Using a mining drill on gravel duplicates the block

Affected version: GregTech 6.14.09

I suspect this may be a cross-mod interaction between GregTech and iguana_man’s Tweaks for Tinkers’ Construct because there’s a feature in Tweaks for Tinkers’ Construct (which I have enabled) that changes the gravel drop mechanics so it always drops gravel (rather than sometimes randomly dropping flint instead like it does in vanilla Minecraft).

I noticed when using my HV Tartarite Mining Drill to dig up Gravel that the drill was magnetically collecting a gravel block, but also dropping a gravel block where the block broke.

I thought my inventory might have been full at first, but I double checked and it wasn’t. I heard the pickup sound that you usually hear when automatically collecting things with the drill, watched the number of gravel blocks I had in my inventory increase, and saw a second gravel block drop.

That’s pretty much all I have to report.


Oh great, that Tweak duplicates Gravel instead of replacing Flint with Gravel from the Drop List…


Why on earth would it force a gravel drop when changing its drop would be so much easier?!

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Okay I added a GregTech Config for it, that should work better for harvesting Gravel Blocks, than whatever Tweak you used.