Universal sign for fluid tanks

I like to use signs on my fluid and gas tanks. Right now I using warning signs and I think its very good idea how this signs working, but I really try to find something similar to factorioo
(angels mod) marks, something like this 3 colors sign looks like drop on Factorioo machines.

So here my sugestion… if any chance to add to GT6 simple sign with 3 parts (similar to this in Factorioo) when we can use color sprays, diffirent for any part of this sign. This give us chance for using difirent signs for every fluid in game just using one sign with difirent collors.
I always prefering visual marks (colors, signs) than text marks (labels), and its should looks very cool :stuck_out_tongue:


Uh, question there, Multiblock Tanks do give you up to 9 Blocks you could paint as a Color Indicator, why not use that?


that’s what I doing right now :slight_smile:

but sometimes this sign can give me more options (I can using this sign on walls, machines ect so then looks more clean (mark something) than only colors


Man that is one good-looking tank, 100% stealing for my own designs.


Feel free using this concept, my pleasure. If You want more details and not afraid my simple english :stuck_out_tongue: You can check my base tour Youtube video “Gregtech 6u Base Tour with Pol3maj part 2/3 - Fuel Production” start at 22 min 30 sec.

And I still thinking this universal sign can be very usefull for mod like GT6 :slight_smile: