Unfinished recipes?

I’ve been playing through the gregtech mod for about 370 minecraft days now, and as I get more advanced machines I keep finding items without recipes (darmstadium, wetware mainframes, LuV, ZPM, UV and MAX voltage tier machines and several other things - is this because Gregtech community edition has some incomplete features or is there something I need to change in the config?

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GTCE is a fan-made continuation 1.12 of Gregtech (1.7). You’d have more luck opening an issue on their github than here, Greg doesn’t really have anything to do with the project other than the name.


Yeah I do not have anything to do with GTCE. It is basically a completely broken version of GregTech-5, which lacks all the features, consistency and Mod Compat that real GregTechs have.

Since there is pretty much nobody here who plays GTCE, I can only “close” this Question (it is still possible to reply, I just want the Forum Bot to not ping this thread). Sorry about that.

As @Amaranth has mentioned, their GitHub might be a better place to ask. ^^

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