Runs when input is no Redstone
you need also tweak it place Thermometr for stop it work on Reaching Temperature

small issue - Redstone Machine switch do not sensetive to lower Redstone signal

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That’s the item sensor then to detect percentage filled. You can use multiple sensors you know, lol.

(EDIT: though item sensor doesn’t detect crucible since it doesn’t hold items, though gibble will now as per later message in this thread!)

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yes i know. but you probably didn’t reading whats i testing above.
Item-o-meter does not reading any data from crucible

i missconfigured some ?
or me wrong. or you wrong.

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There are no items in crucible, just some amounts of materials (except up to 1 stack of “waiting” items when there is not enough space for them).


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